Sunday, November 17, 2019

Third Weekend of "Gypsy" at DMTC

We are back in the DMTC theater again. Show is good!

Liked NM-Based Movie "Walk. Ride. Rodeo."

Inspirational movie based on a true story.

I liked the opening theme music too:

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (2019)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Little Britches Rodeo, Pueblo, CO - NM State Fair Grounds - (35.086081°, -106.574456°)

Stands at ABQ Downs

Looks like south of Santa Fe

House - 10 Blue Mesa Rd.? - (35.513400°, -105.903581°)

Snyder Family Ranch - Elkridge, UT

Accident site - looks like Highway 16 - Tetilla Pk. Rd. about (35.564023°, -106.247010°)

Dirt road

Hospital - Presbyterian EspaƱola Hospital
1010 Spruce St
EspaƱola, NM 87532

Riding ring near hill

PVU Airport Provo

Rehabilitation Provo

Bomont High School, Montana - ?

Utah South, Cedar City, UT

Spanish Fork Rodeo -

Battle Mountain Rodeo, Reno, NV

Other rodeos

AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX

Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Life, Blood and Rhythm of Randy Castillo (2014)

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Views of Rio Grande Gorge, at bridge; Taos Pueblo

NM Mountains

Taos Pueblo

Garage drums

West Mesa High School band! - marching I don't know where.

Drum & bugle corps

Mom's house

Music shop

Lochetti's Music Store?

Maybe fountain at Civic Plaza

View of bridge - Bridge Blvd.? Montano?

Randy Castillo Performing arts - at West Mesa High School

Credits list Albuquerque filming locations as:

West Mesa High School
Office of the Mayor, Albuquerque
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Luchetti's Music
Encore Music

Credits list Santa Fe filming locations as:

La Fonda Hotel

I will accept these locations - This film is perhaps the only one I've seen that explicitly lists filming locations.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Organizm aka Living Hell (2008)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Military HQ

Bowling alley - probably in Belen


Day of Reckoning roadside - (35.508141°, -106.095554°)

Driving - (35.498941°, -106.089930°)

Bennell sign - (35.508072°, -106.094113°)

2nd & Becker, Belen

Ft. Lambert gate - Thinking about here (35.549966°, -106.256551°)

View of La Bajada Hill - Ft. Lambert image is CGI

Ft. Lambert - NM State Pen - Intruder in gate - (35.562407°, -106.059892°)

2nd & Becker - Becker St. Pub & Bowling Alley

Dirt road - pentagonal sign looks like tribal road

Dead end road

Lamy Church


High School

2nd & Becker

School doesn't look look like nearby Belen schools

Alley (34.660271°, -106.769569°)

Street scene with wheelchair

RJs Canyon Tours - Airplane hangar - Doesn't appear to be Belen Airport

Coming down hillside

Credits refer to Sugar Bowl Lanes, but address - 10 Sunset Road - works out to a private residence. Sugar Bowl works out to the lanes on Becker Ave.

Sparks: The Price of Passion (1990)

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Drama. The female mayor of Albuquerque deals with a serial killer and threats of blackmail. Starring Victoria Principal, Ted Wass, Hector Elizondo, Elaine Stritch, Ralph Waite, and Gary Farmer. Fliming locations: Albuquerque, Cerrillos, Santa Fe.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, 321 17th St, Denver, CO 80202

Interior resembles Hotel Andaluz

Veteran's Hospital (35.052657°, -106.583674°)

Credits - Sunport Loop SE (35.050263°, -106.621400°)

Lomas WB at I-25

Parking (35.052376°, -106.583478°)

Diner - Lindy's

Ranch - shoot, I used to see this place, when it wasn't absorbed by suburbia - maybe (35.124604°, -106.692804°)

Old Town Plaza band shell

San Felipe NW (35.097698°, -106.669388°)

Stop at 400 San Felipe NW

N side Old Town Plaza

Bldg interior - probably UNM somewhere

400 San Felipe NW again


UNM again?

Fountain - UNM? Civic Plaza?

Main mall at UNM

TV Studio - KGGM?

Mesa Vista Hall

Alley - Apartment

La Cantina - where is this? - La Hacienda del Rio?

Helicopter in Sandias

ABQ Area Transit Authority - (35.083492°, -106.646192°)

Drive on West Mesa

Old Hotel - Exterior, Interior - Cerrillos, NM

Sandia Crest at Kiwanis Cabin

Another body - Elizabeth Cummings

Drive down from Crest

Murder scene

West side of Zimmerman Library

Zimmerman Library

Trees - farmhouse

Nice place - looks more like Santa Fe

400 San Felipe NW again

Sandia Crest

Cerrillos Bar - Mary's Bar


Santa Fe looking place


Zimmerman Library

Camaro (35.083643°, -106.646524°)


City Hall looks like UNM

Old hacienda-style house

Motel raid

Monday, November 11, 2019

Memorial Service For Krista Marie Severson (Hamlin) - November 11, 2019

Hard to believe Krista is gone. Not yet 41 years of age.

United Methodist Church in Woodland, CA.

Knew hardly anyone here. Still had a stroke of luck. Wore my "Starry, Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh tie. Vincent Van Gogh was apparently Krista's favorite artist.

To my great surprise, at a table placed in front of the altar for memorabilia and photos, there was a newspaper clipping from the Woodland Daily Democrat featuring me dancing with Krista in the Woodland Dance Academy's Nutcracker in 1993. I haven't seen Krista in 15 years, and who knows what photographs she would have chosen for herself, but her mother had saved this clipping and apparently had it displayed on her bedroom wall, because it was important to her. Just shows what kind of impact we can have on people's lives, even if inadvertently.

I was recruited to help with the Nutcracker because so few boys were available in Woodland for the struggling girl dancers. I remember Krista's bitter disappointment when she first got a look at her cavalier. I was 37; she was just 15. Some buff, handsome guy of about 19 would have been more suitable. But we worked hard and she looked great for the show, and Sleeping Beauty in May, 1994.

Paddy's Irish Pub for the reception.

The pub manager (owner?), who also spoke at the church (family?) told a funny story about Krista, also when she was 15. Her parents left her at home with a friend (friends?). When her parents returned, they found the living room sofa in the back yard. Apparently the sofa had caught fire, and it was easier to take the sofa out to the back yard hose than bring the hose into the house. No one ever learned how the fire started.

Is this what Dead Cat Alley in Woodland is named for? Never knew.

Music heard at the service, or at the reception afterwards:

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Left for Dead (2014)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Rio Grande River bosque - not sure where (Probably Rio Bravo Bridge)

Hotel room


Strip club - likely that BCS place at MacLeod & Jefferson

House in wooded valley


Lexi beating - Paved walkway, probably near river 35.069207°-106.656860°

Mr. Ramirez

Silky Gunn

brief view of mural

Bench 35.070541°, -106.657863°

Strip club


Wooded valley

Karate studio

Back yard

Mystery hilltop - thinking NW side of UNM Golf Course

Credits: Fantasy World Albuquerque - BCS Club

Thanks to: The Oasis Desert Bistro, 4940 Corrales Rd
Village Plaza Center
Corrales, NM 87048

Filmed in ABQ and Santa Fe

Monday, November 04, 2019

Before We Say Goodbye (2010)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Church en Mexico

Basilica in Mexico City

Mural of locomotive in ABQ, Bud's Saloon - The Mother Road, Fruits of Expression, and With No Past We Have No Future


Antonia's house

Presbyterian Hospital exterior (but which one?)

View of Plaza Gifts and Moxi in Old Town.

Mexico City

La comida sabrosa




Presbyterian Hospital - Main

North side of Old Town Plaza bench, in front of convent

More modern church

SE Corner of Old Town Plaza

Dumpster area

Amacuzac, MX

Basilica in Mexico City

Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe - Indian jewelry

Restaurant in Santa Fe - NYC theme


Big Hotel/ Resort -


View of Residence Inn by Marriott Albuquerque Airport - Hotel
2301 International Ave
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Pump N Save.....


Downs at Albuquerque


Old Town Plaza

Zimmerman Library

Hotel Resort again

Base of the Tramway


Airport in Mexico City

Basilica in Mexico City

La Comida Sabrosa

School performance

Place in Mexico

ABQ Sunport

Cemetery - behind Manzanos?

Church in Mexico?


Basilica of Guadalupe & San Mateo Church of Puente de Ixtla

Smiling Faces Restaurant - Mexican restaurant
331 S Grand Ave
Las Vegas, NM 87701

New York Deli of Santa Fe

New York Deli - Deli
420 Catron St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

New York Deli - Deli
4056 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507

(I will guess that the Catron address is correct, and not the Cerrillos Rd. location )

Filmed in ABQ, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Espanola, UNM, NM Highlands University, ABQ Downs, Village of San Gernonimo

Ball Park

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Calvinist Dog Knows ‘No One Is A Good Boy’

An idle nose is the Devil’s workshop:
SEATTLE, WA—Responding to his owner Matt affectionately calling him a “good boy” for fetching a stick, local Calvinist canine Rupert reportedly reminded him that “according to the Scriptures, nobody is a good boy.”

“We’ve been over this, Matt. We’re all corrupted—every one of us,” Rupert reportedly said to his owner after stopping mid-stride to address the glaring theological error. “How can you call me a good boy when we have all been marred by the effects of sin?”

More Gypsy Pix

Haven't Listened to EDM For Awhile

Few do it better than Sylvia Tosun.

Fighting to Preserve Chaco Canyon

Uphill fight against the oil and gas bastards:
Protecting Chaco—despite the show of support from the House—will be a fight. The bill still has to survive a Republican-held Senate and then somehow land the signature of President Donald Trump, whose approach thus far has been to strip protections from public lands and extract every last ounce of natural resources—unless the land is near a place Trump needs votes for the 2020 election. Chaco, located in a solidly blue state, is not.

Myself, I'm the Same Person I Was At 14

The study begins with data from a 1950 survey of 1,208 14-year-olds in Scotland. ...

This time, aged 77 years old, the participants rated themselves on the six personality traits, and also nominated a close friend or relative to do the same. Overall, there was not much overlap from the questionnaires taken 63 years earlier. “Correlations suggested no significant stability of any of the 6 characteristics or their underlying factor, dependability, over the 63-year interval,” wrote the researchers. “We hypothesized that we would find evidence of personality stability over an even longer period of 63 years, but our correlations did not support this hypothesis,” they later added.

A Few Photos Before and After "Gypsy" at UCC - November 3, 2019

Utterly Tone-Deaf Advice From PG&E

Remember, food banks lost their power too, and all their perishable food:
Noyes: "What do you say to people who just can't afford to restock their fridges and are losing all this food they've had in their households after these shut offs?"

Johnson: "These events can be hard on people, really hard on people, particularly people who have struggles anyways and there are community-based things you can do, food banks, these kind of things. But for us, you know the main thing is we didn't cause any fires, we didn't, for these people we didn't burn down any houses, the Kincade fire is still under investigation, I got that, but one of the things we did was give them the opportunity to actually refill their refrigerator 'cause their house is still there."

Just Sayin'

Talking About The Weather With Third Graders at Deterding Elementary School in Carmichael - November 1, 2019

The first group of students - two combined classes - seemed very surprised to hear me talking about radiosonde launches. The second group of students - two combined classes of Rapid Learner students - asked lots of questions. The questions eventually veered to what the students were most-interested in: the surprisingly-severe thunderstorm that dropped hail, heavy rain, and a small tornado north of Davis back in September. These kinds of storms are quite rare in the Sacramento area, and it makes a big impression when they do occur.

More questions!

DMTC's "Gypsy" - Wednesday Night Rehearsal at the UCC's Worship Center - Dainty June and Her Farmboys - October 30, 2019

Maeve Kelly as Dainty June.

Most Stressful Month at DMTC in at Least 14 Years

Sometime in mid-September, during the run of "Mamma Mia," a steel bolt broke in the ceiling above the UC Davis Anthropology Dept., which rents a space in the back of the same building DMTC is housed in. A truss slipped two inches, and a drop ceiling before partially collapsed, raining debris on the floor below. No one was hurt.

The partial roof collapse was eventually reported to the landlord, Buzz Oates. On October 10th, the landlord interrupted a DMTC-YPT rehearsal, ordered everyone from the building, and forbade any return except for occasional escorted visits, while they effected repairs and inspections.

Doing a Main Stage show without access to sets, props, lights, or costumes has proven a significant challenge. The YPT show ("Addams Family") was postponed until January. We understand we will get permission to return to the DMTC theater around November 30th, but in the meantime, we are thankfully at University Covenant Church (UCC) at 315 Mace Blvd. in Davis, which is near DMTC. UCC is allowing us to use their facilities.

It's been stressful doing "Gypsy" in two radically different rooms at UCC. The upstairs room, where we do Friday evening shows, has the virtue of being small enough to allow the audience to hear every word. At the same time, the stage is very cramped. In contrast, the Worship Center downstairs, where we do Saturday and Sunday shows, is very large, but the actors aren't miked, so performing is hard on their voices, particularly on Rachel's voice. Rachel plays Mama Rose, the lead character, and has to carry large sections of the show all alone.

There's some crude language in "Gypsy," which we've had to tone down at the church's insistence. Compared to other productions, our production was already pretty conservative, but we've had to make it even more so, because we aren't in any position to resist.

At the same time, there have been new, unmentioned challenges that I had never dreamed of occurring at the same time that have afflicted the theater company. Maybe we had gotten complacent, particularly after the great successes of the past year. I just hope we rise to the occasion and emerge a stronger theater company. At the moment, though, the stresses are real. I'm reminded of the cramped conditions under which we did "The King And I" at Capitol Opera in 1999. We are reliving memories of an almost forgotten past.

Maybe we'll tell war stories about all this a year or so from now.

Trying to Count the Losses

Evacuation-caused neglect and the power outage:
But this wine-to-be had not been touched for four days. The power was turned off in the combustible region, so the tanks and barrels inside the winery had heated up to dangerous temperatures as the fire neared. Because the winery is so small, 13 big plastic tubs and half a dozen wooden barrels of fermenting liquid are kept outside. The tubs produce 600 bottles of wine each; the barrels, 200 each.

Brunson opened up a white fermenting tub and stared at the crushed zinfandel grapes inside.

The two men looked crestfallen.

“It’s supposed to smell like fresh fruit and a little bit of alcohol and a little bit of carbon dioxide,” Brunson said. “That’s the byproduct. Now you can smell the starting of a vinegar, nail polish, ethyl acetate-y thing.”

Foppoli added: “We’re looking at a multimillion-dollar loss here.”