Sunday, June 09, 2019

Green Valley's Vertefee Cabaret Goes To The Big House

Great time!

Dancehall, Last Thursday Night

E. At The Crossroads

Slow-growing breast cancer was suspected a year ago, and diagnosed last August, but nothing has been done. A second biopsy last month has confirmed that even slow-growing cancer grows pretty fast. And so, decision time. Hopefully surgery can be scheduled this week, but the endless delays so far don't give me reassurance.

Origins 1982

It would be nice to know a little more about the origins of the musical "Rent." It seems to me that Laurie Anderson, such a big sensation in 1982, was the inspiration for the character Maureen.

We're Coming For You, Trumpers

A fight broke out on highway 118 in California after a white couple allegedly called a Latino family “beaners.”

According to a Twitter user with the handle @PattyMonstercx, her parents were cut off in traffic by the white couple.
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An included video shows the white couple getting out of their SUV to confront Patty’s family. A fight soon breaks out, which the white couple appears to lose.


Greeting A New Rescued Baby Elephant

I Don't Know These Dogs

Dog sitting this weekend, so spending a lot of hours on Canine Standard Time.

Walking Molly and Blue, we passed Mormon missionaries talking to a homeowner. I think: “Not interested in talking to any kind of missionaries while trying to control all this dog flesh.”

Suddenly the missionaries are right beside us. One asks: “Can I pet your dog?” Sounding dubious, I say “I suppose so.” The other asks: “What kind of dog is that?” I say, “I don’t know, I’m just a dog sitter. A wire-haired setter, or something.”

I’m acting like I don’t even know the dogs, or how they’ll react to strangers. Slow to arouse, but still on cue, Molly starts barking at them, and Blue growls. The missionaries prudently backed away. And so, we headed off to more canine-friendly fun.

Lucky The Pigeon

There was a crisis among the birds Friday morning. There was a huge commotion as every crow, scrub jay, mockingbird, and sparrow in the immediate neighborhood came flying through the treetops in pursuit of *something*. I couldn't figure out what it was, until I got up on the porch and could see into the neighbor's yard. A hawk had caught a pigeon. As the birds pressed in and distracted the hawk, the injured pigeon broke free and hid as best it could against a fence.

And so, needing recuperation time for the injuries inflicted by the hawk, Lucky the Pigeon joins other animals at the Wildlife Care Association, near McClellan Field. Thanks, Rachel, for the assistance.

Krystle Morales Came To Fierce Funk Class Today!

Rent's Due

View From Orbit

I like these:Since late last year, nine different astronauts from four nations have rotated through Expeditions 57, 58, and 59 aboard the International Space Station, which is still orbiting 250 miles above Earth more than 20 years since its first component was launched.

Lights of the upper-midwestern United States at night viewed from the International Space Station on May 10, 2019. The brightest spot (at left) is the Minneapolis–St. Paul area, with Chicago visible in the upper middle.