Friday, January 03, 2014

John Wesley Powell Suggested These State Boundaries In The West

The idea was to mitigate struggles over water. Didn't happen, though.

Blake's Is Opening Their First Restaurant Outside New Mexico

Sixty-one years! 'bout time!:
The popular Albuquerque-based hamburger chain will open its new El Paso restaurant the first week of January, according to a company executive.

It will be the only Blake’s Lotaburger located outside of New Mexico — at least for now. A second El Paso location is planned for the spring.

I've been surprised Blake's hasn't expanded beyond the state boundaries, till now. El Paso is a natural target for an expanding operation. Besides, according to K., El Paso restaurant choices suck, so anything that can be done to help.

2014 - Year Of Troubles

Lt. Commander Rebecca Jordan, hero of Smog Town troops in the Battle of Interstate 5.

Well, the forecasts are beginning to weaken the small potential storm next Thursday to nothingness, and strengthening the eastern Pacific ridge again. 2014 is going to be a year of locusts in California. And that's really bad, because my entire life-plan is based on the Grasshopper, not the Ant. Time to revisit "The Great War of the Californias".

Among the holdings at the Di Rosa Art Museum near Napa, they actually have the immense canvas of "The Battle of San Francisco". Amazing panorama!

Here's a trailer.

Ice Box

Kathleen in Calgary notes this:
This week, in Southern Manitoba, the temperature reached a blisteringly frigid -31 degrees Celsius, or nearly -24 Fahrenheit. (Wind chill values in Winnipeg—in case you were curious and/or in need of some meteorological schadenfreude—dipped to -58 Fahrenheit.) Which is crazy, and which makes for, as Yahoo's Geekquinox blog puts it, "the coldest afternoon temperatures the area has seen in several years."

...And over the past month, Yahoo notes, REMS has been reporting daily high temperatures on Mars that range from -25 to -31 degrees Celsius. (Mars seems to be having its own cold spell: The -31 degrees Celsius temperature is the coldest daily high the rover has recorded since it landed on the planet in August 2012.)

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Internal Siamese Twin

(Standing in the sandwich line at Subway. IST observes me looking at my iPhone while holding it just inches in front of my left eye)

IST: You shouldn't hold the iPhone so close to your eye. It will damage your retina. Like a TV. Instead, you should use a magnifying glass while holding the iPhone at arm's length.

M.: I had retinal surgery in 1994. They put a band around my eye, so it's even more near-sighted than it used to be.

IST: You should have a doctor look at that. It's better to be safe than sorry. Not that I want to intrude. You should have a doctor look at that. It's better to be safe than sorry. Not that I want to intrude. You should have a doctor look at that. It's better to be safe than sorry. Not that I want to intrude......

M.: (Observing his three foot-long sandwiches being made) That's a lot of food. It's not just for yourself, is it?

IST: Yes, it is. I have two stomachs. In the womb, I started to divide into a Siamese twin, but the process didn't complete. I'm an Internal Siamese Twin.

M.: So, do you have a split personality?

IST: No, although I have mood swings. The process didn't complete. I should have a doctor look at that.

M.: So, you're going to eat all those sandwiches?

IST: Yes. It's really something when the stomach on the left starts growling, and the stomach on the right starts growling too. I need the nutrition. It's part of being an Internal Siamese Twin. The process didn't complete, so I have just one heart, just behind the breast bone, almost in the center of the chest.

M.: My breast bone is messed up, maybe from a lack of nutrition when I was three years old.

IST: You should have a doctor look at that. It's better to be safe than sorry. Particularly the Vitamin C. You can get the scurvies from that.

M.: They used to get that on sailing ships.

IST: They'd lose two thirds of the crew to the scurvies. Your hair falls out and you get yellow eye balls. Your membranes basically fall apart. It's so important what women eat when they are pregnant, especially in the first three weeks. That's when the cell division occurs, and when Siamese twins get made. (To the 'sandwich artist') Can you add more pickles?

Small Storm Over The Horizon

Extended weather forecasts are beginning to show a possible small storm in northern California in about a week - next Thursday. I certainly hope so. The drought situation has never been so desperate in California! 2014 is setting up as a real ugly year for water, and we need as much as possible, as often as possible, and right the hell now.

Mr. Doesn't-Like-Confrontation Confronts

Mr. Doesn't-Like-Confrontation confronted homeless bicyclist with dog leaning against my garage door at 5 a.m. "I had to poop. I'll clean it up." Um, OK.

Spied on him a few times. What is with this dude? Now he's counting out money.

Fellow lingered under the driveway light for about an hour. I finally called Sac PD, but just then he pushed on. Not eager to check on situation downstairs. Fellow was at least apologetic: no Marcy-Darcy crap.

In the morning, went down to check. Looks like homeless guy tried to break into the garage, and smeared shit on the outside wall. Charming!

Can't find his shit. I wonder where he put it? Doesn't seem to be in the garbage cans.

So, who is this guy? A new nutter in the 'hood....

Sorry For Lack Of Posting

With crazy work schedule, opening of 'Cabaret', holiday visits, and feeling sick, I just haven't had the time. Fell behind too. The world is moving on at light speed....

Magical Butter Oil

I watch YouTube videos: this is the advertisement.

Isn't this like ... illegal?