Tuesday, January 01, 2019


h/t Randall Finkelstein.

Interesting Article About the Great Unconformity

Mass glaciation?:
According to the team, at intervals within those billion or so years, up to a third of Earth’s crust was sawn off by Snowball Earth’s roaming glaciers and their erosive capabilities. The resulting sediment was dumped into the slush-covered oceans, where it was then sucked into the mantle by subducting tectonic plates.

...Effectively, in many locations, Earth buried the evidence of about a fifth of its geological history....

The Bells

DMTC's Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.

DMTC - New Year's 2019 Gala

New Year's Eve Gala at DMTC. Distracted by Kyle Jackson.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Courtesy of Ed Candelaria and Marq Smith at the Better Call Saul Three Strikes Group.

St. Vincent on Austin City Limits

My previously-posted video of St. Vincent got deleted, so here is the presentation that caught my attention: St. Vincent on Austin City Limits. What a fabulous effort - my favorite performer/band of 2018!

Plus, here is a 2014 video. Starts with "Rattlesnake," which I wish I could make a Southwest desert hiking song, but can't quite:

Getting Hungry at Petco

New Year's Day 2019 Cardio Jam

Proceeds go to homelessness relief. Pakko, Bo, Pepper, and the Barreto Brothers - aka "The Heat." No rest for the wicked!

Mark of the Beast