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"Better Call Saul" Filming Locations - Season 5

This post is the sixth of seven posts regarding "Better Call Saul" filming locations (updated on June 26, 2020).

This post focuses on Season 5 locations.

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To avoid unnecessary friction, I have redacted the addresses of all single-family homes in these books. (These addresses are still available in these blog posts, however.)

The pictures in the print edition are black-and-white, in order to keep costs down. Pictures in the Kindle edition are in color.

"A Guidebook To 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations: Albuquerque as Physical Setting and Indispensable Character"

The Fifth Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 375 pages) of the book, updated through Season 4 of "Better Call Saul," is now available and can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle.

“‘Breaking Bad’ Signs and Symbols: Reading Meaning into Sets, Props, and Filming Locations”

The First Edition (Publication date November 3, 2018; 290 pages) of this book can be ordered at these links:

Print, Kindle

This book delves into some of the symbolism in AMC's hit television series "Breaking Bad." Toxic modernity is symbolized by architectural elements derived from Chicago. Indeed, Albuquerque is used as a kind of stand-in for the City of Chicago. Like many cities in America’s Great Plains and Mountain West, Albuquerque obtained much of its architecture directly from the Windy City via the AT&SF railroad and Highway 66.

The creative team is interested in telling stories about the legacies and corruptions of modernity, particularly Chicago’s “Century of Progress” (1833-1932). In particular, Chicago-derived daylighting innovations (the practice of passive window design to help illuminate the interiors of large buildings) are featured: Glass Block Windows, Luxfer Prismatic Tile Windows, and Plate Glass Windows. Once the backgrounds of scenes are encoded with meaning, a variety of stories can be told there.

A series of tables are presented - for example: Parallel Beams in the Ceiling; Twinned Features; Five-Pointed Stars; Octagons; Monkeys; Horses; Cats; Moth Orchids; and Skulls.

Certain symbols advance the plot: Native-American symbols; Foreshadowing symbols like Pueblo Deco arches; Danger symbols like bells, stagger symbols, and desk lamps; plus Earth Art.

Featured stories as told in television-scene backgrounds include: The Legacy of El Chapo; Tributes to Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”; The Badger Comes To Entrap; The Five Apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe; The legacy of London's Crystal Palace; and Homages to Patrick McGoohan's “The Prisoner.”

'The Guy For This'

Kim's Apartment Balcony ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This').

Symbol interpretation can be affected by life experience. Looking at the string of lights hanging below Kim's balcony, I fall back on my background as a meteorologist.

The hanging loops remind me of mammatus clouds, a sign of dangerous turbulence. Who knows if the interpretation is correct? It may be apropos, though.

One thing that occurs to me is, that along with Pueblo Deco arches, overhangs such as balconies are used to foreshadow tragedies. By altering and obscuring the balcony, the hanging lights neuter the symbol, making the place safe for Kim. Someday, though, the lights might not be there, and if that day comes, then Kim is in real danger.



A quiz for Albuquerque film buffs. Hank and Gomey were not the first celluloid cops to chase bad guys through that particular culvert. The scene was Better Call Saul's tribute to what film and star?

Here's the answer: The 1974 Albuquerque film, "The Take," starring Billie Dee Williams. The car chase starts around 1:02:30, but you can jump to around 1:10:00 to see the culvert.


'Dedicado a Max'

I've been trying to puzzle out why in episode 5, 'Dedicado a Max,' we see so much of one of J.M.W. Turner's most-famous watercolors, 'The Blue Rigi' (1842). The only thing I can think is that Turner was unusually-proactive for his time, with a sheaf of samples ready at close hand to upsell clients on ideas for big paintings. In other words, J.M.W. Turner was the Saul Goodman of 19th Century landscapes.

I like the various analogies and references in "Better Call Saul." In 'Dedicado a Max,' the Mexican village looks like an analogy to the Village in "The Prisoner," which for many years was the best show ever seen on TV.

In the Mexican village, the cares of the world are far away. The place is orderly and oppression is mostly unknown - except for what emerges from the fountain. Memory forges the chains that bind. The desire for revenge imprisons Gus, and will now imprison Mike.

In "The Prisoner," Rover emerges from the fountain, and the oppression is much more overt:



In JMM, Herr Schuler wears a bathrobe with a Ripley Plaza label - a Santiago, Chile reference.

Ripley manages 3 shopping malls in the Santiago area. Mall Plaza Oeste has these wonderful ceiling fixtures. And Mall Plaza Egaña has a Cinnabon. There's a lot the creative team can do with what Santiago provides!

In episode ‘JMM,’ Mike reads a selection from “The Little Prince” to his granddaughter Kaley. I was curious what that selection might mean.

Wikipedia summarizes the journey of the Little Prince and his love for a rose on his home planet: “Although the prince fell in love with the rose, he also began to feel that she was taking advantage of him and he resolved to leave the planet to explore the rest of the universe. … The prince laments that he did not understand how to love his rose while he was with her and should have listened to her kind actions, rather than her vain words.”

Mike reads a selection from the Little Prince’s talk with a geographer:

“But what does that mean – ‘ephemeral’?” repeated the little prince, who never in his life had let go of a question, once he had asked it.

“It means ‘which is in danger of speedy disappearance.’”

“Is my flower in danger of speedy disappearance?”

“Certainly it is.”

“My flower is ephemeral,” the little prince said to himself, “and she has only four thorns to defend herself against the world.”

In the book “The Mighty Child: Time and power in children's literature,” Clémentine Beauvais discusses this selection: “This visit to the geographer, the last one before the Earth, marks a turning-point in the character development of the Little Prince. For the first time his problem is spelt out: his rose is going is going to disappear. This discovery plunges the Little Prince into his first existential epiphany; for the first time, he is led to envisage his life without the rose, and that life, even though he once had it and did not think it problematic, is now felt as unbearable. … Namely, this is the first time the Little Prince perceives himself as having-done something in the past and having-been someone else before.”

I wonder if Kim Wexler is Jimmy McGill’s rose?


New Season 5 Filming Locations

Given that I haven't been able to get out into the field since February 2020, I will present the work of James Gelet, who has gone into the field recently, and whose love of photography and expertise in location hunting helps produce works of the highest quality!

Northeast Heights (E. of Wyoming, W. of Juan Tabo, S. of Osuna)

(no new locations offered with this update)

Upper Northeast Heights (E. of Juan Tabo, S. of Osuna)

11124 Ventura Pl. NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man'; episode 2, '50% Off')

Northeast Heights (N. Of Osuna)

8904 Roys Pl. NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off').

OldeSaultie sends a realtor link.

8504 Estates Dr. NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off')

Looks like they repaired the mailbox.

Upon reviewing the scene better, I see the second stories resemble clerestories. I notice that Glass Block Windows are present on houses in the neighborhood. That generally implies a Chicago connection of some sort. What Chicago connection?

A Google search regarding 50% off coupons for lawyer services reveals that Chicago Fraternal Order of Police members can get good discounts for lawyer services. Specifically:
We recently announced our partnership with the United States Concealed Carry Association which means that, as an FOP member, you have the opportunity to claim an exclusive discount of 15% when you join the USCCA.

As the industry leader in self-defense education, training, and up-front legal and financial protection, the USCCA is proud to have many current and retired law enforcement professionals as members....

As law enforcement professionals, we know firsthand the consequences of a self-defense shooting and the life-altering costs associated with legal defense.

It’s for this reason that every USCCA Membership includes the Self-Defense SHIELD that will give you and your family the up-front protection you deserve as responsible gun owners.

Please take the time to explore this exclusive opportunity and get the additional protection you need in the event of the unthinkable.
So, with his cheesy stunt, Jimmy is merely offering services that cops have long had. There are other services available too, like insurance against Nursing Home Abuse, as well as other insurance protections.

Lower Northeast Heights (W. of Wyoming), & Lomas Blvd. Corridor

Mike beats hoodlums, and gets beaten in turn ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This'; episode 4, 'Namaste'). 2718 Manzano St. NE, Albuquerque, NM

Red Cloud Jr. High School, Sandia High School, 7801 Candelaria Rd NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 6, 'Wexler vs. McGill'). Kim is stubborn.

Photo by James Gelet.


Ants on 5th Street just south of Tijeras Ave. ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off'; episode 3, "The Guy For This").

Photo by James Gelet.

1st St. & Lead Ave. Overpass area ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man').

Also used for phone sales ("Better Call Saul," Season 4, episode 7, 'Something Stupid'): Where Jimmy gets over-confident.

Juan Bolsa's Office, Martin J. Chavez Library, Hotel Andaluz, 125 2nd St NW ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road').

Jimmy and Kim stay at Hotel Andaluz, 125 2nd St NW ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 10, 'Something Unforgivable').

Downtown West and Old Town

(no new locations offered with this update)

Huning Castle & ABQ Country Club

Albuquerque Country Club (35.091241°, -106.675919°). Mr. Acker is a nuisance ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 5, 'Dedicado a Max').


Parking lot across from Ives' Flowers, 908 4th St. SW (35.076693, -106.653326). ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off') Episode 2 Tweaker montage.

Bienvenidos Amigos! Juanita's Comida Mexicana - 910 4th St. SW ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off').

Huning Highlands/ Martineztown Locations

Going wild in an alley. Alley between Central & Gold Aves.; between Arno St. & Edith Blvd. ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off'). Episode 2 Tweaker montage.

Photo by James Gelet.

Gnome Home, 205 Walter St. NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off'). Episode 2 Tweaker montage.

Running towards the camera, Between Copper and Central Avenues on Walter St. NE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 2, '50% Off'). Episode 2 Tweaker montage.

University Area & Near Presbyterian Hospital

Roberts' desk at Police HQ, Props & Film Resources, CNM, 1008 Coal Ave. SE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 6, 'Wexler vs. McGill'; episode 7, 'JMM').

Nob Hill

(no new locations offered with this update)

South Valley (West of River), Southwest Albuquerque and Pajarito Mesa

Sand Dunes (34.995928°, -106.863600°) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man'). Same as BrBa Confessions dunes.

Breaking Bad's "Confessions" Sand Dune

In August, 2015, I finally succeeded in reaching the correct sand dune. Since I didn't have a four-wheel-drive vehicle or a mountain bike, I chose to park at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC), and walk. Since I first had to pass through the prison's infrastructure, it was no surprise that I was stopped by prison security. Nevertheless, I did reach my destination! Met off-road bikers too.

Detail of old corral seen in the distance of the scene.

Separate destinations.

Photo by James Gelet.

San Jose Neighborhood and South Valley (East of River)

La Fonda del Bosque, National Hispanic Cultural Center ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man').

Grandma's K&I Diner. Gene flees to Missouri for a bit ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man').

Manager Brenda Keiser recently moved to Albuquerque from Houston in order to take charge of the restaurant. She talked about Wayne Elliott and his wonderful help in providing the authentic and antique ranching gear that help give the restaurant its ambiance.

Electrical Substation, Delta Power Co., LLC, 725 Electric Ave. SE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This'). Gus lets dead-drop plan proceed. Same site as ("Better Call Saul," Season 3, episode 2, 'Witness'), where Mike spies on gas cap rendezvous.

Southeast Heights

An old Blakes' restaurant at Georgia St. and Gibson Blvd. SE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 7, 'JMM'; episode 10, 'Something Unforgivable'). Explosions!

Juan Tabo Hills Bridge, Juan Tabo Blvd. SE ("Better Call Saul", Season 3, episode 8, 'Slip'; Season 5, episode 4, 'Namaste').

Kind of complicated once Hank and Gomey go through the culvert ('Namaste'). When Hank and Gomey make the drop guy flee on foot, they are where Ira Sprecker Rd. crosses Tijeras Arroyo (35.018958°, -106.610531°) - also the location of Hank's speech. Victor picks up the drop guy at the north end of the Juan Tabo bridge crossing of Tijeras Arroyo, looking south (35.056703°, -106.515400°).

San Pedro Branch Library, 5600 Trumbull Ave SE ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 6, 'Wexler vs. McGill'). Dave Clark tampers with a witness.

Near "Q" Studios

Lalo's Speedway In Tijeras Arroyo near Mexican Road Junction - Ira Sprecker Road & Los Picaros Rd. SE (35.016982°, -106.615544°) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This').

Kind of complicated once Hank and Gomey go through the culvert. When Hank and Gomey make the drop guy flee on foot, they are where Ira Sprecker Rd. crosses Tijeras Arroyo (35.018958°, -106.610531°) - also the location of Hank's speech. Victor picks up the drop guy at the north end of the Juan Tabo bridge crossing of Tijeras Arroyo, looking south (35.056703°, -106.515400°).

Also a filming location for the 2014 film, "After the Fall."

Antelope Wells money pickup - On the road along the edge of the East Mesa SW of Q Studios, where other scenes (e.g., the 'Sunset' scene in "Breaking Bad," where Gus put a hit on Hank Schrader) were also filmed ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 8, 'Bagman').

I checked my pictures, from five years ago. In general, I didn't take pictures of the right stuff. Nevertheless, I suspect this picture of trees (looking north) are the same trees behind Jimmy (looking south).

Antelope Wells.

Photo by James Gelet.

Antelope Wells 2.

Photo by James Gelet.

James adds:
Oh and I wanted to share some info on the well. I'm puzzled as to why they felt they needed to do this, but the well scene was filmed in two different spots. Your coordinates were right for anything looking south. But anything that showed the actual well and/or was looking north is about 100 yards north of there. The coordinates for the actual well are at

(34.971866, -106.638873)

A TV ad for Mesa Verde (34.977741°, -106.610661°). East Mesa state lands behind Q Studios ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 6, 'Wexler vs. McGill').

Photo by James Gelet.

"Q" Studios

(no new locations offered with this update)

I-25 Corridor, North

An uncomfortable drive Princeton NE, just N of Candelaria, and east on Candelaria ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This').

The carpet pattern in the hotel suite where Gus, Lydia and Herr Schuler meet appears identical to the carpet pattern at Sandia Casino and Resort ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 7, 'JMM'), 30 Rainbow Rd. NE, Albuquerque, NM, 87113.

Casa Tranquila exterior - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road').
Albuquerque Heights Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
103 Hospital Loop NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

North Valley

Best Quality Vacuum, Formerly On The Spot Vacuum Sales and Service, 2714 Fourth St. NW ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man'). The Disappearer.

Northwest Albuquerque

Parking Lot, Cottonwood Shopping Center, 10000 Coors Bypass NW ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 1, 'Magic Man'). (35.197403, -106.658854)

Phone call in the mall.

Photo by James Gelet.


Howard's house - 40 Camino Vega Verde, Corrales, NM (also shown in the movie "Force of Execution," with Steven Seagal).

Fortified country estate. Lalo's house (two houses over from the "Sicario" house!) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 10, 'Something Unforgivable').
12 Camino de las Brisas, Corrales, NM
(35.213044°, -106.625547°)

Photo by James Gelet.

West Mesa (except Pajarito Mesa)

(no new locations offered with this update)

Sandia And Manzano Mountains

(no new locations offered with this update)


Along Route 7076 ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 8, 'Bagman').

Carefree Jimmy drives off with the money (35.150342°, -107.126374°)

Jimmy eats a granola bar (35.148934°, -107.123044°)

Ambush site (35.150027°, -107.119462°) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 8, 'Bagman'; episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road').

Photo by James Gelet.

Final resting place for Esteem (35.154977°, -107.115113°) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 8, 'Bagman'; episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road').

Long hike


[June 7, 2020 update]

Recently James Gelet succeeded in finding the location of the Rollover. Working together with Google Earth, we also found the location of the Tree (35.139082°, -107.069183°).

James says:

So I guess the tree is a favorite hang out of a bunch of those To’hajiilee wild horses because of the shade. When I was approaching it they were eyeballing me hard and I seriously concerned the alpha of the group might take a run at me. Thankfully when I got close enough they bailed. So it was just a matter of playing hopscotch through all the horse shit to get the shot.

The Rollover isn't far away, on Trail 7042 (35.137337°, -107.068736°).

James adds:

I'm surprised someone on set didn't spot this, but there is a distinct anthill shaped hill with a white cap visible in both the tree scene and the rollover scene. In fact the rollover road is visible in the tree scene if you look carefully. This leads me to believe the entire desert trek montage was filmed within walking distance of this area. (There is a lot of different terrain there so it would be perfect.)

Dragging the bags on an exhausting desert journey. Quite near the Tree.

Photo by James Gelet.

The bad-guy vehicle on a "grid" search appears about here: (35.115832°, -107.069925°).

Campsite (35.136623°, -107.078067°).

Photo by James Gelet.

High upon the rocks.

Photo by James Gelet.

Spying from the rocks near the rollover site.

Photo by James Gelet.

Taking aim.

Photo by James Gelet.


Nacho and Lalo approach border - I'm still thinking (35.142932°, -107.095628°), but need to confirm - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road')

Laguna Burger, 66 Pit Stop, Rio Puerco, NM ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 9, 'Bad Choice Road'). AKA, Alejo Travel Center in BCS.

Photo by James Gelet.

Zia Pueblo, San Ysidro, and Cabezon

(no new locations offered in this update)

Bernalillo and Placitas

(no new locations offered in this update)

Santo Domingo, Cochiti, and La Bajada Hill

(no new locations offered with this update)

Santa Fe & Lamy

El Rancho de las Golondrinas, La Cienega, NM ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 5, 'Dedicado a Max').

Mike & Doc's conversation (35.571276°, -106.111642°). ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 4, 'Namaste'; episode 5, 'Dedicado a Max').

Near Los Lunas and Belen

Tucumcari Call Center site ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 3, 'The Guy For This'; episode 4, 'Namaste'). Mr. Acker's house: 158 Rayo Rd., Belen, NM

Thrift store - Bethlehem Thrift Shop, 1300 S Main St, Belen, NM 87002 ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 4, 'Namaste').

Abandoned feed lot parking lot (34.775565°, -106.769287°) - ("Better Call Saul," Season 5, episode 7, 'JMM').

More Distant Locations

(no new locations offered with this update)


Guessestimates and Wish List


Cartesian Grids Carried as a Prop or Worn as a Costume Piece

One of the fun things the creative team started to do in Season 3 of "Breaking Bad" was to link props, costumes, and dialogue together. For example, when a Cartesian grid (representing rationality) is used either as a prop or worn as a costume piece, there is always a question (the essence of rationality) hanging in the air. Sometimes there are lots of questions.

Season 5 of "Better Call Saul" seemed to feature more of these costume or prop grids than any season before. The most spectacular use was in episode '50% Off', with an amazing cascade of courthouse questions between Jimmy McGill and Assistant DA Bill Oakley. And I can't imagine why Jimmy declined Mike's offer of a space blanket!


Notes on Backgrounds

Magic Man

Gentle double arches over entrance to the mall. Cylindrical light.

9 x 2 grid of GBWs at Jimmy's home. Vertical lines of shades in living room. Jewels in band aid box

Scanner grid of lights

Grandma's K&I with flase landscape

Phone booth with exterior vertical lines. Daigonal beam of light.

Inside: Ceiling slats & beams, 5 bell-shaped lamps in ceiling fixture, Royals logo, Grid on window drapes. Cartesian grid on floor just inside of front door.

Mall, between escalators. Gentle arches. Squares with squares on floor.

Tile wall grids at Cinnabon.

Bench, with bench grids, vertical lines of railings, Clerestory. The Moon is a Balloon. Near Champs. Auntie.... Circles on railings resemble Zia symbols.

Grid of wall tile in mall service hallway.

Vacuum cleaner shop - gentle arch over door.

Statue of Liberty open.

Kim at base of ABCGC stairway. NM State Bar.

Slats in ceiling; cylinder of column

El Michoacano. Tile grid of floor. GBWs. Rotating fan, one of which wobbles. Mask on wall like a sun's face.

Ventura Pl. NE. Natural arches over windows next door to drug sale place. At 11124, boarded up windows resemble hypercube cross squares and dingbat style.

Arch of drive. Slits and skylights in apartment.

The stuff is in the chair. Horizontal iron bars across windows.

Horizontal downward-facing hemispherical lamp attached to wall.

Jimmy's apartment - JMM briefcase

World's 2nd-best lawyer cup.

3 wine glass lamps above counter.

Offset griddish wallpaper in kitchen. Fish tank. Standard room lamp.

Warehouse - staggered wall! Skylights

Pit - ladder against wall

Red & white vertical stripes on tent. Bell like Tio's that rings! Card table, folding chairs. "Say hello to my little friend."

Sand dunes. Pit again.

Annex - star on floor. Polished marble walls. Reflections of parallel beams.

Kim wearing Trylon earrings, pointing down. Stairwell.

50% Off

Circus tent again.

Montage: Tent, drain, etc. Gnome, 205 (house needs painting), 400 Fill Up. Busting car windows, Alley. Gnome loses half of face.

Lwyrup opening.

Nacho's place: Street lamp in scene as he's taken away appears to be a prop

Kim's apartment. Kim puts on Trylon earrings, pointing down.

8904 Robs Pl.: Gentle arch over front door. Grid linoleum floor, Various nooks with arches. Blue bell lights, flaring out. 7 windows in a semicircle 120 x 35 mm on screen = 3.4. Horizontal blinds. Grid of cubbyholes in big closet. Louboutin reference. Shower: GBWs on two sides.

Tio at La Fonda del Bosque.

Mike's house. Stacey's house, tree house. 7 windows in a semicircle 113 x 59 mm on screen = 1.92.

Horizontal blinds - Stacey's house exterior

Drug sale place: Hemispherical lamp.

Poker at Nacho's. Star rim. Nacho's ring.

Natural arch over windows at place next door.

Annex - Jimmy's grid-suit jacket. Parallel fluorescent beams. Phone booths and star visible. Asst DA Suzanne Erickson. Vertical stripes on blouse.

El Michoacano - Wobbling fan. Grid windows.

Erickson's spots on blouse (need closer look). Vertical lines on elevator wall. 175/70 = 2.5.

Grid screen on 5th street. Ice cream cone mimics gnome hat.

The Guy For This


Driving - Princeton NE, and Candelaria. Natural arch for Standard Restaurant Supply.

Hector's garage: Skylight. Duct-tape-like lines on inside of garage door make a grid.

Tin ceiling on pub's ceiling visible! Conical lights over pool table.

Door with 3 windows. 2711...

Esteem - Kim's balcony railing grids.

Nacho's place: Hemispherical lamp, bong, square corner lampshade. Triangles in painting. Circular table. Rubik's cube, jigsaw puzzle. Grid gate doors and grid of blocks on yard wall. Vertical shades in dining nook.

Annex Courtroom: Staggered boxes against wall. Wall panels, TV monitor.

Interview room: Vertical narrow windows.

Outside MDC

Tucumcari call center - coming soon.

Concrete pads - 1130.

Tijeras Arroyo.

5th Street - Vertical white wall bricks 42/16 = 2.625

Tijeras Arroyo - through University underpass.

Outside Acker's gate. 4 diamonds visible on wall of living room.

Electrical yard - 10 'walls' visible.

Outside Kim's Apartment. String of lights resembles mammatus - turbulence. Throwing beer bottles.


Bells - thrift shop - Bethlehem trading post - flying wing outside, capped arch front doorway and windows - fence outside

lamp, trophy, TV set, projector, kettle, etc. - bell-like hair thing for salon - etc., bowling ball


"Among the items Jimmy hefts in the antique store: lamp, trophy, tv (“still works!”), cast-iron teapot, lug wrench, pressure cooker, kettle bell, horseshoe, lawn dart, typewriter, laughing buddha, and golf club. Not only does he get a bulk discount on the bowling balls, he walks out with the bag — and you know he talked the owner into throwing it in for free."

Kim's apartment - outside

MDC interview room - cross in ceiling

Forque - Regular Wine glass hanging lamps - turquoise blue lights in background - blue shirt

Front door of Hyatt - square arches, twin flagpoles, Namast3

Schwiekart & Copley

Aerial - 1102 & 2375 - Hanging lamps

Stacey's house exterior - 2 basketball backboards

Annex - ref to Sandia Mart - Grid of Square-paneled fluorescent ceiling lights

Los Pollos - grid of tile on floor behind counter - bell lights? or vents? - over fryer - bell desk lamp

Calabacillas Arroyo - near crossover upstream of Coors

Fluorescent lights above fryer

Through culvert - to Tijeras? - gated culvert - pickup spot - looks like S. Juan Tabo Blvd. bridge - ref to O'Neill's

Acker's gate - door - barometer inside door -

Drive up to house - 40 - Staggered wall - gentle curve of gate - Pueblo Deco arches -

2724 - 2718 Manzano St. - Mike stabbed

Spanish Colonial style house - parallel beams in ceiling - presence of crosses

Vertical bars in windows - looks like La Cienega - El Rancho de las Golondrinas

Dedicado a Max

El Rancho de las Golondrinas - presence of crosses - parallel beams in ceiling

Country Club - plate glass

Staggered fountain - plan view is apparently three superimposed squares - gridlike

Kitchen at Jimmy's - offset grid pattern on wall - fish tank

Howard's office - grids on seats

Mike's room at Golondrinas - Window with light beam, pole in center of room - staggered dresser top

Looking of pot sherds - grid suit

Schweikart & Cokeley - smoke alarm batteries

Jesus on fence

Kim's apt.

El Rancho de las Golondrinas - Miniature ladder on walls? - Another cross - grid of window panes - beams or vigas - small hemispherical lamp - rug on floor (seeing eye?)

Nail Salon - grid of ceiling - fish tank - two ornaments hanging from ceiling - corner exterior stagger seems evident

GBW in Jimmy's office - staggered boxes

Horse logo grid

Wexler v. Goodman

Red Cloud Jr. High School

Commercial for Mesa Verde - fence - horse

Staggered GBW - staggered boxes - water heater

Grid ceiling & floor - upturned lamp

Makeup Girl ring earrings

Green screen - Greek tample - Grid suit on - Lit up umbrellas

Railyards - View of Lead overpass - Rotating fan - Parallax view of ceiling - Clerestory!

Pentagon on Mike's Chrysler hood

Schweikart & Cokeley

San Pedro Branch Library - Grid of ceiling - Octopus on wall? - Mobile hanging? - Octagon? - hanging star

Horizontal blinds

Flower - wound

Courthouse - parallel reflected beams

Forque, and lamps - Observing from outside; SB on street outside

Police HQ - bell-shaped desk lamp on Roberts' desk

Schweikart conference room - chandelier

Parking garage - Level 8 - Coffered ceiling

El Pueblo II - 6021

Kim's apartment - octagons on couch


Annex - Civic Plaza - Kokopelli

Annex Courtroom - staggered signs

Zia symbol of NM flag - State seal - Aequitas - Water stain on ceiling tiles of dropped ceiling

SE corner of Annex, as seen from Hyatt Regency

Mesa Verde - grid ceiling - Opaque windows - Chandelier - plate glass windows - sconce

Jail interview room

Kaylee star - Butterfly filigree - teddy bear - Bell-shaped desk lamp, Jewelled hanging over bed

Interior of Stacey's - 2 kitchen islands

Kim's apt.

Jail ceiling

Feed lot parking lot (SW of Los Lunas downtown) - Mercury lamp - floor is like a broken grid

Rodeo Stands - kokopelli

Madrigal boardroom - table - like a clothespin, or a nutcracker, or a compass

Hotel room - Ripley Plaza steer symbol (a Santiago, Chile reference) - Interesting squares painting

Kim's apt. - # 3307 - Kitchen counter hanging lamps & fish tank

Fred Whalen's drivers' license xerox

Breaking into Los Pollos Los Lunas - Grid of fry basket - Vandalism - explosion

Roberts office building

Annex courtroom with coffered ceiling

2-faced appearance in the Annex hallway - a chance to play the Palace


1975 Cadillac convertible hood ornament

Blood on seats with a grid pattern

3 (or 6) cylindrical tanks under a shelter

Garage with cars and various objects - rotating fan - counting room

Space blanket grid returns

Something Unforgivable


Grid of Kim's balcony

Gentle arch in Hotel Andaluz room. All-seeing eye on rug

Array of niches

Grid of chain-link fence at burned Los Pollos

Cement block walls and gentle arch at Lalo's house

Twin mirrors symmetry, Indian pot, and vertical lines at Hotel Andaluz

Bell-shaped reading lamps next to beds

Annex stairwell

File room - ragged grid ceiling

Nacho accepts call - hexagonal grid floor tile, 2 hanging bell lights

At Eladio's 3 wrapped bundles of gridded money.

Corbels there, staggered roofline, box of gridded money

hanging pots and pans, crosses on tiles, candle holders, tunnel.

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