Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That Albuquerque Spirit

It didn't work, but that's not the point:
Albuquerque police said a woman who was found passed out in the driver’s seat of her car on Friday night tried an interesting trick during her field sobriety test: A series of cartwheels.

The gymnastic maneuvers didn’t convince the police officer of Bryelle Marshall’s sobriety, and she was arrested for aggravated drunken driving and battery charges.

Formulating A Plan

Spent an afternoon with the family trying to puzzle out where Forrest Fenn's Treasure is located.

Republicans Right Now

Onward, Zealandia!

The campaign to recognize Zealandia as a continent. Even though it's largely submerged, Zealandia has all the geologic attributes of a continent.

A continent is made up of a large, thick slab of continental crust. Whether it's above water or not is immaterial.
The main author of the article, New Zealand geologist Nick Mortimer, said scientists have been researching data to make the case for Zealandia for more than two decades.

"The scientific value of classifying Zealandia as a continent is much more than just an extra name on a list," the researchers explained.

"That a continent can be so submerged yet unfragmented" makes it useful for "exploring the cohesion and breakup of continental crust".

A Visit to West Mesa High School

Stopped off to visit my Alma Mater: Class of 1974.

It was funny approaching the school. I was challenged nearly immediately by a hawkeyed sort of fellow, clearly tasked with protecting the school, who proved helpful and suggested I check out the patio and note how M Building had been leveled, and how nice the new E Building looked. As I prepared to leave, still snapping pictures, a sassy girl waiting out front of the school shouted "Hey! Want to take my picture?" I started to explain we were being watched by hawkeyed fellow, and she interrupted "Just kidding!"

Dads at the Dance Studio's Valentine's Ball

Pained to Hear of the Port Hills Fire

Surprised to hear of the fires in the Port Hills outside of Christchurch, New Zealand, not far from Diamond Harbour where Andrew hosted me in 2008. As if it wasn't bad enough being so close to the earthquake zone, now this. Hoping for the best:
The Reese family is trying to gather "enough clothes to survive the night" after watching their home burn to the ground.

The Worsleys Rd residents fell victim to raging wildfires on Christchurch's Port Hills that have destroyed 11 homes, 1850 hectares of land and sparked the evacuation of 400 homes.

Support the Deep State Resistance

The Trump folks complain about the many leaks undermining their Administration, and they have a point, but it makes more sense to me that they are running head-on into a Patriotic Resistance based in the defense and intelligence bureaucracies. The Deep State isn't fooled for a New York second by the mountains of horseshit Trump spews out. They see the alien Russian intrusion for what it is. They know their enemy and they are fighting back.

Support the Resistance.

West Mesa Navigational Arrow

Nick Gerlich is also an authority on navigational arrows used by air mail aviators in the 1920's. He took Deanna Pickens and myself to visit an arrow just outside Albuquerque, on the West Mesa.

A Bridge On Old Route 66

Nick Gerlich is an authority on Old Route 66. He took Deanna Pickens and myself to a bridge over the Rio San Jose on an abandoned section of Old Route 66.

Maybelle's Diner: An abandoned movie set.

Interesting Albuquerque Signs XII

Da Shop.
A Derelict Roadrunner on Isleta Blvd. SW.
A ground squirrel detail at West Mesa High School.
Blake's Lotaburger.
Blake's Lotaburger on Coors Blvd. NW, near West Mesa High School.

Interesting Albuquerque Buildings VII

Interesting-looking dome off Broadway Blvd. NE, just south of Interstate 40.

Ninja Core Obstacle Gym.

Gecko's Cafe on Academy Blvd. NE.

Art Deco South Beach mural inside Gecko's Cafe on Academy Blvd. NE.

I noticed this house on Google Earth.  Just south of Central Ave. on Broadway Blvd. SE.  I wish I understood the pattern here.  I've seen a similar pattern on Better Call Saul's Chuck McGill house, and with the cinder blocks on Rio Grande Farmer's Market on Isleta Blvd. SW.

House just south of Central Ave. on Broadway Blvd. SE.

Casa de Sueños, near the Country Club.

Church in the South Valley, on Isleta Blvd.

Flight From Las Vegas to Albuquerque - Descent Into Albuquerque - Feb. 14, 2017

Descending down the valley of the Rio Puerco River into Albuquerque as sunset approached, the light was PERFECT! Plus the iPhone has a better camera. Makes the high desert look like cake icing.

Salado Creek, not far from Cuervo Crossing. Laguna Indian Reservation (Bernabe M. Montaño Grant).

Cañada de los Cañoncitos.

Cañada de los Cañoncitos.

Approaching the Rio Puerco along the Cañada de los Cañoncitos.

Cañada de los Cañoncitos.

Cañada de los Cañoncitos. Note the earthen dams.

Entering the Rio Puerco River Valley.

Rio Puerco River Valley.

Rio Puerco River.

Rio Puerco River.

West Mesa edge between the Rio Puerco and the Rio Grande. Note the white caliche cap.

West Mesa edge between the Rio Puerco and the Rio Grande. Note the white caliche cap.

West Mesa edge between the Rio Puerco and the Rio Grande. Note the white caliche cap.

Just north of Interstate 40 at Paseo de Volcan (Atrisco Vista Blvd.)

West Mesa just west of Albuquerque.

Interstate 40 near Paseo de Volcan. (Atrisco Vista Blvd.)

Edge of the big housing development in southwest Albuquerque.

South Coors Blvd. WalMart.

The Rio Grande River south of downtown Albuquerque.

Along the railroad.

Sunport Blvd. and Interstate 25.

Sunport Blvd.

Landing at the Albuquerque Sunport.