Saturday, November 12, 2016

Losing That Civilized Edge

I'm so lost in the world of the Internet, I'm only lightly inhabiting the real world. I went into the kitchen and found a squirrel scavenging in the trash can. Before you know it, raccoons will move in.

Several months ago, there was an exasperated plea on the Neighborhood Curtis Park website. A man had finally lost patience with the large family of raccoons living in his living room chimney. Next year, that man will be me.

The Greatest Adverb

Some of that Maori Spirit!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump is the Least-Legitimate President-Elect in American History

Actually, it's quite striking. Trump is the least-legitimate President-Elect in American history:

It now looks like Trump will win the electoral college 306 to 232. That's not final but that's pretty sure to be the result. But he will likely lose the popular vote by as much as 1 to 2 percentage points - perhaps two or three times the size of Gore's margin. (At the moment it's only about 200,000+ votes. But it will certainly grow as lots of additional votes on the West Coast get counted.)

By contrast, George W. Bush won the electoral college 271 to 266 and lost the popular vote by about half a million votes. In other words, they diverged but Bush only barely squeaked out a electoral vote victory.

Trump's electoral vote lead isn't quite a blow out but it's a big margin - 74 electoral votes.

Obviously this doesn't matter for the result. But I think it's worrisome for the country as a general matter. It's bad for everyone when these two counts diverge just for basic democratic legitimacy reasons.

Lakers vs. Kings at the New Golden One Arena - 11/11/16

Strange atmosphere. Show biz and spectacle. But the Kings threw away their lead, as usual.

Halftime featured the astonishing Sofie Dossi - only 14 years old! She fired an arrow! Amazing!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Little Disturbing Out On Interstate 5

Traveling at 75 mph, almost didn't see the pedestrian walking along right at the edge of the lane. Moved aside so someone could pass by at 77 mph. Cop stopped his speeding ass.

Evil Triumphs

Not moving anywhere. There are always ways to resist.

What worries me is that Trump has burned all his bridges in this campaign. He will get no cooperation at all from any Democrat. So, dictatorship is what we'll get. It won't be pretty.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Trump's Troll Army Is Having a Hard Time Voting


A number of threads appeared on /pol/ today indicating that Trump supports either hadn’t remembered to—or didn’t know they were supposed to—register to vote in order participate in this great American democracy. There’s a delicious irony in seeing the same people who proclaimed an incompetent candidate’s ability to save the United States fail to grasp how that same country’s electoral laws work.

Pleasant and Orderly

OK, Let's Do This

He Will Hurt You

The Wall

Today's Agenda

The time is now:

PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — A 102-year-old Prescott, Arizona, woman born before women gained the right to vote in America has cast her ballot early and voted for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Jerry Emmett is urging other Arizonans to follow her lead and use the state’s early voting system.

Emmett made headlines in July at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia where she carried a blue-and-white sign that read “Centenarian for Hillary.”

Dammit, The Sun's Not Up Yet

Awake too early. This happened last year too. Just too excited. Still, clown-kicking requires daylight.

A shout-out to my Fellow Historical Figures, Daniel Watts and Cheryl Bly-Chester, and wishing a little bit that we were on today's ballot.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Says What She Thinks

God bless those with disordered thinking - they say what they think.

After the Prop. 61 rally, I was walking down J Street when a woman with two young children approached on the sidewalk. The woman was carrying a Prop. 61 Bernie poster. Suddenly she shouted "Fuck Shillary! I hope Trump wins!"

Those two kids? This is how liberals are born.

'Yes On Proposition 61' Rally at the California State Capitol, with Guest Speaker Bernie Sanders

Jonathan Rothman relaxes on a bench at the California State Capitol.

Zumba compatriot Stephanie Roberson of the California Nurse's Association speaks at the event!