Saturday, August 31, 2019

Frontera (2012 production, 2014 release)

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Last updated: March 12, 2020

Drama. Tensions rise after a murder along the US-Mexico border. Starring Ed Harris, Eva Longoria, Michael Peña, Amy Madigan, Seth Adkins, Kristen Rakes, Lora Martinez-Cunningham, Rebekah Wiggins, Matthew Page, Alex Knight. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Algodones, Placitas, Rio Rancho, Tijeras.

Most of this movie is filmed in the back country behind Placitas.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Opening view

House/ Hills

Road junction


Suburban streets - ABQ

Arroyo, east of Placitas. Thinking general area (35.304550°, -106.309061°)


Arroyo - Rio Rancho?

Suburban house

Northern Rio Rancho view

Hiding in culvert under Unser Blvd. (35.340671°, -106.694572°)

Southbound in truck - Get out of truck (35.344585°, -106.670963°)

Walk away from truck (35.344364°, -106.673641°)

Bobby Foster Road - curves - traffic stop (34.989085°, -106.645098°)

Medio County Administrative Center

School - Highland?

Raking - Algodones?

Calling back to Mexico

House with clothesline

Platos Calientes

People meet in desert - Somewhere near I-25/Highway 22 interchange

House in desert - thinking (35.312767°, -106.313305°)

Suburban area - Farsi nonsense - Garage - 4904 Tia Christina Dr. and Mikell Ct. NW (supposedly 1731)

Suburban Street - Tia Christina again


Phoenix Processing Center

Old MDC - 415 Roma Ave. NW (35.089243°, -106.651224°)

Bobby Foster Rd.

Jail scene

Bobby Foster Rd. again

Mexican house again - old style - near power lines that cross past Sandias north of Placitas

Bobby Foster Rd.

Border crossing

View of I-25 SB frontage road (35.150234°, -106.590309°)

Wooded area and barn
Thanks given to Diamond Tail Ranch, Placitas, NM

Friday, August 30, 2019

Flap (1970)

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Last updated: August 30, 2019

AKA: Nobody Loves Flapping Eagle. Comedy with social commentary, about Indians living on reservations and how they are neglected by the U.S. government. Anthony Quinn plays Flapping Eagle, "Flap", a colorful crusader for respect for Native Americans. Based upon the book Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian by Clair Huffaker. Also starring Claude Akins and Shelley Winters. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Madrid, Puye Cliffs (Santa Clara Pueblo), Santa Fe, Santo Domingo Pueblo.

I had trouble with one of the primary locations of the movie: The road out of the Pueblo & Construction Site. Where is that place? Resembles the Tesuque/ Camel Rock area, but is it actually there? A mystery!

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Notes on Individual Scenes

McClellan's = Rosenwald Bros. Building

Just west of 4th & Central in ABQ. Franklin = Anodyne

Divided Street - Looking north, Highway 84 outside Pojoaque - Viewpoint about (35.880108°, -106.010316°) Turn across from Plateau gas station

Santo Domingo Trading Post

Beige pillars - on the road near Acoma (34.917135°, -107.592662°)

Acoma (34.895791°, -107.583499°)

On the road to Acoma (34.938337°, -107.603152°)

Road scene - unclear

Looks like Acoma, but mountains give it away as Santa Clara....

Guesstimate on house with papers (35.967065°, -106.088413°)

Guesstimate on horse (35.967619°, -106.088366°)

Don't know about store. Are there Acoma images mixed in here too? Confusing.


Explosions. Where is this? North of Santa Fe? Construction Site.

Bulldozer over cliffs

Urban area


Black Mtn. at San Ildefonso momentarily visible.

Newspaper office

Urban area again - a stage?

Bar again

Side of RR - very close to I-25 (35.504291°, -106.244338°)

Train jumping on spur (35.487891°, -106.234637°)

Santo Domingo again


Looks like highway north of Santa Fe - Tesuque/ Camel Rock area

Parade in front of Penney's - the Gizmo Store

Parade turns south on 4th St.

Urban area - City Hall - Probably a California location, since no neighborhood in Albuquerque looks like that.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Coyote Waits (2003)

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Last updated: March 2, 2020

PBS production based upon the Tony Hillerman novel of the same name. Starring Wes Studi as Joe Leaphorn and Adam Beach as Jim Chee, roles they also filled in the film versions of Skinwalkers and A Thief of Time. Also starring Graham Greene, Sheila Tousey, Keith Carradine, Alex Rice, Gary Farmer, and Jimmy Herman. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Corrales, Jemez, Rio Rancho, To’hajiilee (Cañoncito/Navajo Chapter), Zia Pueblo.

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Big Chief

Joe's House - Corrales, just off Old Church Road, across from the Smiths - the Greens? (35.231028°, -106.625897°)



Chee's house - looks like Jemez somewhere - about here (35.727047°, -106.712749°)

House in Jemez Pueblo? No, Cabezon is visible, so maybe somewhere near Penasco Tank....

Viewpoint about here ( 35.590557°, -106.878773°)

... Mountain Trading Post

Gilman Tunnels (35.735963°, -106.764707°) and (35.732942°, -106.764631°)

Uncle's House, with Windmill

Jemez Pueblo Civic Center, seen from about ( 35.610924°, -106.723725°) - also seen in A Thief of Time

Traveling on highway.

Tribal Road 33

Rocks, Canon, NM?

Big Chief

Jemez Valley High School - Faculty parking

Photo lab

Frontier Restaurant

Room with Rugs

Behind Frontier - back door

Zimmerman Library

Room at UNM

House, 123 Walter St. SE.

House, 123 Walter St. SE.

423 Cornell Dr SE, Albuquerque, NM, USA.

House with arch - 3804

Interview Room

Gate - NE Corner of Annex

Place out at To'hajiilee - near BrBa place

Chee's place

University Room

Looks like drive along ridge on Zia land, but no confirmation


Her house

123 Walter St. SE

Big Chief



Jemez rocks again

Courthouse - likely U.S. Federal Courthouse in ABQ, because of backwards swastikas

New Deal mural at courthouse

Cattle guard

Uncle's house again

To'hajiilee (35.104651°, -107.141357°)

Special thanks to Canoncito Band of Navajos, Zia & Jemez Pueblos. Village of Corrales, UNM, City of ABQ, KRQE-13 News

A Thief of Time (2004)

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Last updated: March 2, 2020

PBS production based upon the book of the same name by Tony Hillerman, one of the series of books featuring Navajo police officers Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. Starring Wes Studi as Leaphorn and Adam Beach as Chee, roles they also filled in the film versions of Coyote Waits and Skinwalkers. Also starring Gary Farmer, Graham Greene, Peter Fonda, and Ernest Tsosie III. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Jemez, Santa Clara Pueblo, San Ysidro, To'hajiilee (Cañoncito/Navajo Chapter), Zia Pueblo.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Various views (Monument Valley? Grand Canyon?)

Rock Shelter

Jemez Pueblo Civic Center, seen from about ( 35.610924°, -106.723725°) - also seen in Coyote Waits

Cliffs - Santa Clara?

Big Chief

Chaco Culture National Historic Park - Zia Day School - (35.509558°, -106.708355°)


Mine road turnoff

Gypsum mine

Excavating ruin

On horseback - trash pickup crew (35.538984°, -106.785815°)


Big Chief

Slick Nakai's Revival Tent near Sandias (35.359437°, -106.523734°)


Nighttime turnoff - Bobby Nails

Zia Day School

Joe's house



Joe's House

Museum or library

Looks like Old Town Plaza, in ABQ. Past La Placita and Yucca Gallery into Patio Market, right turn into .... Nelson's.

Mr. Dumont's office

Paved walkway - fountain - house

River at ....

Drive near... Pena Blanca (or Santa Clara)

Mr. Houck's house - where have I seen this place before?

Silos, Sandias, buildings

Rio Grande? near San Ildefonso.... Maybe Jemez River country, north of San Ysidro

Out of gas - To'hajiilee?

Copper & 2nd in ABQ

Hotel Andaluz Lobby.

Room 515 - Look out window at State Theater.



Looks like Jemez country

Thanks given to Canoncito Band of Navajos, Jemez, Zia, and Santa Ana Pueblos, Village of Corrales, Jemez State Monument, and City of Albuquerque

Burning Bodhi (2015)

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Last updated: March 13, 2020

Very-compact set of filming locations!

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Notes on Individual Scenes

View of Sandias from....

View of river midstream....


Big City - Chicago

ABQ House

Club in daytime

Travel trailer

Gas station

Campmobile - Bobby Foster Road

View of river bridge

View of Sandias, Presbyterian Hospital, and Encino Retirement Home, maybe from Dennis Chavez Bridge over RR

Sunport (front)


Santa Clara Cemetery, 615 Foothill Dr SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105

Dad's House - Approximately 1301 Lopez Rd. SW

3rd & Silver

Parking lot that used to be where Imperial Bldg now is (35.082628°, -106.650530°)


Bobby Foster Road

Camper next to house

Dad's House - GBW

Chapel at Hotel Albuquerque, where Hotel Chaco is now (35.100752°, -106.668463°)

Chapel interior

Riverside drain (but where?) - (35.048908°, -106.665405°)

Dad's house

Grandmother's house - 1320 Lopez Rd. SW


Katy's home

Bridge - can see a McDonald's - but where?

Big Bob's - 1325 Lopez Rd. SW

Morgue/ Cremation

Wake (35.052563°, -106.670677°)

Bed & Breakfast
“We shot it on one block in the South Valley. We secured different locations up and down the block so we just turned the camera around. We never had to move except for two days. We actually never went over ten-hour days. They were pretty short. We were very efficient about it. We knew what we wanted and got it.”

Four Mammals

Last night, just as we were finishing up our walk, Jasper gazed at the nearby cemetery and saw four sociable mammals at the fence. It was hard to make out what kind of mammals they were, but based on prior experience I'd say they were almost certainly skunks. Jasper insisted on visiting, but the mammals had their own idea and disappeared into the night.

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Visit To The Antelope Aquatic Complex

Six-year-old's birthday party at the Antelope Aquatic Complex. A surprising number of Russians in the crowd there on a hot afternoon.

Went down these big tubes. It went something like this....