Friday, April 24, 2015


Love Me Some Toles

Osmani Garcia Ft. Pitbull, Sensato - El Taxi

California Skiing These Days

How To Wine

Went to dancehall class last night. Gaining confidence, but still a ways to go.

How to wine - feminine & masculine styles.

Favorite Song From Disco Days

Funeral Service For Marie Petersen

On Sunday afternoon, many theater friends and others gathered in the Rosemont neighborhood to bid bon voyage to our friend, Marie Petersen.

Chris Petersen sends this remembrance video:

Marie Petersen's Memorial Slideshow

Here is the video slideshow that was played at my mothers memorial service. Thank you so much Uncle Ricky and Aunt Christi for putting this beautiful video together!

Posted by Chris Petersen on Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"The Little Shop of Horrors" - Woodland Opera House

On Friday April 17th, "The Little Shop of Horrors" opened at Woodland Opera House.

Fun show. Certain things were notable. A visible female (Deborah Hammond) as the plant voice. Unusually dark lighting. Quirky characters. I liked the Georgia O'Keefe symbolism of the female plant (Fellow DMTC clan members thought my interpretation was daft.) Gil was great as Mr. Mushnik.

Spencer Alexander as Seymour.

Candy Cuts A Cake Celebrating Her Upcoming Nuptials


Egads! Gary is dropping temptation on me! A 7-day Zumba cruise from Ft. Lauderdale next January. 137 instructors. (I wonder if it comes with luxury buffets too, like more decadent boats?) Boat tix from $1,700 to nearly $10,000.

If you are determined to work out a lot, why not do it on a boat far from shore?

A Word Or Two About Britt McHenry

Despite Britt McHenry's disastrous public stumble I can't help but sympathize with her vigorous candor and refreshing lack of hypocrisy. Her directness reminds me of some Australians I've met. Britt has been working very hard on her skill sets. Very, very hard. She has mastered modern media, invested in teeth, and kept her weight appealingly low. Yet, she is subject to the misrule of an overweight, uneducated, inert woman with no media skills and bad teeth who collects tolls like a modern-day troll and bakes away in the metallic heat of some remote trailer. Is this fair? I'd say not. The world is a hard and unfair place. Even bovine cretins get a say.

Beginning To Crawl Out The Book Hole Again

Submitted my final draft for "A Guidebook to 'Breaking Bad' Filming Locations (Including first season of 'Better Call Saul').