Saturday, April 09, 2016

What An Embarrassment Bill Clinton Is!

What a failure!

"The Fifth Wave"

I decided to head to the discount cinema at distant Sunrise Mall this evening to see Chloe Grace Moretz fight extraterrestrials and plot holes in the woods of central Ohio in "The Fifth Wave". I didn't care much for the Twilight meets Hunger Games plot, but after seeing Moretz in "Clouds of Sils Maria" last year, I decided she is the actress of the decade, and indeed, she did a good job here. Bothered a bit that this is the second invasion by aliens I've seen at the cinema in two weeks (after 10 Cloverfield Lane). I don't know why aliens are so big now. Beats vampires, I suppose.

The Eggman

Cool Picture of the Space Shuttle

This is a picture of the space shuttle leaving earth said to be "taken from the International space station."

Apparently not quite true: "This photo is the STS-134 launch seen from a shuttle training aircraft about 6 miles off the Earth."

Algun Dia Te Dire - Ana Tijoux

Very jazzy Ana Tijoux (as opposed to hip-hop Ana Tijoux, or disco Ana Tijoux, or Breaking Bad Ana Tijoux).

Time to Bail

Fuck Cliven Bundy And All His Deformed Friends

Nevada Senator Harry Reid is working hard to create new national monuments in southern Nevada, including one incorporating the lands illegally seized by Cliven Bundy and his gang. I can't think of a better way to hammer these bastards. Force them to spend years dealing with the criminal justice system and dispossess them of all their stolen property. DO IT NOW!

The role of the federal government in the West has often been the landlord of last resort, managing lands that are too marginal for ranchers or anyone else to purchase. The Feds have also been an agency of development, using taxpayer money gathered from wealthier coastal states to maintain western fences, roads, and water resources. The pattern of development is reminiscent of a colonial system, and has often saved western taxpayers much grief. The trouble with the Bundys was they had fomented an armed occupation to simply take what did not belong to them. They hadn't paid their BLM leases since the 1980's. They had no intention of purchasing the land - western ranchers only do that for the most valuable lands anyway - and simply asserted they had a divine right to the land, due to being early pioneers in the area since the 1870's (even though they didn't move there until the 1940's, but none of it mattered anyway, since they were intent on theft anyway, not purchase). They established armed roadblocks on southern Nevada roads and searched neighbors or anyone else who approached their ranch. And defied the law, above all, by force of arms. They need to be hammered by the full weight and authority of the Federal government, and crushed into atoms.
Reid reintroduced a bill in January that would create a conservation area over 350,000 acres of desert scrub near Gold Butte, the mining ghost town northeast of Lake Mead. The area’s colorful rocks, canyons and petroglyphs are popular with hikers, bikers and off-roaders.

Reid also reintroduced a bill that would withdraw 800,000 acres of land in Lincoln and Nye counties from oil and gas drilling. The move would ensure that Nevada artist Michael Heizer could protect “City,” a miles-long Earth sculpture he has carved and built in the desert over decades.

Democratic Rep. Dina Titus recently introduced two similar bills in the House of Representatives.

But the bills have almost no chance of advancing in Congress during Reid’s remaining 21 months in office. His next-best option is to convince President Barack Obama to protect the land by designating it part of two new national monuments.

What Box?

In an Ana Tijoux Frame of Mind Today

Failed Burglary Attempt

OK, someone broke the hasp on my shed's door, apparently in a failed attempt to burgle my house. Grrrr!

The shed directly faces the alley, so yes, I expect people to test security now and then. Still, I somehow didn't expect damage.

About ten years ago, I employed a meth-addicted workman, who stored tools in the shed for a time. He worried that the shed wasn't secure enough, so he added one little security feature to the inside of the door, and yesterday, despite the broken hasp, that feature held, and prevented entry. So, thank goodness for drug-induced paranoia!

Spring in New Mexico

Not saying this windy weather sucks but... :P

Posted by Josh Fritz on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cool Martian Dust Devil

Martian Still Life: Opportunity rover tracks and dust devil, Endeavour Crater, Mars, sol 4332.

Chain Saw

I spent much of last Saturday evening dismembering a tree with a chain saw. This is an inherently unsafe activity, but now that it's over, I need more thrills. I need to put on a mask and wave my chain saw around near some heedless teenagers. On a dark road. Near a barn.

Where Oh Where Did My Contact Lens Go?

Where oh where did my contact lens go,
Oh where oh where did it go?
With its plastic so rigid,
And to gas so permeable,
Oh where oh where did it go?

Meet-and-Greet With Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Angelique Ashby

An excellent meet-and-greet with Sacramento mayoral candidate Angelique Ashby organized by Adam Sartain with assistance by Leighton Worthey. Impressed with her solid command of Sacramento issues.

A New Mural

Projecting an image for a new anti-tobacco mural, New Station Seafood Restaurant, 18th & Broadway.

"10 Cloverfield Lane"

Saw this film Friday night last week. John Goodman is great! You could sense the pervasive influence of "Breaking Bad", a certain favorite 19th-Century novel, and its 1953 cinematic portrayal.


Stepped out of the cineplex theater #6 after watching a movie. Security approached and asked "We got a complaint. Was there a boy and girl having sex in the theater during the movie?" Alas, I was watching the movie, and noticed nothing else. Tend to stay focused on the silver screen.

Jonly Bonly

Excellent Time At "The Debut" At Momo's

LOVED dancing with Krystle Morales and The Debut dancers March 31st! Great time. (I even wore my Heisenberg shirt!)

Indiana Governor Stunned By How Many People Seem to Have Gay Friends

Pence said that from what he has been able to gather thus far, the phenomenon of “ordinary folks” having gay friends “has been going on for years.”

“You could be walking down the street, and without you knowing it, this person is friends with gays and that person is, too,” he said. “It really seems to be pretty widespread.”

“It’s the darnedest thing,” he added.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

"Better Call Saul" Filming Locations - Wish List of Undetermined Locations

This post is the seventh of seven posts regarding "Better Call Saul" filming locations (last updated April 13, 2020).

This post focuses on undetermined locations.

The Blog Sidebar contains links to Filming Location posts.  These include:
  • Eight "Breaking Bad" filming location posts;
  • Three additional posts regarding "Breaking Bad" related subjects;
  • Seven "Better Call Saul" filming location posts;
  • Two additional posts regarding "Better Call Saul" related subjects;
  • One post regarding "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie";
  • Three links to OldeSaultie's Google maps of "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" filming location sites. These are the best filming location maps on the Web! The KML files available at these addresses are particularly useful for importing locations into GPS-equipped devices.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions (E-Mail address:


To avoid unnecessary friction, I have redacted the addresses of all single-family homes in these books. (These addresses are still available in these blog posts, however.)

The pictures in the print edition are black-and-white, in order to keep costs down. Pictures in the Kindle edition are in color.

"A Guidebook To 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations: Albuquerque as Physical Setting and Indispensable Character"

The Fifth Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 375 pages) of the book, updated through Season 4 of "Better Call Saul," is now available and can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle.

“‘Breaking Bad’ Signs and Symbols: Reading Meaning into Sets, Props, and Filming Locations”

The First Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 290 pages) of this book can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle

This book delves into some of the symbolism in AMC's hit television series "Breaking Bad." Toxic modernity is symbolized by architectural elements derived from Chicago. Indeed, Albuquerque is used as a kind of stand-in for the City of Chicago. Like many cities in America’s Great Plains and Mountain West, Albuquerque obtained much of its architecture directly from the Windy City via the AT&SF railroad and Highway 66.

The creative team is interested in telling stories about the legacies and corruptions of modernity, particularly Chicago’s “Century of Progress” (1833-1932). In particular, Chicago-derived daylighting innovations (the practice of passive window design to help illuminate the interiors of large buildings) are featured: Glass Block Windows, Luxfer Prismatic Tile Windows, and Plate Glass Windows. Once the backgrounds of scenes are encoded with meaning, a variety of stories can be told there.

A series of tables are presented - for example: Parallel Beams in the Ceiling; Twinned Features; Five-Pointed Stars; Octagons; Monkeys; Horses; Cats; Moth Orchids; and Skulls.

Certain symbols advance the plot: Native-American symbols; Foreshadowing symbols like Pueblo Deco arches; Danger symbols like bells, stagger symbols, and desk lamps; plus Earth Art.

Featured stories as told in television-scene backgrounds include: The Legacy of El Chapo; Tributes to Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”; The Badger Comes To Entrap; The Five Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe; The legacy of London's Crystal Palace; and Homages to Patrick McGoohan's “The Prisoner.”


Wish List Of Undetermined Locations

Season 1

Gene's Omaha Apartment interior (Season 1, episode 1, 'Uno'). DVD commentary for 'Uno' notes that the interior is located elsewhere than the exterior (which is at Diamond Apartments).

Jimmy McGill TV ad (Season 1, episode 10, 'Marco'; Season 2, episode 10, 'Klick'). Studio?

Season 2

HHM bathroom (Season 2, episode 5, 'Rebecca'; episode 7, 'Inflatable'). Now believed to be at Rinchem Company, Inc., 5131 Masthead St NE. I'd like photos, but access is difficult, in part because it's the ladies' restroom.

Stacy's new home interior (Season 2, episode 7, 'Inflatable'). Undetermined, but Season 2 DVD commentary says it's not located at the same place as the exterior. I'm thinking 8623 La Sala del Norte NE might work.

Stink Bug (Season 2, episode 8, 'Fifi'). Studio?

Season 3

North Valley Fit, Interior (Season 3, episode 3, 'Sunk Costs').

Conference room. Jimmy signs an agreement (Season 3, episode 4, 'Sabrosito'). Ostensibly the Courthouse Annex.

Gus' Chicken Farm Warehouse interior (Season 3, episode 6, 'Off Brand'). Gus' all-important distribution center.

Rebecca's taxi ride (Season 3, episode 6, 'Off Brand'). Heading to Chuck's place.

Mike's closet (Season 3, episode 8, 'Slip').

Hospital Scene (Season 3, episode 10, 'Lantern').

Jimmy's Dad's intact store. Michael Novotny set, per PC308, or a real store, per Season 3 DVD 'Slip' commentary? (Season 2, episode 7, 'Inflatable'). 1973 Chicago.

Season 4

Incidental driving scenes ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 1, 'Smoke').

Madrigal Warehouse (1) scenes ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 1, 'Smoke').

Madrigal office scenes ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 1, 'Smoke').

Cartel Warehouse scenes ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 1, 'Smoke'; episode 2, 'Breathe').

Vet's surgery ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 3, 'Something Beautiful').

Corral where Juan Bolsa talks to Gus ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 3, 'Something Beautiful').

Madrigal Warehouse (2) scenes ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 4, 'Talk').

Courtroom ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 4, 'Talk'; episode 5, 'Quite a Ride'; episode 7, 'Something Stupid'). Bernalillo County Annex or old Valencia County Courthouse?

Judge's Chambers ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 4, 'Talk'; episode 8, 'Coushatta'). Bernalillo County Annex?

Van Interior, Q Studios? ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 5, 'Quite a Ride').

PPD Check-in Cubicles ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 5, 'Quite a Ride').

Kim & Jimmy drive to and fro from party ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 7, 'Something Stupid'). Unclear which streets they travel.

Jimmy's Apartment ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 10, 'Winner'). Symbols and a shared bed.

Lalo's Drive ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 10, 'Winner'). Likely near Los Lunas, in vicinity of Jubilee Retirement Community.

View of the Chicken Farm ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 10, 'Winner'). Lalo observes. Podcast says composite view of Chicken Farm from the north.

Mike shoots Werner ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 10, 'Winner'). Podcast says near Kim's Accident Scene

All Seasons

Scale Opening (Season 1, episode 3, 'Nacho'; Season 2, episode 3, 'Amarillo', Season 3, episode 3, 'Sunk Costs'). Studio?

Cell Phone Opening (Season 1, episode 4, 'Hero'; Season 2, episode 4, 'Gloves Off'; Season 3, episode 4, 'Sabrosito'). Studio?

Saul's office - carpet opening (Season 1, episode 7, 'Bingo'; Season 2, episode 7, 'Inflatable'; Season 3, episode 7, 'Expenses'). Opening credits.

Tarantula (Season 1, episode 8, 'Rico'; Season 2, episode 8, 'Fifi'; Season 3, episode 8, 'Slip'). Opening credits.

Falling Coffee Cup open (Season 2, episode 10, 'Klick'; Season 2, episode 10, 'Klick'; Season 3, episode 10, 'Lantern'). Studio?