Monday, September 29, 2014

David Ewey Birthday Party

"The Velveteen Rabbit" - DMTC YPT

A sweet and touching show. Reminded me of the "Playland Surprise" game I got for Christmas (but rejected too soon) when I was a kid.

The Tree TP Incident

It was 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, which meant it was time to go outside, scout for skunks and do some watering. I was lurking in the darkness when down the street a vehicle parked and a gaggle of giggling teenage girls emerged. It took me a while to realize they were TP'ing a tree. I watched grimly as they tossed the TP roll repeatedly in the air. I was baffled about why they chose that tree, since it's in front of no one's house, but rather, in front of a small auto repair shop. They were remarkably inefficient at their chosen task, often missing the tree altogether with their tosses, because they were giggling too much. "Well, guess I should call the cops," I thought, "since inefficient distribution of toilet paper in the trees just promotes disorder in the neighborhood." Just then, they piled back into the vehicle and gaily drove off, laughing and frolicking, and leaving the task essentially undone. I'll probably have to get out there myself and demonstrate to the neighbors how it's really supposed to be done.

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Die Antwoord" - Fox Theater - Oakland, CA - September 25, 2014

Last night's "Die Antwoord" show started with a video of very peculiar looking DJ Solarize (Leon Botha) staring back at the audience and blinking (he recently passed away from his progeria).

"Lairygirl" has posted several videos on YouTube. Her video for the show's finale, "Enter the Ninja", is notable because at 4:30 the crowd dropped Ninja on the floor as he surfed the mosh pit. I was nearby and was nearly bowled over by the surge of bodies. At the very end, Yolandi introduced family members, who have appeared in some videos.

Nevertheless, I like the energy of this video, particularly "I Fink U Freeky". The crowd began jumping in unison and pumping fists in the air. I could feel the floor rebounding and hoped it wouldn't buckle. Nearby girl stomped on my foot and I blinked back in response.


Some pictures of the Fox Theater, and the show:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sierra Research Celebrates Successful Merger With Trinity Consultants

Strange Thursday

This is shaping up to be a strange day.

First, it rained 0.35" in Sacramento, the first rain in five months (since April 25th). The rain was greater than expected (but forecasts suggest it isn't a harbinger of more in the immediate future, so the drought continues for now).

Second, my employer's merger completes tomorrow, and in a fit of celebration they issued an unexpected bonus. So, for the moment, I have cash to burn. Time to celebrate!

Third, in a decision I'm sure I will really, really, really regret (or maybe even like, depending on events), I purchased a ticket to see Die Antwoord perform in Oakland tonight. So, bring on the vermin....

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Interesting Yuba City Signs V

Welcome to Yuba City!

I returned to check if the colored strips are hiding another message behind them. And they are not. The poster appears as designed!


Empire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Bollywood Music House

Punjabi Fashion

The Blue Cube

Iglesia de Cristo - Llamada Final (Church of Christ - Last Call)

Punjabi Auto Repair

Backroom Boutique

Yuba Food Ferry .com

Oh, here it is!  The Sikh Temple.

Dancing Tomato Caffe.

A variety of civic organizations.


Custom Rice Harvesting

Owner- Builder- Consultant

Handsome gate.

Friends of the NRA Fundraiser coming up.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Bev's Review Of "Shrek - The Musical"

Fast-paced show!:
Essential to the success of any production of “Shrek” is an actor who can convincingly become the title character. DMTC is blessed with the talented Kevin Caravalho, who is so convincing you’re surprised to discover there is a real man under all that padding and green make up. I would be hard-pressed to think of any actor who could do better with this role. This production is worth seeing if only for Caravalho’s performance.

Fortunately, Caravalho is backed up by a host of equally talented performers. There is hardly a weak link in the massive cast. Shrek’s sidekick is Donkey, played for all the broad comedy the role requires by David Ewey, despite some costume problems opening night....

Travis Nagler is the diminutive Lord Farquaad, scheming to make Princess Fiona his bride so he can become king and steal her kingdom. The actor does well playing the role on his knees, with fake legs dangling in front of him. He is even able to dance.

Jessica McKillican plays an enthusiastic Fiona, thrilled to be released from the prison where she has spent her entire childhood, confused about who Shrek really is, but eager to meet her intended husband to be … and also hoping to keep her own secret hidden. No shrinking violet, this heroine is equal to Shrek in every way.

"Banjaara" - Ek Tha Tiger - Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif

A favorite from Zumba class. When Bollywood goes all Celtic....

Yuba City Gets Stuck In The King Fire Smoke Plume

On Monday, September 22, 2014, the smoke from the huge King Fire east of Sacramento swung north and came down into the Central Valley.
Here, I'm driving south towards Sacramento, eager to leave the choking pall behind.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Gathering Of Nations Noted By Al Jazeera

Katherine noted this fun article about the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque:
In many ways, this unique pageant's definition of what American beauty truly entails is the ideological antithesis to Miss America. Indeed, since 1984, this five-day competition based in Albuquerque, N.M., has honored Native American woman for their contributions to their communities, not their bikini bodies. The top award is given to the contestant who "best represents her culture," according to Al Jazeera.

Laure Courtellemont Moving To LA

Making the big move. She is SUCH a good dance instructor! And so, I need to figure out excuses to visit LA more often....

Krystle Morales' "KStyles" Promotional Dance Reel

My Hip Hop/Fitness/Zumba instructor Krystle Morales put together a reel featuring her awesome dance skillz!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pharrell Williams - Come Get It Bae

Big Storm In El Paso Last Night

Hurricane Odile sent a powerful line of storms across the border area last night, from El Paso, over the Sacramentos to Carlsbad, and beyond. On the 16th & 17th, the El Paso airport received 2.47":
"The remnant low from the Hurricane (Odile) itself will come across southern New Mexico," Brice said. "We got a good chance, almost guaranteed, of more rain today (in southern New Mexico and El Paso County). It's not going to take much to start causing problems in the area. Everything kind of receded last night, but we have issued a flash flood warning for West El Paso, the Upper Valley and Santa Teresa, because we are getting about half an inch of rain an hour."

Easy To Get Lost In The South Valley

Bonny was amused by the Bugs Bunny reference:
The vaginal orgasm as the “one true orgasm” is a theory started by Freud, who thought that the clitoral orgasm was juvenile, and that “mature,” adult ladies only come from p-in-the-v sex. Since only around a quarter of women can come vaginally, this theory would leave a whole lot of immature ladies futzing about and wondering if they took a wrong turn at Vaginalbuquerque.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not The Brain-Damaged Guy, But The Other Guy

People like to talk to me when I'm laying out the bird seed out back near the Parking Lot, particularly the various Parking Lot Guards:

G: (struggling hard to recover the memory) I remember you! You are the fellow who had brain surgery in Sweden and found Jesus.

M: No, that's not me, but I remember something like that. My friend and I were hiking in New Zealand in 2008 and we talked to another fellow on the trail who recently had brain surgery and he gave thanks to Jesus for his miraculous recovery.

G: Yes, that's it! You remembered the story because it was meaningful. That is how Jesus works. He came to us many years ago but his hands are still outstretched for all who welcome him into our hearts. (Referring to the birds) He has put it in your heart to do this service to the animals of the Earth!

M: So you've been away?

G: Yes. I used to be the parking lot guard here four years ago. I'm back now in order to help pay bills. I'm the pastor of a local church.

M: God bless you!

Odile Is Coming To Arizona

Arizona interests beware: latest forecasts suggest Tropical Storm Odile will hit Arizona Wednesday evening and Thursday even harder than Tropical Storm Norbert did. (I was hoping California was the target, but increasingly unlikely).

Although Deborah also suggests this:

La Bambette

E.: MMMMAAAAARRRRRCCCC! Please print out the lyrics to La Bamba!

M.: Why?

E.: Since G. the Drummer isn't singing with the band anymore, C. now needs someone to sing "La Bamba" with him! I need to learn the Spanish!
Para bailar La Bamba, do, do, do......

"Shrek - The Musical" Opens At DMTC

Good times! A very tough show to Stage Manage, because of the many props, sets, curtain openings and closings, and fast pace.

Opening night, sporadic errors appeared that we hadn't seen during rehearsal - a headpiece fell off, luggage and props were left on stage, a few lines were dropped - but we did fine. The 'Chorus Line' picture delivery worked fine (well, almost: the procedure is still susceptible to error).

Saturday night, one unique problem occurred we had never seen before, ever: a fly in the light booth landed on the touchscreen for sound effects and triggered a belch three minutes too early. Who knew this could ever happen? (Shakes head)

I was a bit tired Sunday afternoon. I closed a curtain prematurely, but it didn't cause too many problems. Need to recover for nest weekend!

Interesting Yuba City Signs IV

This building almost looks like a northern New Mexico church - but it's something else....