Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo (2014)

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Views of Rio Grande Gorge, at bridge; Taos Pueblo

NM Mountains

Taos Pueblo

Garage drums

West Mesa High School band! - marching I don't know where.

Drum & bugle corps

Mom's house

Music shop

Lochetti's Music Store?

Maybe fountain at Civic Plaza

View of bridge - Bridge Blvd.? Montano?

Randy Castillo Performing arts - at West Mesa High School

Credits list Albuquerque filming locations as:

West Mesa High School
Office of the Mayor, Albuquerque
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Luchetti's Music
Encore Music

Credits list Santa Fe filming locations as:

La Fonda Hotel

I will accept these locations - This film is perhaps the only one I've seen that explicitly lists filming locations.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Organizm aka Living Hell (2008)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Military HQ

Bowling alley - probably in Belen


Day of Reckoning roadside - (35.508141°, -106.095554°)

Driving - (35.498941°, -106.089930°)

Bennell sign - (35.508072°, -106.094113°)

2nd & Becker, Belen

Ft. Lambert gate - Thinking about here (35.549966°, -106.256551°)

View of La Bajada Hill - Ft. Lambert image is CGI

Ft. Lambert - NM State Pen - Intruder in gate - (35.562407°, -106.059892°)

2nd & Becker - Becker St. Pub & Bowling Alley

Dirt road - pentagonal sign looks like tribal road

Dead end road

Lamy Church


High School

2nd & Becker

School doesn't look look like nearby Belen schools

Alley (34.660271°, -106.769569°)

Street scene with wheelchair

RJs Canyon Tours - Airplane hangar - Doesn't appear to be Belen Airport

Coming down hillside

Credits refer to Sugar Bowl Lanes, but address - 10 Sunset Road - works out to a private residence. Sugar Bowl works out to the lanes on Becker Ave.

Sparks: The Price of Passion (1990)

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Last updated: March 12, 2020

Drama. The female mayor of Albuquerque deals with a serial killer and threats of blackmail. Starring Victoria Principal, Ted Wass, Hector Elizondo, Elaine Stritch, Ralph Waite, and Gary Farmer. Fliming locations: Albuquerque, Cerrillos, Santa Fe.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, 321 17th St, Denver, CO 80202

Hotel interior resembles Hotel Andaluz Lobby.

Room 515 - Look out window at State Theater.

Veteran's Hospital (35.052657°, -106.583674°)

Credits - Sunport Loop SE (35.050263°, -106.621400°).

Lomas WB at I-25

Parking (35.052376°, -106.583478°)

Diner - Lindy's

Ranch - shoot, I used to see this place, when it wasn't absorbed by suburbia - maybe (35.124604°, -106.692804°)

Old Town Plaza band shell

San Felipe NW (35.097698°, -106.669388°)

Stop at 400 San Felipe NW

N side Old Town Plaza

Bldg interior - probably UNM somewhere

400 San Felipe NW again


UNM again?

Fountain - UNM? Civic Plaza?

Main mall at UNM

TV Studio - KGGM?

Mesa Vista Hall

Alley - Apartment

La Cantina - where is this? - La Hacienda del Rio?

Helicopter in Sandias

ABQ Area Transit Authority - (35.083492°, -106.646192°)

Drive on West Mesa

Old Hotel - Exterior, Interior - Cerrillos, NM

Sandia Crest at Kiwanis Cabin

Another body - Elizabeth Cummings

Drive down from Crest

Murder scene

West side of Zimmerman Library

Zimmerman Library

Trees - farmhouse

Nice place - looks more like Santa Fe

400 San Felipe NW again

Sandia Crest

Cerrillos Bar - Mary's Bar


Santa Fe looking place


Zimmerman Library

Camaro (35.083643°, -106.646524°)


City Hall looks like UNM

Old hacienda-style house

Motel raid

Monday, November 11, 2019

Memorial Service For Krista Marie Severson (Hamlin) - November 11, 2019

Hard to believe Krista is gone. Not yet 41 years of age.

United Methodist Church in Woodland, CA.

Knew hardly anyone here. Still had a stroke of luck. Wore my "Starry, Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh tie. Vincent Van Gogh was apparently Krista's favorite artist.

To my great surprise, at a table placed in front of the altar for memorabilia and photos, there was a newspaper clipping from the Woodland Daily Democrat featuring me dancing with Krista in the Woodland Dance Academy's Nutcracker in 1993. I haven't seen Krista in 15 years, and who knows what photographs she would have chosen for herself, but her mother had saved this clipping and apparently had it displayed on her bedroom wall, because it was important to her. Just shows what kind of impact we can have on people's lives, even if inadvertently.

I was recruited to help with the Nutcracker because so few boys were available in Woodland for the struggling girl dancers. I remember Krista's bitter disappointment when she first got a look at her cavalier. I was 37; she was just 15. Some buff, handsome guy of about 19 would have been more suitable. But we worked hard and she looked great for the show, and Sleeping Beauty in May, 1994.

Paddy's Irish Pub for the reception.

The pub manager (owner?), who also spoke at the church (family?) told a funny story about Krista, also when she was 15. Her parents left her at home with a friend (friends?). When her parents returned, they found the living room sofa in the back yard. Apparently the sofa had caught fire, and it was easier to take the sofa out to the back yard hose than bring the hose into the house. No one ever learned how the fire started.

Is this what Dead Cat Alley in Woodland is named for? Never knew.

Music heard at the service, or at the reception afterwards: