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A Shining Season (1979)

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Docudrama about the life of champion runner and UNM graduate John Baker, who became a coach/teacher in the APS system before succumbing to cancer. Based upon the book A Shining Season : the true story of John Baker as told by William J. Buchanan. Filmed around Albuquerque, including locations at public schools and the Albuquerque Academy. Starring Timothy Bottoms, Allyn Ann McLerie, Constance Forslund, Ed Begley Jr., Rip Torn, and Mason Adams.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

UNM Football Arena - SE quadrant University & Cesar Chavez


Offices - Bank -


Mexican restaurant - La Hacienda in Old Town?

Mural alongside La Hacienda

Old Town Bandshell

School - Calisthenics - Aspen School? - Named after the fellow, John Baker, later

John Baker Elementary School

John Baker Elementary School - Elementary school
12015-B Tivoli Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

Boonies - near Paradise Hills?

Doctor's office

UNM - near Zimmerman? - Library?

Running - thinking (35.158547°, -106.762689°)


Driving NB I-25, just south of Odelia Road - Under overpass - view of modern church there - visit to church - St. Paul's Lutheran Church


Principal's Office

Old Town? Cabaret....

Back yard....

Doctor's office


Doctor's office

Sandias near Kiwanis cabin?


UNM Golf Course?


Panorama of bus journey - about (35.205154°, -106.497313°)

Running (35.219916°, -106.481504°)

Run through stone gate



Doctor's Office

Church - St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Aspen School




Medical Offices

Aspen School

UNM Football Field

Eubank entrance to I-40 EB



Home - 201.... Doesn't seem to quite fit Country Club neighborhood.

St. Louis


The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

So. NM vista & lake?

Fenton Lake, NM

Walk down mining scree hill past ruined building - roughly (35.404241°, -106.153891°)

View from hilltop - roughly (35.403526°, -106.152595°)

Haneyville sign - Los Lunas (34.805019°, -106.719448°)

Trini's Bar and Lounge/ Pawn Shop - Original locations along Highway 6 likely long since erased

Wad of cash (34.804022°, -106.716608°)

Oliver's house

View of big city - NYC

Limo ride - Thinking SB 3rd St. - (35.085901°, -106.650164°)

Campus-looking place


Japanese performance


View from Highway 165 in the Sandias - (35.227084°, -106.403649°)


Vicinity of Hwy 285 and Main St. in Artesia

Hotel Artesia - Hotel
203 N 2nd St
Artesia, NM 88210

Hotel Artesia Barber Shop

Vicinity of Hwy 285 and Main St. in Artesia - NE corner

Artesia Alfalfa grower's Association and the Navajo refinery quite recognizable


ABQ Sunport - departures

View out hotel window - from general vicinity of Hyatt Regency, but hotel did not exist at this time

Artesia Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce

First Presbyterian Church - 402 W. Grand Avenue, Artesia, New Mexico, USA

Running Horse -

White Sands

RR crossing - Desert Road in South Valley

Haneyville again

Madrid NM

White Sands

Fenton Lake

White Sands

Views of SE NM

Helicopter Landing - We

Mr. Newton's House


Adobe House

We drilling rigs

Fenton Lake (possibly different lake?)


ABQ Civic Plaza, seen from SE - walking through plaza - heading west on Marquette

Drive - near San Ysidro?

White Sands

Near Valencia Middle School, east of Belen - Dirt road is what became the Manzano Expressway - Watching Indians on TV

Trevor's House

Space Pavilion

We gas station

Mr. Peter's Pool

Backstage - apartment

Mary Lou arrives

Building under construction - ABQ

Building lobby - Hotel Andaluz?

Hotel Plaza - TWA Airlines - Continental Airlines - 2nd & Tijeras

Liquor Store - Allstate Saving

Record store

Apparently MacArthur Park Boathouse

White Sands Missile Range acknowledged in credits

5150 Mall Cop (2005)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Security hiring service

Winrock Mall



View of Neve's Uniforms & Equipment, 2520 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Apartment Complex

Convenience market - Moon Station, 8920 Menaul Blvd NE.

Ride in car

Drive behind volcanoes (35.080940°, -106.797811°)

Also (35.136123°, -106.785850°)

Get out of car (35.131455°, -106.785742°)

Convenience market

(Flyer for Atomic Cantina)

Atomic Cantina

Apartment Complex

Mahjong house

Van crash

Pennsylvania Pl. & Hoffman Dr. NE, NW corner

Nighttime WW Drive

Bike ride

Convenience market


WW Drive

Room 44 - Probably ABQ Elevate Apts., 1001 Louisiana Blvd. NE, adjacent to Warren West

Sitting on corner


Room 44

Bridge - Where is this? Not in immediate ABQ area. - Indian Service Route 88 - (35.527549°, -106.374073°)


WW Leaves parking lot

Drive back

Pool. Executive East Apartments, near Moon and Northeastern Blvd. NE.

Fancy Bldg.

Pulp Faction Copy Center is currently at 200 3rd St NW, Suite 26, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102, but probably not location used in the film. Instead, an office building close to Winrock is more likely. Bank of the West Tower is a good fit.

Bank of the West Tower.

Bank of the West Tower.

Executive East Apartments, near Moon and Northeastern Blvd. NE

Thanks given to Sonic Burger on Isleta and Warren West Apartments, and Santo Domingo Pueblo

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Why Do Guys Have Trouble With The Um Biblical Cord?

E.: So, Joe the Plumber had exactly the same surgery you did yesterday?

M.: Yes, the doctors fixed an umbilical hernia on Joe exactly a year ago.

E.: What is with guys that they have trouble with the Um Biblical cord?

C.: The doctors cut off the umbilical cord when you are born.

E.: No, they don't cut it off. The Um Biblical cord falls off on its own, you dummy!

(Ow! It hurts to laugh! I can't control the laughter. It hurts. OW!!!)

Monday, December 09, 2019

Amazon Moving to NYC Anyway

Victory is sweet!:
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was one of the progressive leaders in New York City credited with blocking $3 billion in public subsidies for Amazon to open an additional headquarters.

But Amazon is moving into NYC despite the lack of subsidies.

“The giant online retailer said it has signed a new lease for 335,000 square feet on the city’s west side in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood, where it will have more than 1,500 employees,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “Amazon is taking the space without any of the special tax credits and other inducements the company had been offered to build a new headquarters in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City, the company said.”

Big Waves

Pretty cool!
(CNN)The bomb cyclone that pounded the West Coast last week brought with it some of the tallest waves ever recorded off the California coast.

A monstrous 75-foot wave was recorded about 20 miles off the coast of Cape Mendocino in northern California, according to the University of California, San Diego's Coastal Data Information Program.

In the 15 years the program has operated a station in that location, the significant wave height -- or the average height of the tallest third of waves that occur over 30 minutes -- typically doesn't exceed 10 feet tall during the winter.

How Did I Get Here?

"The Gift" - Galena Street East - Hiram Johnson High School - December 7, 2019

Excellent review of Christmas songs and dances. Oddly enough, after all these years, first Galena show I've ever seen. A final chance for Lizzy Carey to show off her singing and dancing skills in the Galena pageant.
The Anti Boba Boba Club. I was intrigued by the cryptic message of this hooded sweatshirt. Fellow wearing it says it's basically meaningless - a satire on the Anti Social Social Club.

Almost Normal in This Part of the Sacramento Valley

It seemed like it rained a lot on the weekend, but the statistics say not so much. Still, we are 94% for the season (since Oct. 1st) at Sacramento Executive Airport - close to normal. There won't be much rain until Dec. 20th, or so, so we'll slip behind, again, but at least we are competitive.

Surgery Day - Sutter Medical Center - December 9, 2019

I was born an Innie. Then something happened....

Here is the Before view, as seen from above on Sunday December 8th, of the Incredible Outtie That Ate Tokyo. The skin is thin enough to provide a perfect window into my interior. I bet it was quite sunny in there on many afternoons. Reminds me a bit of the movie "Alien."

Here I am as an Innie again, as seen from the front on the afternoon of Monday December 9th, shortly after Ventral Umbilical Hernia surgery. Whatever it takes to be an Innie again.

Apparently they use a lot of specialized epoxies these days to seal wounds these days. Bandages have drawbacks, like retaining moisture and providing a haven for germs.

After surgery, Rachel came over to visit and keep me company. We sat on the steps in front of my house, which oddly enough, were quite warm and protected from the breeze on a sunny December afternoon. Suddenly I began sweating profusely, and almost fainted. They ask you to show up for surgery quite dehydrated, and given the circumstances after surgery, I was very vulnerable to even the slightest heat. Superman, I ain't. I'm glad I had the foresight to do this surgery in December rather than the doctor's preference, August.

Sutter Medical Center, my home away from home, at 5:30 a.m. on Monday December 9th. Chris and Erlynda were kind enough to accompany me to the hospital.

The second-floor Pedestrian Walkway from the parking garage over 29th St. to the hospital.

Nice lobby at a modern hospital.

Mystery sign.

Giving myself a chlorhexidine bath was interesting. Big wipes, big area to cover, but I tried to do it well given my self-interest. Also interesting was the special antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash, to limit the possibility of getting pneumonia.

Dr. London, the surgeon, popped by to see how I was doing.

Gathering information.

Things can get tiring.

They wheeled me to the operating room. I assisted my transfer from the gurney to the operating table. I admired the enormous lights above the operating table, even though the lights were still off. They would be awesome to see in all their brightness when they were turned on.

The anesthesiologist (Dr. Melvin) put an oxygen mask on my face. Air flow seemed good. Then an unaccountable amount of time passed by. Didn't even see Dr. London, the surgeon.

Then I was waking up in a recovery ward. Before long it was time to boot me out.

Now comes the hopefully less-dramatic 4 to 6 to 12 week healing process. (Depends on who you ask - Joe the Plumber insists it's a one-year process, after receiving the identical surgery a year ago.)