Saturday, October 20, 2012

Interesting Albuquerque Signs III

San Mateo & Gibson Blvd.

Cars with googly eyes make me uneasy!

"No Maze Parking"

No visit to New Mexico is complete without a visit to Blake's Hamburgers!

Intelligent life anyone?

A lonely yogurt container sits upright and intact in a parking space in a deserted parking lot. Someone was in such a hurry that they simply forgot it. Albuquerque folk need to slow down!

Um, OK....

"A Better Way Of Living"

The neighborhood along South Old Coors Road shows signs of having experienced a strong influx of people recently from Mexico.  These fence murals separate the eyesore of a junkyard from the neighborhood beyond.

"No Dumping - By Order Of The Governor"

So there!

I've posted this coyote warning sign before, but it's still great!

David Guetta - I Can Only Imagine ft. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne

Crazy song; so infectious....

"Breaking Bad" Blog Post Updates

As promised, I have updated my Breaking Bad location reference blog posts. There are many new photos taken on my most recent visit to NM, during 2nd week of October. Have a look, and enjoy a virtual trip to ABQ!

Of course, no post changed so much as the one for Season 5 BrBa locations.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seahorse Sea Hell

Posted on the wall at Tucson Regional Ballet.

My Days With Tucson Community (Now Tucson Regional) Ballet

A few pictures of pictures in the portfolios of Tucson Regional Ballet.

1986 Auditions.

Marc as Hobgoblin.

Front, left is impish devil Elizabeth Baker.

Seated is Suzanne White.

Before And After - Corrales' Romero Road Fire

In June, 2012, a fire broke out in the riverside bosque in Corrales, NM.

Left: The Rio Grande River at Corrales' Romero Road bosque access. The Sandia Mountains loom in the background.

Here is a picture of the river in the bosque at the end of Romero Road in August, 2010.

The river here is showing signs of retrenchment, with the water running about three feet below the bank on the opposite side. This retrenchment process likely started with the completion of Cochiti Dam in 1974, which arrested the yazoo-making process of silt deposition. The dam has only a 100-year lifetime, so this retrenchment likely isn't permanent.

The bank has been here long enough that Russian Olive Trees have had a chance to grow to maturity in the middle distance - that has got to be at least ten years!

Note how narrow the gap across the river, and prone to spreading fire from flying sparks.

Here is a series of new pictures from October, 2012. This picture is from the west side of the river, near where the fire started.

The view across the river.

Lots of dead trees on the opposite side of the river, on Sandia Pueblo land, where most of the damage was done.

In principal, cottonwood trees can germinate readily here, but ONLY if the land is flooded first. That's unlikely to happen these days, so unless somebody decides they want the cottonwoods back, it's not going to happen.

Pretty views, though!

Monsters Thwart The 'Breaking Bad' Location Hunter

Some 'Breaking Bad' locations are hard to reach. One such area is the East Mesa area south of "Q" Studios, where the capricious opening and closing of gates on Los Picaros Blvd. hobbles the ability of people to explore.

Another such area is at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort, NW of Bernalillo, NM. There are three Breaking Bad sites near the power line north of the resort, but there are gates here too, and warning signs. Plus, the sites are on Santa Ana Pueblo land, so even if you make it past the resort, there is all that to contend with. Nevertheless, on this visit, I decided to press ahead.

Eeeee! A rattlesnake! Not all that common, but here one is, crossing the road!

I don't know whether it's my father's invention, or a transmogrified Indian legend, or whatever, but my understanding as a kid was that this prominent volcanic neck is an ancient monster frozen into stone! Eeeeee! I'm so close!

Eeeeeee! I'm right next to the monster!

Sure enough, at the stables, the resort people intervened in my quest and insisted that I return empty-handed. At least there are nice views of the Sandia Mountains, the bosque near the river, and the strange grassland right next to the resort!

Lamy, NM

Train station in Lamy, NM.

I was curious about this railroad junction. I understand my grandmother lived here for a brief time many years ago when passenger rail traffic was thriving.

Older Santa Fe Southern locomotive.

Church in Lamy, where my grandmother likely worshipped.

There is a history museum in the pleasant and historic Legal Tender Restaurant devoted to the days of Fred Harvey, his girls, and the AT&SF railroad.

Cemetery in Lamy. Didn't see any Valdezes here.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Driving around Albuquerque on Monday, October 8th, near 'Lydia's House' from 'Breaking Bad', I noticed this parked sedan. Every window was broken out, with a boulder stuffed in the left, rear window, for good measure.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Freak Music Festival - Phoenix, AZ - Oct. 13, 2012

When I first arrived, there was a critical undermass of people. People were drifting out to a Food Court and Merchant Yard, so the numbers in the hall varied all evening from about fifteen to over a hundred.

Nevertheless, too much space gives ravers an opportunity to spread out, and they did so, as the mood moved them.

The DJs were great. Kelsey Barney and Julissa Veloz were awesome, as expected (video to be posted later). Met Rod Carillo too!

The spirit of the rave seemed to enter my bones as time passed. All of a sudden, people started approaching to share their rave knowledge with this neophyte. I couldn't master the simple step they were showing me (there must be a glitch in my brain). I bought a few items, like these whirly balls (which they showed me how to use). Kelsey Barney approached, took my foam rod with the blinking lights, posed provocatively with it, and danced away with it. That little minx! Well, if anyone deserves a rave toy, she does - she was very generous with her energy, giving it to the crowd this Saturday evening.

This is where all those sweaty evenings in Cardio Step class paid off. I was able to keep up with their energy expenditure. People shared their candy bracelets. People said the nicest things, like "You are AMAZING!" But it's all, as I replied, because I like to dance! And they do too!

At the end of the evening, a few asked what had brought me there. I said it was because I'd been following Kelsey Barney and Julissa Veloz for two years. "Of course you have!," one amused girl replied. One fellow showed his PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) tattoo on the inside of his lip. Awesome crowd!

The Freak Music Festival in Phoenix reminds me that there is nothing like the generosity of spirit of a rave. Such nice folk! PLUR, y'all!

Dinner With Deborah And James

Karl Schindwolf was able to reach me, and so he came over to dinner too: a gourmet Salmon - uh? - Pomme Frettes? In any event, it was a good time!

Shuttle Bus Trip From Tucson To Phoenix

Seemed to work pretty well. Passed by the U of A campus, and went to Sky Harbor Airport, where I rented a car.

Dance Rehearsal With Tucson Regional Ballet


A Walk Near Tanque Verde Rd., Pantano Wash, and Sabino Canyon Road


Walking The Dogs

Sasha, Ralph, Betty, Misha, and Zachary (if I haven't forgetten). But as long as they are walking, they don't care if you can't if you can't remember their names.

The Archives Of Tucson Regional Ballet

Founder Linda Walker was kind, and picked me up at the airport. She took me over to the offices and studios of Tucson Regional Ballet, where we communed over 30-years-worth of portfolios, pictures, posters, and newspaper articles.

The old studio, at 7661 E. Speedway Blvd.

The displays of the museum will be on these two walls of one of the dance studios.

Linda Walker demonstrates how the pictures will be hung.

Pictures of the pictures in the portfolios of the Tucson Regional Ballet.  Left, dancer Annette Paul.

Left:  Patty Mason.

Starting in 1994, Tucson Regional Ballet started staging 'A Southwest Nutcracker'.  This version of the Nutcracker has since become a city favorite!

Pima County Courthouse.  This was where I got married in December, 1987.