Saturday, April 14, 2012

Satisfying Storm Event, For Once

The figure to the left shows the rain totals for the last seven days. Nice!

At Sacramento Executive Airport, we received 1.80 inches of rain. Nice!

How do we stand for the season? For Sacramento, we are now 68% of normal: a considerable improvement. Even poor, neglected San Jose, at 38% of normal a short time ago, is now 48% of normal.

"Titanic - The Musical" - DMTC - Final Dress Rehearsal (II)

Kate Mullins, Kate Murphy, and Kate McGowan (Amy Miles, Hannah Wallace, and Jenny Reuter)

Bryan Pro

Mystery Post Card From Istanbul

On Friday, I received a mysterious post card from Istanbul. It was signed: "But who is sending you this card?"

I didn't know anyone heading to Turkey, but the familiar handwriting, and the subject of the post card - the 'Basilica Cistern' from the time of Constantine and Justinian, suggested Walt might be behind it.

Sure enough, this morning on Facebook, he announced his recent trip there!

Slammed By A Cold

Thursday night, I felt the chill come on. By Friday, I was quite ill. Hence, I missed the Friday and Saturday night commemorations at the theater. I watched 'Some Like It Hot' on DVD instead (Billy Wilder: good director - Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon: superb actors.)

I did show up at African Drumming class, but my playing was terrible.

At 8:20 PDT, precisely 100 years after the sinking, I was watching the 50's rendition of this scene instead.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Titanic - The Musical" - DMTC - Final Dress Rehearsal (I)

(Lots of pictures to come)

Looking Like It's Time To Migrate

Since I started my blog in October, 2002, I haven't changed that much with it. I stuck with Blogger, and kept the old Blogger template, even as the rest of the blogging world slowly transformed and changed almost beyond recognition. This blog began before Facebook came into existence, for chrissakes!

These days, my blog is quite antiquated by Internet standards, and I sort-of liked that. I like old things. I had been been unhappy about the way the blog was rendered on different (newer) browsers, however, and thought maybe I should upgrade to Wordpress, and even got some tips from Margaret Andrews about how to do all that, but there are few things I hate to do more than learn new things, so hesitated.

Nevertheless, the time approaches. Now, it looks like the JS-Kit (formerly Echo) commenting system will COMPLETELY VANISH on October 1, 2012. All comments will evaporate, unless I do something about it. Bastardos! It's looking more and more like it's THE TIME all the time! So, over the next 5.5 months (and sooner, hopefully) I will saddle up Bailey the Rabbit and make the transition into the future (or at least into the present)....

33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You

L. posted this yesterday on Facebook (I like the Corgi's attitude, though):


Learning about the high Albuquerque crime rate the hard way (h/t Bruce):
He plays a high-rolling drug dealer who makes meth, but in real-life, "Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul is the victim.

On Tuesday, he tweeted about being robbed twice while shooting the hit series here in Albuquerque. He wrote, "First time was my car and this time around it was my house."

In a police report, Paul reported several items were stolen from his home on April 1, 2012.

In another tweet he wrote, "I love Albuquerque and the people. Just felt violated and super sad to lose personal items from my home."

When Action 7 News checked on Aaron Paul's Twitter feed Wednesday afternoon, all of those tweets had been deleted.

On Wednesday night, he tweeted Action 7 News back and said he loves the city but hates the crime he has personally experienced.

Titanic: The Musical « Good Day Sacramento

Titanic: The Musical « Good Day Sacramento