Friday, April 25, 2014

"It's Bad Luck To Say Good Luck On Opening Night"

As a performer, the expression I hate is "break a leg." Because sometimes you do break a leg.

Today, I went to Akebono Restaurant for the first time, and as I was passing around this cool-looking sculpture I snagged my foot on a stroller that was poorly-parked and protruding slightly into the path. Since the soles of my feet were wet from the rain outside, I slipped, toppled right over, and slammed onto the floor as forty people gasped in horror. A woman ran up and said "I'm a doctor. Are you all right? ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?"

Was all this drama necessary? Well, yes. I banged my knee, and hit my elbow real hard. Had it not been for the DMTC sweatshirt I was wearing, I probably would have fractured it.

So, onto the stage tonight! And please, no "break a leg." Not today, anyway.

Home On The Range

Cliven Bundy's Home on the Range from MarkFiore on Vimeo.

Mass Ascension

Using advanced meditation techniques, Grand Master Rashad will lead not just the cast in a mass ascension, but the entire audience as well (with the exception of Light Board Operator Fiona, who must remain firmly-seated throughout).

National Administrative Professionals Day

Come Fly With Us

Welfare Queen Creep

Noel notes this article.

There seems to be a phenomenon of Welfare Queen Creep. At one time it was a pejorative against people on welfare. Now it's being applied to "the 47%". That's nearly a majority! When it is a majority, people may suddenly wake up and realized they've been hoodwinked:
But really, the sexist and racially tinged stereotype of the "welfare queen" has expanded in the decades since Ronald Reagan first uttered the phrase in the '70s. Back then, he was using the phrase to imply that welfare fraud is more common than it is. Now, it tends to be used more to imply that there's a class of people, mostly women, who subsist on welfare throughout their lives to avoid working. But this simply isn't true.

The Ballad Of Cliven Bundy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now I Can Sell "Breaking Bad" Location Books From My Car's Trunk

Twenty-four units sold so far(royalty of about $158.) I've given away one book (cost $5, plus $9 shipping = $14). Finding a prudential level of marketing will be important.

Kindle and Print.

All The Highway 50 Construction Hullabaloo Hasn't Affected Me Much Yet

I typically travel perpendicularly to the affected stretch, so apart from the noise of construction and that idiotic helicopter they've got going, it hasn't been too bad.

last night, I drove past an 11 p.m. TV News standup at the 16th eastbound onramp. I should have weaved and honked!

The Bearded Fucker Is Disbarred

About time.

"A Chorus Line" - DMTC - Tuesday Night Rehearsal

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I Don't Accept The Anti-Norwegian-Meteorite Argument

John flags this wet blanket:
I thought there was something too improbable about this story and this research article seems to confirm that feeling. Too bad would have been quite a discovery.
Hmmm.... Interesting argument. Still, I don’t buy this explanation, mostly because it’s hard to know for certain the chutist’s fall speed. In all likelihood, it’s considerably different from jump to jump, especially just after opening the chute. The explanation also looks incomplete to me: there is no discussion of relative fall velocity between the chutist and the rock. So, I’m unpersuaded. I’m thinking the meteor explanation is just as plausible as the stowaway rock explanation.

"A Chorus Line" - DMTC - Monday Night Rehearsal II