Saturday, December 21, 2019

Made in U.S.A. (1987)

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Notes on Individual Scenes



Texaco, RIP Griffin - Fina Pueblo, CO

Quick view of Shiprock



Ziems Ford Corners - Is this correct?
5700 E Main St
Farmington, NM 87402

4 Corners?

666/160 fork (37.091644°, -108.732543°)

Mesa Verde



SW CO again - Near Squaw - roughly (37.134467°, -108.718114°)

Bisti Badlands?

Basin Industrial Bank?

Road to Acoma - about (34.928267°, -107.598139°)



Residents of ABQ given thanks in credits, but not clear if there are any ABQ scenes in the film.

Policewoman Centerfold (1983)

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Last updated: March 13, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Mobile Home in Corrales? Bosque farms?

Big Bend in Rio Grande Blvd. at Eakes Rd. NW.

Corrales Bridge

I-25 SB exit onto Locust NE (35.088210°, -106.635908°).

Frontage Rd. just south of Lomas exit

Police offices


'235 South Valley Dr.'


View of Civic Plaza and Police Dept.

EB on MLK just east of Broadway

Parking Garage

Jacuzzi at health club

Italian Restaurant

Open grove

Police Dept.

Mobile Home

Dance floor

Restaurant - Paul's Monterey Inn?


Police Dept./Civic Plaza


Tijeras EB at 4th St. NW

Boyfriend's parents' house

View west on Central just west of 5th St.

Kimo Theater - west and south sides

LA view

Running along river just south of Corrales bridge, west bank

ABQ Sunport

LA scenes

Sunport again - pickup

Police briefing

Giving tickets - Central just west of 6th St.

Mobile Home

Running along Rio Grande Blvd.???


Police chief's office

Phone booth - Police Dept. in background


Ice Cream Parlor

Drug store


Police Dept.

Along River

Folding Laundry

Campus Pharmacy - Probably the old Lobo Pharmacy.


Italian Restaurant

Kid's bus stop

City Hall? This may have been before the Hyatt was there, so background looks different - seems to have building at Tijeras & 3rd.

Mobile Home

San Felipe de Neri exterior - wedding party

Friday, December 20, 2019

Social Guidance, aka Formosa (2003)

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Various films - Principal of Lincoln High School? Maybe!

Bus stop

Highland High School

Remote road

Westside, but south or north of Central?

Hiland Theater.


Outdoors, and road again

Formosa Films office and studio


Art Deco Bus Station - Was this at the Railyards?

Formosa office

Occidental Building

Art Deco Bus Station



Drive In Movie Theater


Lava Rocks - Atomic test

Remote Road again

Art Deco Bus Station

Bus stop

Formosa studios


Immanuel Presbyterian Church - Presbyterian church
114 Carlisle Blvd SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Thanks in credits given to Albuquerque Academy (maybe the jail), Albuquerque Little Theater.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

3 Injured After Sacramento Officer Shoots at Dog Outside Safeway

This is my local supermarket, where I used to take Bella the Dog all the time. This was about 7 p.m., a busy time. (Things usually get dicier around 2 a.m., when alcohol sales cease and the alcohol crowd arrives to beat the clock.) Interesting video at the link.

Despite the heightened aggression of the arrest, the dog is wagging it's tail throughout. Wondering if a ready chain, and kind words to it, could have helped defuse the confrontation:

A security guard, a man and an “aggressive” dog were hurt by shrapnel after a Sacramento officer fired his weapon at the animal Wednesday night outside a Safeway store, police said.

Just before 7 p.m., the security guard called over an officer and said there was a man causing a disturbance who refused to leave the property at 19th and S streets in midtown, according to the Sacramento Police Department.

The man did not listen to the police officer’s request to leave and argued with the officer.

One witness said the officer tried multiple times to peacefully resolve the situation.

The officer tried to detain the man, at which point the man’s dog became aggressive and bit the officer on the arm, police said.

The officer then called for backup. When more officers got to the store, the dog charged at one of the officers, according to police.

Desert Rain (2011)

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Walking along highway- somewhere on Coors

Calabacillas Arroyo crossing

Bus stop/ Bus trip

EB Overcrossing of I-25 on Montano

Continued traveling

Blakes on Montgomery at Carlisle

Neon arch on Central @ Adams

Lobo Theater.

Crossroads Motel

Mountain High Auto Sales - Used car dealer
3720 4th St NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107


Mi Jacalito Restaurant Mural - 4th St. & Barelas SW -

4th St. & Cromwell

House - 1163....??

Just south of Gonzales Rd. on 63rd St. SW

Bartolo Ave. SW??

Bridge (not sure which)

Motel: University Lodge, 3711 Central Ave. NE.

Larger, more ornate building - theater or church....





House - 104...


View of Big-I

View of exit 252 on I-25

Gas station

Views of I-25, including view adjacent to Algodones Power Plant, I-25 SB

House - looks like near Placitas

"The Del" Convenience Store


Frontier Restaurant

Uncle Cliffs

Gas station

Skate Park near Staples - On Coors Bypass

Giant - 528 & Corrales???

View of Central

Down near river

Hugging by side of road

looks like Corrales

Looks like Highway 550 - U Turn

Rio Rancho?

W. bank of river at north end of Rio Rancho?

Horses - Corrales?

Rico's House - Just south of Gonzales Rd. on 63rd St. SW

Laundry - Washateria on Bridge Blvd. SW just west of river.

Convenience Market - looks like the Alon on Bridge Blvd. SW just west of river.

Bridge Blvd. bridge/ I-25 bridge

Motel - Downtown Inn, 1213 Central Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM. Room 124.

The Downtown Inn Pool.


Traffic Stop - Just NW of Camino Encantadas & Oersted Rd. NE in Rio Rancho

Pool table

Progress Blvd. NE, maybe near Unser Blvd.

Sandia Bar


Cycles South (1971)

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Documentary. Three young men travel on motorcycles from Denver to Panama. New Mexico scenes shot in Albuquerque, Taos, and Taos Ski Valley. Starring Dill Adkins, Don Marshall, and Pat McNamara.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Start in Denver

Portions of credits look like NM


Road to Placitas, more or less about here (35.314392°, -106.512181°)

Turnoff - Hwy 165 & Camino Ojo de la Casa (35.305718°, -106.409586°)

Cross Country with sand dunes - no idea.

Stream and Waterfall

Turnoff to Taos Ski Valley - near Arroyo Seco - (36.531826°, -105.572483°)

Taos Ski Valley - building with dormers - thinking (36.594901°, -105.447088°)

Beautiful downtown Taos - about (36.407053°, -105.573477°)

Bike Races - looks like near Placitas

I-25 just N of Bernalillo?

Cycle Sport - About where House of Uniforms is located on Menaul Blvd.

House of Uniforms
5400 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Anthony 18, El Paso 39 - don't have exact spot yet.

and farther south

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Where It Will Shake

Various California places, plus Christchurch, New Zealand too:
A landmark report in 2018 by the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that at least 800 people could be killed and 18,000 others injured in a hypothetical magnitude 7 earthquake rupturing on the Hayward fault through Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Hayward and Fremont.

Hundreds more could die from fire following an earthquake along the ruptured 52-mile section of the fault in this HayWired scenario. More than 400 fires could ignite, burning the equivalent of 52,000 single-family homes, and a lack of water for firefighters caused by old pipes shattering underground could make matters worse, USGS geophysicist Ken Hudnut has said.

“This fault is what we sort of call a tectonic time bomb,” USGS earthquake geologist emeritus David Schwartz said of the Hayward fault. “It’s just waiting to go off.”

Libertarian Killed While Protesting Socialist Snowplow

Because it's all about economic freedom:
Paul was livestreaming while he was run over by the very snowplow he had come to protest.

“If the market truly wanted this snow plowed, then it,” were Paul’s final words before he was run over, abruptly ending the livestream.

Ed and Marq Are Opening A Breaking Bad Themed Store in Old Town Albuquerque in January!

(Via Karen S.) My books were briefly-shown on Albuquerque TV on Sunday evening!

APIC Political Collectibles Show at Sierra 2 Center - December 15, 2019

They appraised my "JFK for President" button for only $5. Still, I like my new Moscow Mitch button.