Wednesday, January 29, 2003

It's Just About Lunchtime!

It's just about lunchtime!

Scenes From DMTC's "A Chorus Line"

Opening Audition Scene - Featuring Isaac Daley (Al), Marc Valdez (Bobby), Colby Salmon (Mike), and Scott Griffith (Greg).

Montage 4 - In front, Matt Dunn (Paul); second line, Marc Valdez (Bobby) and Wendy Carey (Val); the rest, Monica Parisi (Dawn), Melody Davi (Maggie), Colby Salmon (Mike), Angela Yee (Connie), Scott Griffith (Greg), Patricia Glass (Bebe), Matt Welch (Mark), and Dena Lozano (Diane).

Montage 4 - Marcus Mitchell (Ritchie), Isaac Daley (Al), Courtney Bufkin (Kristine), Wendy Carey (Val), and Matt Welch (Mark).

Music & the Mirror - Heather Benner (Cassie).

Bows - At Head, Dian Hoel (Laurie); Second Line, Michael Miiller (Zach), Dena Lozano (Diane), Matt Welch (Mark), and Wendy Carey (Val); Third Line - Marcus Mitchell (Ritchie), Heather Benner (Cassie), Colby Salmon (Mike), Pam Lourentzos (Sheila), Marc Valdez (Bobby), and Patricia Glass (Bebe); Fourth Line - Scott Griffith (Greg), Melody Davi (Maggie), Isaac Daley (Al), Jennifer Heisleman (Judy), Matt Dunn (Paul), and Courtney Bufkin (Kristine); Fifth Line - Monica Parisi (Dawn), Savannah Scott (Cut Dancer), Camila Fabersunne (Cut Dancer), Jenny Reuter (Cut Dancer), Kelly Slachman (Cut Dancer), Wendy Wyse (Cut Dancer), and Angela Yee (Connie).

State Of The Union

My sense of the State of the Union address was that it was good on atmospherics, but weak on crucial details. TNR basically agrees.