Friday, March 19, 2004

Various Random Posts

Kylie Causes Accidents
An Amazing Archaeological Find
The Bar Mitzvah From Hell
Theater News

Here is the Davis Enterprise's review for "Guys and Dolls".

Last night, the DMTC crowd saw the final dress rehearsal for Garbeau's Dinner Theater's "Jesus Christ Superstar". I thought the stage was too small for the dancers - their movements were hemmed in. Sometimes there isn't much you can do with a small stage, though.
Carol Lee Pace, RIP

On Friday, March 12th, my cousin Carol Lee Pace passed away in Phoenix after a long illness. On Monday night, my sisters and I rendezvoused at Sky Harbor Airport for the memorial service to be held the next day. The three of us stayed overnight in a single suite at the pleasant Homewood Suites.

The memorial service was nice, even though the occasion was sad. I will miss Carol Lee's humor and presence: at the service I mentioned how she was like a little sister to my mom, and a big sister to me. Despite her absence from the memorial service, Carol Lee was unusually thoughtful regarding our needs for the day: she arranged for and paid in advance for the flowers. She also arranged to donate her body to science. Several of us, in a moment of gallows humor, speculated that she would end up as a crash test dummy: I mentioned this scandal and suggested other fates. In any event, her ashes will be returned in a few weeks.

It was great seeing my sisters, my two aunts, and numerous cousins (although I did miss seeing my art friends Deborah, James, and Doug on this quick trip). Cousin John seemed unusually attentive - I guess we all need to pay closer attention to each other from now on.
More Tales of Sacramento at Night

I was walking my dog Sparky at 1 a.m. on the morning of Saturday March 13th when I noticed what looked like smoke passing through the trees at a small park at Second Ave. and 21st Street. Looking more closely, I realized the smoke was actually vast amounts of pollen coming from the trees themselves. Interesting!