Friday, October 25, 2013

What Does The Fox Say?

Gorilla Snot Scandal

A couple of months of old, but still, a warning:
SACRAMENTO - Midway Importing Inc., a nationwide distributor and marketer of health and beauty care brands, has paid a penalty of $213,000 for violating consumer products regulations that protect air quality, the Air Resources Board announced today.

...During routine inspections at retail outlets in California in 2010, Enforcement Division staff purchased Moco de Gorila Gel Estilo Galan hair gel, also known as Gorilla Snot, manufactured by Nattura Laboratorios of Mexico.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Funeral For Walter White

Sony and AMC prevented us from watch it live on YouTube last Saturday, but it was taped.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)

Silly song. 148 million views. What more can one say?

Because It Keeps Them Off-Balance

Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries, Koch Industries ...... Koch Industries.

A Year Of Science In The Antarctic Sacrificed For Republican Dipshits

The Progress of Evil:
The rest of us, well, we are being sent home. How that will happen? When that will happen? Who that will happen to? Unknown. Getting us down here is a fucking expensive, nightmare huge, epic logistics cluster. For the most part the program gets it right, with a few hiccoughs there and there, but a bravura performance nonetheless. Getting us out of here like this? On short notice? Finding hotel rooms in Christchurch at the last minute? Changing plane tickets? Figuring out how to fund our redeployment (it all costs money we no longer have)? Deciding who is vital who is not and when? That is so enormous it stresses me out just to try and imagine it. My mind boggles and steams with the effort.

Timelapse: Breaking Bad Superfan Filming Location Road Trip

Lorde Performs 'Royals'

She hasn't even graduated from high school, yet she has a song on the forthcoming "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack and turned down Katy Perry's request to join her world tour. Yes, the odds are pretty much in her favor.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Walter White Funeral On Saturday

My sister and nephew were among the many mourners for Walter White.  Here, Jackamoe Buzzell addresses the crowd on Saturday (Albuquerque Journal photo).

The Albuquerque Journal reports:
The first hint that the service Saturday at Sunset Memorial Park wasn’t a typical funeral came when eulogist Michael Flowers got cheers when he spoke of the dearly departed.

Another giveaway came from the prominent bright colors, T-shirts, sandals and ubiquitous black pork pie hats that broke up the typical formal black.

The funeral for Walter White, the fictional chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin in AMC’s television drama “Breaking Bad,” drew about 200 mourners to the cemetery after a funeral procession that rolled 80 cars deep down Second Street in the North Valley.

Leading the procession were a few Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies, followed by a tan, beat-up RV made famous in the show, a hearse and then around 80 diehard fans. The procession shut down streets and took 10 minutes to pass.

...The funeral benefited Albuquerque’s Health Care for the Homeless and was to be broadcast to millions of viewers via YouTube. However, YouTube cut the stream 15 minutes before the funeral after Sony and AMC determined it was featuring some copyrighted material, according to an employee working on the live stream.

The lack of eavesdropping YouTube viewers made for an intimate evening at the park near Menaul and Edith, which was cast in golden light just before the sun set.

“We all need closure,” said eulogist and “Breaking Bad” set decorator Michael Flowers to the assembled mourners. “… The show is over – and what the hell are we going to do on Sunday nights?”

Nick Gerlich came to the funeral from Amarillo, Texas, and showed a couple of friends more than 40 sites from the show, culminating in White’s funeral.

He said the funeral gives him “closure, I guess, in a strange kind of way. A way of paying respects to someone you feel like you know really well.”

Other mourners came from as far away as Switzerland, Mexico City and Ireland.

...Vernon’s Steakhouse created an endowment fund to raise money for Albuquerque’s Health Care for the Homeless, and attendees were asked to pay their respects to White through donations ranging from $10 to $10,000.

Tickets for the funeral’s nighttime reception at the speakeasy-style steakhouse were $100 per person, and vendors had everything from chicken-and-waffle-flavored chocolate to the original Albuquerque Journal papers featuring Walter White’s obituary. Every guest received two drinks made with blue ice, and some attendees smoked cigars on plush couches outside in front of a live band. Fans of the show from Boston and Rhode Island attended the reception.

...Sunset Memorial Park officials agreed to hold the funeral only after being assured that they could remove the memorial, a square tombstone to be installed away from real graves, should it become an attraction.
Steve alerts me to another report on CNN:
Yet for some who have laid actual family members to rest at Sunset Memorial Park, the fake grave site is, at the least, a nuisance.

"It's going to be difficult to look up and see something going on over there that really shouldn't," resident Manuel Arellano told KOAT. "This is too much. I bring my family here to visit their grandpa and my wife to visit her dad ... What's going to happen come Christmas, come Thanksgiving on those hard days for me and my family? It's hard to come when we miss my father-in-law so much. It's going to be hard to see people over there decorating something for somebody that wasn't real."

More than 900 people who agree with that sentiment have signed an online petition asking Sunset Memorial Park to remove the grave site, which includes a headstone. Officials at the cemetery told the Albuquerque Journal that the mock burial was in the clear as long as the cemetery could remove the grave if it became a distraction for others.

...For now, it seems the petitioners have won out. According to KOAT, the AMC character's fake grave has been moved, and the headstone is not being kept at the cemetery.
The situation there is uncomfortable in Albuquerque at the moment. Apparently a lot of people took offense at the idea of burying a fictional character – mostly people who have folks buried at the grave yard. The organizers (led by Jackamoe Buzzell, whose last name is the same as my mother’s, and to whom I may be distantly-related) secreted the headstone in order to keep it from being stolen, after several threats were apparently made. The article implies the ‘casket’ itself has been moved too.

On Saturday afternoon, thousands of people around the world, including myself, waited on YouTube to view livestream video from the funeral. Without notice of any sort, Sony Pictures asserted copyright privilege and blocked the broadcast. We were completely out of luck. Sony has also moved against ‘Bathing Bad’, a local store selling bath salts.

Since Sony seems to be on a corporate jihad, my sister wants to safeguard our little descanso too, lest the cross we made get taken by corporate goons, or local cemetery goons, or just goons in general. I refuse. I think Sony is going after the money and won’t bother with us. But my sister is definitely worried, given the current atmosphere.

Not Ted Cruz

Bugsy Siegel

"Young Frankenstein" - Stand Out Talent - Roseville's Tower Theater - Oct. 18, 2013

Very enjoyable time with the folks in Roseville.

Fresno - The City Addicted To Crystal Meth

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Flight From Phoenix To Sacramento - October 6, 2013

I've always had a hard time sorting out the geography of central Arizona. It's a real jumble of jumbleness: much more complicated than New Mexico.

Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe.

Route 101 in Mesa, AZ.

Granite Reef Dam.

McDowell Mountains.

Ancala North Phase.

Pima Freeway (101) at the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal.

The very strange looking New River Mesa.

Black Mesa, Perry Mesa, and in the distance, the San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff, AZ.

The very jumbled Bradshaw Mountains, and Black Canyon.

Prescott, AZ.

Wilhoit, AZ.

Cypress Mtn., Behm Mesa, Wilder Mesa, and Contreras Mesa, north of Bagdad, AZ.

Shirttail Mesa and Burro Creek.

Zana Canyon and Francis Creek.

Highway 93 and the Big Sandy River.

Hualapai and Peacock Mountains.

Aircraft that passed nearby, and seems bound for Southern California.

Kingman Airport.

Kingman, AZ.

The Cerbat Mountains divides Kingman into two parts: East and West Kingman.

Chloride Mine Tailings.

Black Mountains.

Black Canyon of the Colorado River.

Boulder City, NV.

Area of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.

Sloan, south of Las Vegas, NV.

The Las Vegas Strip.

Calico Basin.

Coxcomb Ridge.

Towards Highway 95 and the Nevada Test Range.

Indian Springs.


Amargosa Valley.

Nevada Test Site.

Beatty RV Park, north of Beatty, NV.

Lake Tahoe (background) and Leviathan Mine (foreground).

Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe.

The Sacramento River Valley.

The Sacramento River.