Thursday, May 16, 2019

Not Forgotten (2009)

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Thriller. A couple strives to regain their kidnapped daughter along the Mexican border. Starring Paz Vega, Simon Baker, Ken Davitian, Gedde Watanabe, Chloe Moretz, Ricardo Chavira, Mark Rolston, Michael DeLorenzo. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Cerrillos, Las Vegas, Santa Fe.

Notes on Individual Scenes



Border Bridge

Plaza Park, Las Vegas

Alleyway & Creepy House


Walk to School

Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 403 Valencia St., Las Vegas, NM

Shops - Cafe - About 150 Bridge Street

Love Music, about 164 Bridge St.


Parish Hall, 1772 N. Gonzales St.

School - Across from Las Vegas City Schools Administrative Offices, about 901 Douglas Ave., near NM Highlands University


Ball Field again

901 Douglas - Police Dept.


Ray's apartment - number 2 - Apartment House


Plaza Drugs, 178 Bridge St.

Casa Dona Flores


Tepito, Mexico City - Bar

Other bar, Trading Post Saloon, 1106 Grand Ave.

Convenience Store - clerk

Acuna, Mexico

La Paloma Blanca

Diner - Hambones, 9200 Las Vegas, NM, USA?



Second Church

Ciudad de Acuna Morgue


Hotel La Pantera

Is it possible the Red Light District is in Santa Fe?

Winding Road

Santa Fe Indian School, 1501 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM, USA - thanked in credits. May be ball field. View looking south from larger baseball diamond. Certain buildings have been removed since the film was made.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"The Hustle"

Fun comedy!

Catching My Pickup Truck In Reflection

J Street exit from Capital City Freeway, southbound, Sacramento, CA.

"Amelie" - Green Valley Theatre Company - Tower Theater, Roseville - May 3 & 10, 2019

Really nice show!

Not Tapping In Tap Class

Sacramento Traditions

Always fun to go to Gunther's Ice Cream Parlor!

Simple - Road Elf

This morning's Jamaican Dancehall earworm, featuring Catherine Chiemelu and my instructor, LaToya Bufford.

Émile Cohl: Fantasmagorie (1908) - The World's First Animated Cartoon


Very interesting article about Ice 18 - black and hot!:
The findings, published this week in Nature, confirm the existence of “superionic ice,” a new phase of water with bizarre properties. Unlike the familiar ice found in your freezer or at the north pole, superionic ice is black and hot. A cube of it would weigh four times as much as a normal one. It was first theoretically predicted more than 30 years ago, and although it has never been seen until now, scientists think it might be among the most abundant forms of water in the universe.

Across the solar system, at least, more water probably exists as superionic ice—filling the interiors of Uranus and Neptune—than in any other phase, including the liquid form sloshing in oceans on Earth, Europa and Enceladus. The discovery of superionic ice potentially solves decades-old puzzles about the composition of these “ice giant” worlds.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fifty to One (2014)

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AKA: 50 to 1. Based on a true story; a group of New Mexico cowboys have their horse as an unlikely entry in the Kentucky Derby. Starring Skeet Ulrich, Christian Kane, and William Devane. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Bernalillo, Double Eagle Ranch (near Anthony), Edgewood, Ponderosa, Santa Ana Pueblo, Santa Fe, Santa Teresa, Sunland Park, Wooley Ranch (near Las Cruces).

Notes on Individual Scenes

Gallup bar - Store or bar - 4438B - Ponderosa, NM (35.656668°, -106.668832°)

Home and track


Double Eagle Ranch, White Mill Road, Roswell, NM, USA

Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino, 1200 Futurity Dr., Sunland Park, NM

Fancy House

Double Eagle Airport


Buena Suerte Equine Clinic, 1907 White Mill Rd., Roswell, NM

Santa Anita Racetrack

Driving to home

Jemez Dam Rd. (35.388592°, -106.546331°) and (35.382661°, -106.542554°)

Hospital, Gibson Hospital (formerly Lovelace Medical Center).

Hospital, Gibson Hospital (formerly Lovelace Medical Center).

Hospital Lobby.

Roswell NM - 2331 N. Main St., UFO and Alien Stuff, 205 N. Main St., International UFO Museum and Research Center, 114 N. Main St., El Toro Bravo Mexican Food, 102 S. Main St., [Arby's, 1013 N. Main St. - not 100% certain]

House Party

Redtop Diner - Wildlife West Nature Park, N Frontage Rd, Edgewood, NM, USA

Overnight stop. Reynold's Auto Service, 120 Woodward Street SW (2nd St. SW & Woodward).

Reynold's Auto Service, 120 Woodward Street SW (2nd St. SW & Woodward).

Reynold's Auto Service, 120 Woodward Street SW (2nd St. SW & Woodward).

Westward Ho Motel, 7500 Central Ave SW.

Photo of the "Better Call Saul" filming crew by Adam Ramirez on February 26, 2018.

Westward Ho Motel, 7500 Central Ave. SW.

Southern stretches of Second St. SW. Near collision (34.969382°, -106.669199°)

Razorback Motel - Ponderosa Bar near Chilili.

Ponderosa Eatery & Saloon, 10676 S. HWY 14/337, Tijeras, NM 87059 (South of Tijeras, NM).

Jemez Dam Rd. again (35.371000°, -106.565080°)

Railrunner - South 2nd St. - precise location uncertain.

Here's a picture of the Rail Runner in the North Valley.


Welcome to Kentucky

Target store

Motel Nightclub