Friday, July 01, 2016

Missed The Sacramento Rioting

I'm pleased that the Sacramento police more-or-less stood back and let the Trump-loving Neo-Nazis get their asses kicked at the State Capitol. It's a rough form of justice.

I saw the sign posted on Broadway last week calling for volunteers to come do the ass-kicking. Tempted, but I was traveling. I figure, if the American people had to sacrifice to send my father to fire artillery at the original Nazis in 1945, when people with a similar ideology appear here under the Trump brand, we should respond with muscle. It's the same fight:
Reached via phone, the man said he had been at the rally and “defended myself ... with my fists,” but did not have a knife. He said he had been a white supremacist since 2010 but was not a member of the Traditionalist Worker Party holding the rally.

“It was just a white nationalist meeting, and I attended to show my support,” he said.

He added that he thought the police response was “pretty unsatisfactory. They failed to protect and serve, as was their duty ... I think it’s a dereliction of duty.”

The man, whom The Sacramento Bee is not identifying because he has not been named by police as a suspect, said he was walking with a group of about 18 other white supremacists on the east side of the Capitol when police redirected them to enter on the west side.

“That’s where all the Antifa were waiting,” he said. “We were just mobbed, just rushed.”

Police, he said, were “nowhere to be found.”

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