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Ripped-Off (1972)

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AKA: Ripped Off, The Boxer, Murder in the Ring, Tough Guy, Counter Punch. Crime Drama. A boxer gets involved in murder after refusing to throw a fight. Starring Robert Blake, Ernest Borgnine, Catherine Spaak, Gabriele Ferzetti, Orazio Orlando, Phil Mead, Quinn Hurley, Neffie Quintana, Luther Elmore, Emilio Messina, Joe Pollini, Fortunato Arena, Aldo Cecconi, Felicita Fanny. Filmed in Albuquerque.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Boxing Ring



SB, then NB I-25, near Coronado Airport. Looks like Tramway exit (bad quality film - hard to read signs) None of the freeway crossings far from town go over the freeway. Closer?

Gulf and Texaco gas stations



Yale Park. A bit down from Frontier

Suburban area

Outdoor boxing area - probably near Shady Lakes area not far from Sandia Pueblo

Shady Lakes house

Probably Civic Auditorium


Harley St.? #14?

Nick's place

Interview Room

Police HQ



Newspaper Office

2nd St. just north of Central

Sunshine Theater

Civic Auditorium, and just SW of Civic Auditorium


Exit off I-40 onto E. Central??

Daughter's house - father's house

Patterned cinder block

Ski area chairlift/ At top of tram

NM School for the Deaf in Santa Fe

Central Ave., just east of RR underpass

Back of Civic Auditorium

More "Angels in America"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019


DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Introduction & Seussical's "Oh the Thinks You Can Think"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "Shrek the Musical"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "The Emperor's New Clothes" (I)

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "Mulan, Jr." (I)

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - "I Won't Grow Up" From "Peter Pan"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "The Emperor's New Clothes" (II)

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "The Wizard of Oz"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - "Freak Flag" from "Shrek, The Musical"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "The Emperor's New Clothes" (III)

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "Mulan, Jr." (II)

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "Aladdin, Jr."

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Scene From "A Year With Frog and Toad"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - "Happiness" From "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown"

DMTC Summer Theater Camp Performance 2019 - Bows and Closing Remarks

California State Fair 2019 - First Visit

A Note of Appreciation

Good wishes for Dr. Thomas Dugoni at Kaiser Permanente Roseville (on the left), who persisted and persisted in trying to get Erlynda into surgery for breast cancer. Erlynda treated the news of cancer as basically Fake News, and frittered away close to a year in avoiding surgery. Fortunately, the cancer was slow growing, and Dr. Dugoni kept hammering at her until she finally gave in. It appears that the surgery was a success, despite the delay.

Lone Survivor (2013)

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War Drama. A military team tries to neutralize a Taliban leader. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana, Ben Foster, Sammy Sheik. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Chilili, Diamond Tail Ranch, Kirtland Air Force Base, Sandia Ranger District, Santa Fe Ski Area (Espanola Ranger District).

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Training scenes

View of the Manzanos - approximately (34.894847°, -106.522391°)

KAFB (35.047725°, -106.592493°)

Sunrise at Bagram Air Base - KAFB

Running - 1.) unknown; 2.) maybe (34.989716°, -106.505432°); Later, KAFB

Briefing - buildings

Mystery view of buildings

Landing at night

J-Bad Forward Operating Base - Ladrones? - looks like on KAFB land somewhere

View of Sandias - possibly (35.196760°, -106.450824°)

View of valley



Maybe view of Santa Fe Ski Area - above treeline peaks - village may be the Ski Basin - Perhaps saddle above Santa Fe Lake (35.789555°, -105.781003°)

... False Summit

Looks like Sandias

View of Sandias from near High Finance Restaurant

In Village

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Getting To The Point Of Absurdity With All This

Good for Ilhan Omar!

We're All Related to Charlemagne

But some people (like the Vigils) have better proof:
According to Henrietta Christmas, president of the New Mexico Genealogical Society, people in New Mexico who have the surname Vigil most likely have a common ancestor who is a descendant of Charlemagne.

...Thank Juan Montes Vigil, the common ancestor and descendant of Charlemagne, for the New Mexico connection, but thank Colorado-based researcher Brent Alexander Cruz for finding the link between the Montes Vigil ancestry and the prominent Ponce de León family descended from Alfonso IX (1171-1230), King of León, who was a descendant of Charlemagne. Cruz’ research looked at documents dating from the 700s to the 1300s.

Juan Montes Vigil was a native of Vega de Poxa, in the region of Asturias in northern Spain. In 1611, he traveled to Mexico City and married Catalina de Herrera Cantillana. They had a son, also named Juan Montes Vigil, who later settled in Zacatecas, Mexico. He, in turn, fathered a son named Francisco Montes Vigil.

In 1665, Francisco traveled north into what is now New Mexico as a settler, along with his wife, María Jiménez de Anciso, and their five children. Francisco and María established the Vigil family of New Mexico, Esquibel said.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Cat-Like Animal

Jasper was excited by tonight’s walk. Not only did he surprise a cat and chase it across the parking lot, but he got a chance to see a new, cat-like animal: black fur, bushy tail, with a white stripe. For some reason, his master wouldn’t let Jasper give chase.

Linewatch (2008)

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Last updated: March 13, 2020

Crime Drama Thriller about Border Patrol agents. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Evan Ross, Sharon Leal, Omari Hardwick, Dean Norris, Genia Michaela, Brian Reece, Chris Browning,. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Jemez Pueblo, Zia Pueblo.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Road with powerlines - somewhere on Pajaro Mesa off Dennis Chaves Blvd. - Probably just south of Pajaro Rd. SW - approximately (34.984431°, -106.800054°)




Zia lands - off the ridge road

Interesting arched bridge

Old cars

Tall white mesa

Pajaro Mesa again

Mobile home at night



Big city panorama - LA

Rail yards

Mobile home yard

Maybe near San Ysidro? Between San Ysidro and Jemez Pueblo? Possibly near the Love Ranch place.

Pajarito Church of the Nazarene

Rumors about Repot Depot

Repot Depot entrance

Mobile Home Park

Corral, Mesa

Kickboxing, Clases para los Ninos, Mr G.'s Auto Body - About 833 Bridge Blvd. SW (35.068659°, -106.665458°) Chavez Karate.



Out on Pajaro Mesa again - maybe off Powers Way SW

Cuba Gooding's House - off Coors SW (34.949539°, -106.713348°)

Driving near San Ysidro - approximately ( 35.545905°, -106.827783°)

View of cliffs

Cafe - T-Freez Grill: new Mexican Food, 23323 Highway 550, San Ysidro, NM, USA

Gila Monster drive I (35.561863°, -106.861520°)

Gila Monster drive II (35.568044°, -106.860707°)

Valley-side view/ Bad road/ panorama/ blind man



Coors Rd. SW underpass of I-25

Repot Depot

Was this filmed before Karler Meat Packing Plant burned down? Yes!

Repot Depot seems to be about 9110 Broadway Blvd. SE (34.962734°, -106.659859°)

Bajofondo ft Julieta Venegas - Pa' Bailar - Siempre Quiero Más

Monday, July 15, 2019

Prose vs. Poetry

Taking it seriously:
The pair engaged in an animated discussion on the merits of poetry over prose during a drinking session, which soon escalated into a lethal brawl, after the suspect stabbed his friend insisting that poetry was superior.

In a statement, federal police in the Russian region of Sverdlovsk said: "The host insisted that real literature is prose, while his guest, a former teacher, argued for poetry.

...The incident comes four months after a similar argument over the theories of German philosopher Immanuel Kant, who argued that reason is the source of morality, resulted in a man being shot in a grocery store in southern Russia.

Some Ofra Haza Would Be Nice To Hear Right Now

New Mexico - A Rape Paradise

If you have elaborate plans to get all rapey, New Mexico is a pretty good place to do it. Weak laws and all that empty space. Myself, I think the endgame was probably blackmail: get incriminating goods on other rich people and pry out grudging investments for Epstein's hedge fund. That's where the big money is:
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — At the center of Jeffrey Epstein’s secluded New Mexico ranch sits a sprawling residence the financier built decades ago — complete with plans for a 4,000-square-foot (372-square-meter) courtyard, a living room roughly the size of the average American home and a nearby private airplane runway.

Known as the Zorro Ranch, the high-desert property is now tied to an investigation that the state attorney general’s office says it has opened into Epstein with plans to forward findings to federal authorities in New York.

Epstein, who pleaded not guilty this week to federal sex trafficking charges in New York, has not faced criminal charges in New Mexico. But the scandal surrounding him has still sent a jolt through the rural southwestern state as it comes under scrutiny for laws that allowed him to avoid registering as a sex offender following a guilty plea a decade ago in Florida.

Aspirational Republican Evil

30 Things Millennials are Killing Off

Progress, The March Of....
For many Americans, football is more than just a sport: It’s a way of life. From the NFL, all the way down to Pop Warner leagues, football is such a popular and lucrative sport that for previous generations, it was almost impossible to imagine an American way of life without it.

But many millennials can imagine a life without it – and that’s got a lot of people worried.

Moving Crystalline Vertices

Green Chile In Space

John sends this:
Depending on the alignment of the planets, the shortest trip to the Red Planet can take about six months, and astronauts would ideally stay there for one year, Torres said.

With a total of two years away from Earth, the astronauts’ prepackaged meals would not last the full duration of the trip, so Torres and his team are currently undergoing studies and tests to determine foods most suitable to grow in space.

“We can build all the rockets we want to go to Mars, but it won’t work unless we have food to eat,” he said. “So, right now we are the top priority research project in NASA.”

The research team of microbiologists, engineers and scientists became enticed by the possibility of using New Mexico’s famous Hatch peppers. The Hatch peppers were the top choice until Torres arrived and suggested Española or Chimayó peppers.

“Because of the legacy and knowledge base with chiles developed in New Mexico, it just seemed to be a logical connection to establish when NASA began to conduct experiments with peppers as candidate plants for growing in space,” NASA Plant Physiologist Ray Wheeler said. “Jacob was instrumental in helping us make those connections.

My Angels Review on the Davisite Web Site

Includes pictures too.

Dog With Wheels

Believe in Me (2006)

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Last updated: July 15, 2019

Sports drama based upon a true story and the book by Harold Keith. A man who moves to Oklahoma to coach a boys' varsity basketball team ends up coaching the girls' team. Starring Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Dern, Samantha Mathis, Bob Gunton. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Clovis, Elida, Floyd, Moriarty, Portales.

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Western Oklahoma roads


Middleton High School

Big Farmhouse

Church (34.214969°, -103.573877°) From imdb: Floyd United Methodist Church - 1536 New Mexico Highway 267, Floyd, New Mexico, USA. Correction: 1546 New Mexico Highway 267

Arched building

1212.... Possibly ABQ, somewhere off Louisiana Blvd.


Country house

Gas station (Willard??)


Town center panorama

Highway 66

School building


Fishing pond

Training place


Maybe Clovis - uncertain

Middleton downtown, S. Main St. between W. 2nd and W. 3rd. St. in Portales, NM

Motel room 156 - with swimming pool

Barber shop

View of downtown Oklahoma City

Dining room

Conceivably Highland High School Gym

In credits, Clovis High School, Portales High School, Highland High School and Moriarty High Schools are specifically thanked

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Condemned 2 (2015)

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Last updated: July 14, 2019

Action. A former bounty hunter gets involved in a broadcast fight to the death. Starring Randy Orton, Steven Michael Quezada, Dylan Kenin, Mark Sivertsen, Michael Sheets, Audrey Walters and Bill Stinchcomb. Filmed around Albuquerque and Zia Pueblo.

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Notes on Individual Scenes
Big Round room

One of the Diversion Channels



Panoramic view of city

Bernalillo County Annex - (is that the right courthouse?)

Appears to be Bobby Foster road curve (at BrBa place), but without curve signs.

RR overpass and road (near Gallup??)

Dad's house

Trucks - Nine-Mile Hill (35.065409°, -106.781385°) - Hayes Trucking, 12401 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121

Bobby Foster Rd.

University Blvd. SE (35.020771°, -106.636285°)

Roadside stop near Algodones Power Plant (35.388271°, -106.463800°)

Lobo Cantina - Maybelline's Bar w. Tower

Casino-like place


Dad's House

Ridge on Zia land (Around the Bend place)


Complicated Zia landscape

Flat Zia place

Into arroyo (35.498876°, -106.818467°)

Aerial shot (35.508728°, -106.820743°)

Casino-type place with GBW

Arroyo fight (35.498732°, -106.818561°)

Exiting arroyo (35.507659°, -106.818292°)

Sniper place (35.505664°, -106.817893°)

Rock (35.506948°, -106.817942°)

Another aerial view, To'hajiilee (35.108261°, -107.139306°)

To'hajiilee, in BrBa area (35.103478°, -107.137792°)

RV on Zia straightaway - approximately (35.502032°, -106.821036°)

Unclear picture of RV

Casino place is the Algodones power plant!

To'hajiilee road (35.105494°, -107.139267°)

To'hajiilee road near BrBa place (35.101135°, -107.135316°)

Back on Zia land again (35.508281°, -106.820522°)

Zia gas station

Concrete pad - not sure where that is.

Not sure where this burning on the pavement is.

To'hajiilee Road (unclear) to bombsite - on road right at BrBa site (35.102909°, -107.137028°)

Culvert in road (35.098394°, -107.132725°)

More riding (35.101499°, -107.137289°)

ABQ West Mesa, but what is that building? Algodones power plant?

Algodones power plant.