Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Interesting Albuquerque Signs VI

Scot's Dog Grooming
OK, I'll follow....
Pretty neon signs on Nob Hill.
Close-up of the pretty neon on Nob Hill.
Grab It, Bite It, Love It. A missing antecedent dilemma. At night, this Central Avenue Albuquerque neon sign is so bright the sign below can't be readily discerned by the human eye.
Love you, Cuban Booty.
Hurt? Call Bert?
Arch over Central Avenue near 60th Street.
Without You, There Is No Security. (National Museum of Nuclear Science and History)
Help Us - Be Secure. (National Museum of Nuclear Science and History)
If You Want To Fight!  Join The Marines. (National Museum of Nuclear Science and History)

Visiting Bruce Warren For Lunch

Beautiful Greater Roadrunner.
Bruce has a brief, 30-minute picnic lunch.

Shopping In Madrid

Highway 14.
Cool chopper.
Maggie's Diner is more solid than any building in town, yet it was built solely as a set for 2007's "Wild Hogs" (which DMTC alumnus Stephanie Skewes was in!)  Today, they sell biker T-Shirts, among other things.
This swallow found a cool home just above the front door of Maggie's Diner.

Luc Besson's "Lucy"

What a great movie! Went with JP to see this worthy successor to "The Fifth Element". I like Scarlett Johannson!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Three Young Women From Yorkshire

I was walking back from the ATM machine to my hotel room and encountered three young women from Yorkshire trying to puzzle out a way to get to Old Town and join a Breaking Bad tour. They were on a multi-city tour of the southern United States via Greyhound bus: Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Dallas, Austin, New Orleans, and Atlanta. I had an hour to spare, so I gave them an informal automobile tour of "Breaking Bad" sites in the Old Town area, including Jesse Pinkman's house.

I dropped the three young women at the Candy Lady in Old Town.  I wanted to visit longer, but a hairy ape was yelling at me about my parking skills, so I just gave the girls one of my books and waved them a farewell.
Here are the new digs of the Candy Lady in their new store on San Felipe NW.  Debby and Orena at the Candy Lady took a protective interest in the girls - such a bold plan to travel across the United States! - and even gave them a lift so they could visit Sandia Crest via the Tramway.
The following day, Frank and Jackie Sandoval hosted the three young women on their RV tour of "Breaking Bad" sites. Here the ladies are pictured next to the Walter White headstone (on the right).  Shortly after, they climbed back on the bus for an overnight trip to Dallas.

YPT "Peter Pan" At DMTC

The melee right after the show. It was great seeing the kids flying around the stage. I thought Emily Flaherty did especially well as Wendy.
Ana Chan as Peter Pan.

"Grease" At Woodland Opera House

Waiting for the cast to appear outside the back door of the Woodland Opera House.

Nice show. McKinley Carlisle was awesome, as usual. It was Donovan McNeely's first show, and he did well. Dalton McNeely and Emily Jo Seminoff were able supporting actors. Horacio was great as Kenickie, and I was pleased by Cameron Turner as Eugene. I liked Amy Miles as Frenchy and Katie Halls as Patty. Even Spencer Alexander got a cameo. I liked Gabby Delgado's portrayal of Rizzo. Even though she had no lines, Allison Weaver had a good dancing part that demonstrated her training.

"Titanic - The Musical" At Musical Theatre Southwest

I went to see "Titanic - The Musical" at Musical Theatre Southwest, in their smaller theater on Domingo Rd. NE, on 07/19/14.  They also perform for three-week runs at the nearby 300-seat African-American Cultural Center, but the smaller 100-seat Domingo Rd. theater is available for four-week runs.  (I haven't seen a MTS show since 2005's "Cinderella" at the Hiland Theater.)

I couldn't control tears hearing "Godspeed, Titanic" once again. And here, as you might imagine, the "Albu-Q-Q" line got a lot of laughs! I talked with the actor who played Edgar Beane (Jeff Chavez) since I had played his role in DMTC's 2006 production of the show. Antonia Cardella was excellent as Alice Beane.

I entered the raffle and with luck I will win the big model of the RMS Titanic. The moment of impact with the iceberg was memorialized with flashing black light strobes that made white costume pieces glow, as well as a single, constant black light that made the white superstructure of this model glow as well in an appealing way.

The actors who played the Stoker/Major (Jonathan Gallegos, who resembles Sacramento area's Jacob Montoya) and Radioman Harold Bride/Jay Yates (Colin Burdge) were both excellent. Wish we could bring them to Davis for guest appearances! I also liked the actors playing J. Bruce Ismay (Benjamin Smith) and Bandmaster Hartley (Brandon McDaniel) and the actress playing Kate McGowan (Julia Parma).

This is a difficult show for a smaller ensemble cast without the space to have a tilting stage. MTS did well with it. The costumes were particularly awesome. There were some things I didn't like, such as the staging for "We'll Meet Tomorrow", which featured the folks in the lifeboat facing up upstage, which reduced the power of their singing.

The crew of the Titanic welcome everyone aboard.
Bridge of the Titanic, and the exits.
Lifeboat plan.
Bridge of the Titanic.

Zumba Party On The West Steps Of The California State Capitol In Honor Of National Dance Day (07/26/14)

Boy, when the state government decides not to water lawns to make a statement about the need to conserve water, they really know how to go all the way and just annihilate the lawn! And I thought my dessicated lawn looked bad!

Interviewing At Yuba Community College

The Sutter Center.
Yuba College Marysville campus.
Preparing for the interview

"Better Call Saul" Filming Locations - Season 1

This post is the first of (so far) just one post regarding "Better Call Saul" filming locations and focuses on Season 1 (last updated July 27, 2014).

Let me know if you have any problems or questions. E-Mail address:


The Skate Park

Los Altos Skate Park, 10140 Lomas NE.
Lots of useful skating surfaces.
Hmmm..... In California, tennis shoes in elevated locations like power lines advertise drug sales.

The Cinnabon at Cottonwood Shopping Center

Located in Cottonwood Mall, 10000 Coors Bypass NW, SP D7

The Shopping Center at Juan Tabo Blvd. and Central Avenue NE

It's difficult to fully convey the bleakness of this location.

Late in 2011, when Nancy Bymers and I were looking for the Season 4 "Breaking Bad" bar where Mike clobbers Walt, we started here, because it's a perfect "Breaking Bad" filming location. It wasn't used for that TV show, however. I'm overjoyed that it is going to appear as a "Better Call Saul" filming location!
Route 66 Bingo.
Route 66 Bingo.

The Billboard at Indian School and Southbound Interstate-25 Frontage Road NE

This billboard got a lot of attention.
Got close, then got bounced. I think I need an attorney.