Monday, December 05, 2016

Investors Believe In DAPL

The battle has only started:
In other words, the companies believe that they, not the government nor the Native American tribes whose land could be impacted by the pipeline, make the decision. They’ve deemed the ruling illegitimate because it was made by an administration with which they disagree, and they signaled they will move ahead regardless. Investors seem to agree. The stock of Energy Transfer Partners only fell about 2 percent in early trading.

There’s good reason to believe the companies’ analysis of the situation isn’t just posturing—and their confidence is downright terrifying. There are two possible reasons the Army Corps issued this decision. First, it could be that the corps, which is tasked with managing the health of large internal waterways and infrastructure projects, really believes that it is a bad idea to put a crude oil pipeline underneath a dammed portion of the Missouri River. Second, it’s possible that Obama political appointees higher up the chain of command leaned on the bureaucracy to issue a last-gasp environmental protection effort.

Either way, it’s easy to see how this could be reversed in a matter of months.

Cleaning Up After A Life

I learned in August that Helga Frank passed away. Helga lived at my place from 1998-2001, and when she moved out, she stored some things in my basement. In November, I tried to contact her daughter, Jennifer Hempstead, about Helga's belongings, but wasn't able to do so. So, now, after fifteen years of not touching her stuff, ever, I'm finally touching her stuff. I spent the last six hours cleaning up.

A lot of the stuff should have thrown away in 2001 (the ketchup and salad dressing packets particularly). With other stuff, I'm making executive decisions: tossing out much; incorporating hardware items and Christmas ornaments into my belongings; preparing a box for theater donation; preparing another box of old toys for thrift-store donation; washing dishes for possible use.

Still, there is a hard core of old photos and documents that should not be thrown away under any circumstances, detailing the early lives of Makaila and Malich Hempstead. So, I'm hoping I can get in contact with someone from the family eventually.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

"A Southwest Nutcracker" 2016

This month, my friends at Tucson Regional Ballet will present their annual "A Southwest Nutcracker", featuring Lindsey Felix as the Prickly Pear Fairy. One of the Chili Peppers will perform live on television this upcoming Friday, December 9, on Tucson's Fox 11 Now Daybreak (at 8:15).

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Albuquerque Arsonist

Methinks from the choices of the Albuquerque arsonist (Starbucks, Project Defending Life, etc.) that he has a political agenda:
Hickman was arrested by Albuquerque police after an officer heard explosions from the Old Navy store and then spotted Hickman fleeing the scene, prosecutors said in court. He had a firearm, a flare, an AR-15 rifle and Mason jars full of explosives in his vehicle when he was taken into custody.

Bruce sent this in an E-Mail (unknown link):
Timeline of Fires:
Nov. 16 – Starbucks Coffee, 800 Broadway NE
Nov. 23 – Project Defending Life, 625 San Mateo Blvd. NE
Nov. 23 – The Carlisle Condominiums, 3600 Central Ave. SE
Nov. 25 – Starbucks Coffee, 5301 Gibson Blvd. SE
Nov. 25 – Starbucks Coffee, 4407 Lomas Blvd. NE
Nov. 25 – Starbucks Coffee, 3400 Central Ave. SE
Nov. 26 – Shred-It Albuquerque, 1415 Broadway Blvd. NE
Nov. 26 – Barnes & Noble, 6600 Menaul Blvd. NE
Nov. 26 – Old Navy, 4900 Cutler Ave. NE

Just A Few Laure Courtellemont Videos

Last Summer, Laure Courtellemont's choreographic talents were featured on SYTYCD - Next Gen! A triumph!

She taught us half of this dance in March, 2014.

The control she has!

Sacramento Autumn Leaf Fall Finally Seems To Have Started In Earnest On Friday, December 2nd

The autumn leaf fall in Sacramento seemed delayed this year. Don't know why. Leaf falls here are often like this:

Here is my house Friday afternoon, showing the beautiful red leaves of the gum tree.

2016 NorCal Ragga Jam Session in Sacramento with Laure Courtellemont

What an awesome time! She is a marvel: the most-inspiring dance teacher!

Lovely pix of lovely ladies after the Laure Courtellemont workshop (and a couple of guys too).

RIP, Bella the Dog

Poor Bella. The cancer had made her life increasingly-miserable.

It was hard to know when to put Bella down. At least near Sparky's end in 2009, his personality changed as the heart disease accelerated. It was easier to tell when to end the suffering. But with Bella, she kept her personality, never showed pain, and was stoic to the end.

Bella was unusually thirsty Friday morning, but otherwise in a pretty good mood. I've had unusual sleep disturbance all week long, and it slowly dawned on me that the cause may well have been the necessity of making a final decision regarding her fate. I spent time Thursday with her previous owner, Joe the Plumber. All along, I thought he was in denial about her condition, but we finally came to agreement Thursday afternoon about what needed to be done. Joe accompanied me. Thanks to the folks at Midtown Animal Hospital, Sacramento.

Bella plans for the future on Friday morning by burying a Milk Bone.

Resting and wondering at the fuss.

At the vet.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

RIP, Gilbert Martinez

I never knew him, but knew OF him, as drummer for Miller Hilites.

A Big Slab of Buried Ice at Utopia Planitia

Even though Mars' Utopia Planitia is at mid-latitudes, they can detect a significant slab of water ice buried there - enough to fill Lake Superior:
It was found using a radar mapper on MRO. Called SHARAD, it sends pings of radar down to the surface, which are reflected back up to the satellite and recorded. Different substances reflect radar differently; the rocks on the surface aren’t particularly good at it, which is why the radar can penetrate the ground. Water, on the other hand, reflects radar quite well, so SHARAD can detect water ice down to a depth of a kilometer below the Martian surface.

Scientists focused their attention on a region in Utopia Planitia that features lots of odd, scalloped terrain (aresain?), which is similar to places on Earth in the Arctic that have underground ice. Combining the data from over 600 MRO passes indicates how much ice there is. The area of the ice deposit is over 300,000 square kilometers and the thickness ranges from 80 to 170 meters. So yeah, that’s a goodly supply of ice.

"Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night"

Leighton posted this. I had never heard of this article, but it may well have been the inspiration for "Saturday Night Fever".

My sense in the Seventies was that the revolution in music and lighting technology over the previous decade laid the ground for Disco. I remember seeing discos as early as 1970, but the attraction of listening to a stereo system in a club when it could be better enjoyed in a living room seemed perplexing. Then technology surged ahead, allowing discos to become Sonic Cathedrals. By 1974, the tempo of pop music was accelerating. By 1977, Disco had arrived:
Vincent was the very best dancer in Bay Ridge—the ultimate Face. He owned fourteen floral shirts, five suits, eight pairs of shoes, three overcoats, and had appeared on American Bandstand. Sometimes music people came out from Manhattan to watch him, and one man who owned a club on the East Side had even offered him a contract. A hundred dollars a week. Just to dance.

Everybody knew him. When Saturday night came round and he walked into 2001 Odyssey, all the other Faces automatically fell back before him, cleared a space for him to float in, right at the very center of the dance floor. Gracious as a medieval seigneur accepting tributes, Vincent waved and nodded at random. Then his face grew stern, his body turned to the music. Solemn, he danced, and all the Faces followed.

In this sphere his rule was absolute. Only one thing bothered him, and that was the passing of time. Already he was eighteen, almost eighteen and a half. Soon enough he would be nineteen, twenty. Then this golden age would pass. By natural law someone new would arise to replace him. Then everything would be over.

Carrier Took Trump 'Hostage and Won'

What a joke of a deal:
Sanders key point: If corporations want cushy tax cuts, all you have to do is threaten Trump and say "we're moving to Mexico."

"He has signaled to every corporation in America that they can threaten to offshore jobs in exchange for business-friendly tax benefits and incentives," Sanders wrote.

My Sleep is Disordered of Late

I just finished breakfast. It's 3:30 p.m. Feels like the day is slipping past.

Vince Gilligan's Symbolism

I'm continuing to look at symbolism in "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul". I was struck by the similarities in composition between this image of Jimmy McGill's Nail Salon office and Salvador Dali’s 1954 “Corpus Hypercubus”.

Dali was convinced that the separate worlds of science and religion can coexist. I attended a talk a year ago (Davis, CA: 12/10/15) where Vince Gilligan expressed essentially the same thought.

The Interwebs Are Dark

Monday, November 28, 2016

Respect For the Multi-Tasking

Not everyone can do it:
FORT WORTH, TX—Credible sources within your office reported Monday that the guy on the third floor with two computer screens on his desk is not fucking around. "Amazing—he comes in here, sits down next to me and my one sorry-ass screen, turns on his two screens, and starts tearing it up," marketing assistant Todd Piotrowski said as the guy dragged a window from one screen to the other, which sources confirmed was like watching fucking Minority Report or something. "He's got three, maybe four programs open on each screen, plus some sort of group video chat running nonstop—he's going balls to the wall over there. How is he doing all this with only one keyboard?" Piotrowski also speculated that if there’s a limit to how many tabs you can have open in your web browser at once, this guy's gonna hit it.

Praying Mantis Hitchhiker

As I drove off this afternoon, I noticed there was a praying mantis on my windshield. I stopped to put the mantis on a tree trunk. As "The Compleat Idiot's Guide to Volkswagen Repair" notes, we'd all drive more safely if we were strapped on the front of our cars like Aztec sacrifices, but that doesn't apply to baffled insects.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

"Lord of the Trance"

At "An Irish Christmas" last night, I noticed that one of the dancers, Keara Osborne, listed her work with DJ Tommy Trash's "Lord of the Trance". Here is that:

"I Am Cuba" - 'Funeral' Scene

'Funeral' scene from the beautiful 1964 film "I Am Cuba".

"An Irish Christmas"

A Kerry Irish Productions show at the Harris Center in Folsom. Excellent show! But first, dinner at Mimi's.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Squirrel Gets Revenge

Take down a politician:
Howard Brookins Jr., the alderman for Chicago’s 21st ward, had publicly spoken out about a toothy menace plaguing the city’s garbage carts: urban squirrels, which in Brookins’s view were “aggressive,” and aggressively damaging the trash cart lids.

...Brookins was biking along Cal-Sag Trail on Nov. 13, when a squirrel darted into his path. The squirrel cut Brookins’s bike trip short by wrapping itself in the spokes of the alderman’s bicycle. The alderman flipped over the handlebars and landed with such a severe impact that he fractured his skull, broke his nose and knocked out a handful of teeth, the Chicago Tribune reported. A woman who passed by called 911. Brookins was only able to leave the hospital Thursday.

Secret Spaces

Painting yesterday in parts of the basement I haven't seen in a decade, I uncovered a secret nest built then by Cloudy the Bunny. Made me smile to see how carefully it was hidden! Bunnies love secret spaces.

Been Upgrading "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" Posts

Next April, or so, I will issue a new version (4th Edition) of my "Guidebook to 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations". I've been busy doing rinky-dink improvements to street and episode references in my blogposts and the draft Guidebook, to help lift the general level of the works. Since there are roughly half-a-million words in the reference blogposts, and nearly 70,000 words in the book itself, even the rinkiest-dinkiest of improvements take a long time to implement. Once Season 3 of "Better Call Saul" starts (sometime in February?) changes will come fast and furious. I have to be ready.

A holiday time is perfect for that effort. It's taken me two full days - I expected it to take two full weeks. Kick ass!

I have two books coming from Amazon in regards to the 1933-34 Chicago "Century of Progress International Exposition". Those books likely contain crucial information for the talk that I'm going to give at the SWPACA conference in Albuquerque in February. I will read with excitement!

I can hardly wait to give that talk in February!

Made a major financial adjustment today. Time to prepare for that fucker Donald Trump becoming President. I'll make more adjustments after the New Year starts.

There are other events coming up. Maybe a trip to Hollywood with Jetta. I have reservations about that trip.

Then, maybe in March (my host Andrew has requested a postponement), a trip to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia! Check out the scene there. Laugh at kookaburras and startle burrowing echidnas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump's Conflicts of Interest Will Come Fast and Furious

Everywhere you turn:
“The question for us is: Will Trump as president use the power he has to interfere given he has a financial interest in the outcome?” says Bethany Khan, a spokesperson for the Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas.

The NLRB is an independent federal agency with no enforcement power. Its ruling that Trump and Ruffin must begin to bargain with the union will be enforced or overturned by the D.C. Court of Appeals. Incidentally, the chief judge on that court is Merrick Garland, President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court. As a candidate, Trump had encouraged Republican senators not to hold hearings on Garland’s confirmation. Now, Garland will rule on Trump’s hotel while Trump will fill what might have been Garland's place on the Supreme Court.

Trump will also (in time) appoint judges to the D.C. Circuit, which rules on cases brought against federal agencies like the NLRB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Finally, Trump (the hotel tycoon) could choose to appeal the D.C. Circuit's judgment to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court would probably not agree to hear the case. But if it did, the NLRB would be represented by the Justice Department, whose head would be appointed by Donald Trump (the president of the United States). Trump v. Trump.

DMTC's Upcoming New Year's Gala, 2017

An evening of food, fun, dancing and hilarity!

Enjoy a great show, delicious dinner buffet and then dancing on the DMTC Stage.

The evening includes:
-Full show
-Dinner buffet catered by ABC Catering
-Live DJ & dancing
-Champagne, sparkling cider & desserts
-Only $50/person

Catered buffet dinner from ABC Catering includes chicken, beef and vegetarian options, salads, rolls, desserts,
a chocolate fondues, and more.

After the show enjoy our live DJ, champagne, sparkling cider and dance the night away on our stage!!!

There is a $2 per ticket facility fee on all tickets

Tickets and information available at

DMTC's "Chess" Promo Video

Trump Lost Most of the American Economy

According to the Brookings analysis, the less-than-500 counties that Clinton won nationwide combined to generate 64 percent of America's economic activity in 2015. The more-than-2,600 counties that Trump won combined to generate 36 percent of the country's economic activity last year.

Clinton, in other words, carried nearly two-thirds of the American economy.

Here's how the researchers, at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, visualized that. You can see immediately what's going on: With the exceptions of the Phoenix and Fort Worth areas, and a big chunk of Long Island, Clinton won every large-sized economic county in the country.

Laure Courtellemont Is Coming To Sacramento On December 2nd!

She is AMAZING! I can hardly wait!:

Laure Courtellemont (Ragga JAM creator) is coming back to Northern California!

THIS TIME THERE WILL BE THREE LOCATIONS: Sacramento, Oakland, Corte Madera (bay area)!

Experience Laure's unique ragga style and learn the basics of dancehall! This will be an experience not to miss! All dance levels welcomed, but come ready to be MOVED & INSPIRED!

What is Ragga Jam? Conceptualized in Paris in 1996, Ragga Jam was born from a profound desire to democratize and to bring this very rich culture, through dance, to the grand public.It’s a pedagogic concept and choreographic vision of the Jamaican culture.For more info visit

There will be 3 LOCATIONS and 2 90 minute sessions at each location.

(excludes PayPal fee)



Friday December 2, 2016
Step 1 Dance & Fitness
1920 T Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
7:30-9:00pm Workshop #1
9:00-10:30pm Workshop #2


Saturday December 3, 2016
Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts
1428 Alice St.
Oakland, CA 94612
3:00-4:30pm Workshop #1
4:30-6:00pm Workshop #2


Sunday December 4, 2016
NOW: New OM World
67 Tamal Vista Blvd
Corte Madera, CA 94925
1:00-2:30pm Workshop #1
2:30-4:00pm Workshop #2


Hosted by Presenter's Toya & Cat
Toy/Cat Dancehall Mash-Up

Monday, November 21, 2016

This Is Going To Go Viral

A Beautiful Poem About Growing Old

I Can Watch This All Day

GIF at the link.

Just the Beginning

There will be a lot of these confrontations in the days and years ahead. A friend went to the Rally Against Hate yesterday at the Oklahoma State Capitol, and some haters showed up too.

Kanye West Is So Done

I was never a fan, but never denied he was an incredible musical talent. Now he's done. The decay has been evident for years. When I saw this at the end of 2013, I fell off the couch laughing so hard. Next up, the incredibly-talented Chris Brown.

Kanye West Has Canceled The Rest Of His Tour

Mystified. You can't pull this crap even if you're just singing at the mall.:
Kanye West had a good thing going. His Saint Pablo tour was receiving rave reviews, his floating stage created an atmosphere and an energy at his shows that was unmatched by anything this side of Beyonce’s formation tour in 2016, and after all of the success, he even added additional dates to the tour. Then, well, Kanye went Kanye once he hit California. And now, apparently the tour is over, as The Los Angeles Times is reporting that he has canceled the 22 remaining shows between now and the scheduled New Years Eve date at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Things all started when he abruptly ended one of his Los Angeles shows. Then in San Jose he went into a political rant where he confessed that he would have voted for Donald Trump, if he had voted. Finally, in Sacramento, the proverbial sh*t hit the fan, exploded into a million pieces, and flew right back into his face.

Snoop Dogg reacts to the Sacramento disaster.

[UPDATE: And now Kanye is hospitalized:
Sources connected to Kanye tell us he was getting checked out by one of his doctors for severe sleep deprivation while he was at Pasternak's place ... and someone decided to call police.

The hospitalization comes on the heels of Kanye abruptly cancelling the remainder of his Saint Pablo Tour, and launching into a verbal attack on Jay Z and Beyonce.

As we told you, Kim Kardashian flew to NYC early Monday for her first public event since the Paris robbery ... but she's now officially bailed. It's a good bet she's wheels up for L.A.

My House Resembles a Haunted Mansion

Woke up from a disagreeable dream. Mysterious people are living in and dismantling parts of my house that I didn't know existed.

When it rains a lot, I dream about powerful rivers flowing in deep caverns below my house.

My house resembles a haunted mansion. Expect to bump into the dancers from CORE. Or Jack Nicholson with an axe.

Arthur's Birthday Get-Together

Dannette found an impressive-looking cake for Arthur's birthday get-together.

"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" - DMTC YPT - 11/19/16

Some pictures of bows for Saturday's opening performance of DMTC's YPT's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat":