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"Breaking Bad" Filming Locations - Wish List of Undetermined Locations

This post is the eighth of eight posts regarding "Breaking Bad" filming locations (last updated January 22, 2020).

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To avoid unnecessary friction, I have redacted the addresses of all single-family homes in these books. (These addresses are still available in these blog posts, however.)

The pictures in the print edition are black-and-white, in order to keep costs down. Pictures in the Kindle edition are in color.

"A Guidebook To 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations: Albuquerque as Physical Setting and Indispensable Character"

The Fifth Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 375 pages) of the book, updated through Season 4 of "Better Call Saul," is now available and can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle.

“‘Breaking Bad’ Signs and Symbols: Reading Meaning into Sets, Props, and Filming Locations”

The First Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 290 pages) of this book can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle

This book delves into some of the symbolism in AMC's hit television series "Breaking Bad." Toxic modernity is symbolized by architectural elements derived from Chicago. Indeed, Albuquerque is used as a kind of stand-in for the City of Chicago. Like many cities in America’s Great Plains and Mountain West, Albuquerque obtained much of its architecture directly from the Windy City via the AT&SF railroad and Highway 66.

The creative team is interested in telling stories about the legacies and corruptions of modernity, particularly Chicago’s “Century of Progress” (1833-1932). In particular, Chicago-derived daylighting innovations (the practice of passive window design to help illuminate the interiors of large buildings) are featured: Glass Block Windows, Luxfer Prismatic Tile Windows, and Plate Glass Windows. Once the backgrounds of scenes are encoded with meaning, a variety of stories can be told there.

A series of tables are presented - for example: Parallel Beams in the Ceiling; Twinned Features; Five-Pointed Stars; Octagons; Monkeys; Horses; Cats; Moth Orchids; and Skulls.

Certain symbols advance the plot: Native-American symbols; Foreshadowing symbols like Pueblo Deco arches; Danger symbols like bells, stagger symbols, and desk lamps; plus Earth Art.

Featured stories as told in television-scene backgrounds include: The Legacy of El Chapo; Tributes to Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”; The Badger Comes To Entrap; The Five Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe; The legacy of London's Crystal Palace; and Homages to Patrick McGoohan's “The Prisoner.”


Seahorse Sea Hell

Student-made anti-drug poster, currently on the wall at Tucson Regional Ballet.

Unfinished Business - Public Appeal

"OldeSaultie" and myself have had considerable success determining filming locations by using Google Earth and other tools, but there is a hard nugget of sites that seem to resist quick determination, often because they are interior spaces that many people don't see very often, or exterior places that have changed character lately. Even experienced, lifelong Albuquerque natives may have trouble with them. None of these sites are really secret, however. There are plenty of people - thousands, assuredly - who can instantly recognize some of these places, or at least offer reasonable guesses. So, if you have a guess, please drop a line, either in comments or by E-Mail, and help us out. We would be very grateful for any assistance you can provide! (E-Mail address: valdezmarc56@gmail.com)

Wish List

Breaking Bad Pilot, Walter White home (Season 1, episode 1, 'Pilot'). Vince Gilligan mentions in Season 1 DVD commentary ("Better Call Saul", Season 1, episode 10, 'Marco') that portions of the Pilot episode were filmed in a warehouse near Hamlin's Office. Is that I-25 Studios, 1.5 miles from the Hamlin offices? Or some other facility?

Opening sequence (Season 3, episode 2, "Caballo sin Nombre"). Time lapse & montage scenes at start. Out near "Q" Studios?

Opening sequence (Season 3, episode 2, 'Caballo sin Nombre'). Time lapse & montage scenes at start. Volcano cliffs. Petroglyphs National Monument, Unser Blvd. and St. Josephs Ave. NW. Rocks with thunderhead. At first, I guessed (35.128684, -106.723808), but there are so many rocks there, it's difficult to state with any certainty. Other possiblities are Atrisco Vista Rd. near Double Eagle Airport, and I-25 north of Belen.

'Are We Safe?' parking lot, (Season 3, episode 9, 'Kafkaesque'). Near Gibson Hospital.

First of the three houses Marie visits on her kleptomaniac journey, and where she meets “Michael Killmore” (Season 4, Episode 3, 'Open House').

Assistant Locations Manager Alex Gianopoulos said that this location is near, or adjacent, to House 3 on Marie's journey (8503 La Sala Grande NE). I've walked around the neighborhood twice trying to identify likely candidates, but still am not satisfied.

On November 6, 2014, I got a tip that the large house at about 5133 Sunningdale Ave. NE in Albuquerque (with pillars in front) was this location. Need to verify the tip.

Walt gets gambling addiction therapy (Season 4, episode 4, 'Bullet Points').

Looks like the University of New Mexico.

Church basement (Season 4, episode 7, 'Problem Dog'). Jesse's self-help group.

Nighttime Drive (Season 5, episode 1, 'Live Free Or Die'). Perhaps on Coors Blvd. NW?

Nighttime on Paseo del Norte Overpass over Coors Rd. NW.

Mike's Interrogation (Season 5, episode 6, 'Buyout').

This may be a studio location, but I don't know.

Tented houses (Various, such as red, white, and blue fireplug)
(Season 5, episode 7, 'Say My Name')
(Season 5, episode 8, 'Gliding Over All') 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' (1,7,10,12,20,26)

Razor wire fence (Season 5, episode 8, 'Gliding Over All'). Part of montage at sunset.

Airports (Season 5, episode 8, 'Gliding Over All'). Jumbo jet takeoff is likely LAX ('Crystal Blue Persuasion', segments 6 & 17). The rest are currently unknown.

Suburb (Season 5, episode 8, 'Gliding Over All'). Aerial shot. 'Crystal Blue Persuasion'.

This aerial shot should be a slam-dunk, but because Google Earth's and Bing.com's images are slightly out-dated, or for some other reason, this place remains elusive. It is always possible this cgi-generated film segment is entirely-artificial, but it seems logical they would start from a real aerial shot: whether from Albuquerque, California's Inland Empire, or somewhere else. Where that other place might be, I don't know.

Jesse's Woodworking Shop (Season 5b, episode 16, 'Felina'). The studio?

More Interiors

Gretchen and Elliott's kitchen, (Season 1, episode 5, 'Gray Matter'). Gretchen calls Walt.

Andrea's bedroom, (Season 3, episode 11, 'Abiquiú').

Gale's Apt. interior (Season 3, episode 13, 'Full Measure'; Season 4, episode 1, 'Boxcutter'). I'm beginning to suspect, because of the Pueblo Deco arches, that this place may be Jesse and Jane's duplex, elaborately disguised (323 & 325 Terrace St. SE).

Mike's Interrogation, (Season 5, episode 6, 'Buyout'). Studio?

Marie's Counselor Dave's place, (Season 5, episode 12, 'Rabid Dog'). Resembles Huning Highlands house.


  1. Fantastic site! I loved viewing. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous4:04 PM

    Do you know where the show's finale gas station was filmed at? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, that is the little market just south of To'hajiilee, on the main road to Interstate 40. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, because we had been in that store about six hours before the show aired.

    2. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Thank you for the information. Amazing that you were there the same day it aired.

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Hi Marc...

    Thanks for all of the hard work that went into to your wonderful Breaking Bad blog. I'm going to be in Albuquerque next month and I'll have about 4 hours to kill. I know you have all the filming locations listed but do you have a "must see" list that could be done in a couple hours by car?

    1. Hi! Hope for the best on your upcoming trip! The sites are so scattered I don't think they could be done in an afternoon - even the must-see sites - but they do tend to fall in clusters, and so maybe there is a hope of efficiency there.

      One could do something simple, like focus just on Central Avenue. Or just Downtown. Or just around the White House. Or just the mesas south o the airport.

      I noticed there is a natural alignment of sites from Hank and Marie's house, past Eldorado High School and the John Roberts Dam, to the White House, La Palomita Park, and eventually down to the area around Manzano and Lomas. I even mapped out an elaborate Figure 8 that one could join at any point that would take you past most sites (but I haven't tried to post it on the Web yet). Let me see if I can come up with something.

    2. Experimenting with routes (generally clockwise, trying to minimize branching)

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

    Hello, great info here, do you happen to know where in To'hajiilee Br Ba was filmed, the scene where Walt goes down, I love that place. Also nothing mentioned about Tuco's run down house......

  5. Hi! Yes, check out my posts for Seasons 1 & 2!

  6. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Hi Marc great website. I hope to visit ABQ someday. Do you know where they filmed the music video, Fallacies by Twaughthammer (Jesse Pinkmans band?) I can't find the location anywhere.

    1. Hi! I didn't try too hard to determine the "Fallacies" sites. Initially, it looks like the Albuquerque Country Club area in the vicinity of Jesse Pinkman's house (and, indeed, there may be short bits from that house), but the neighborhood scenes don't look right to me. I suspect another city: Tucson, or maybe southern California somewhere.