Thursday, June 06, 2019

A-Star - Balaya


Really liked the new biopic/musical about Elton John. The Rocketman/Pool sequence is awesome. Very clever - "All this science I don't understand" referring to first aid:

The first rock concert I ever attended was start of senior year in high school - September 3, 1973 - when Elton John played at the University of New Mexico Basketball Arena (The Pit). Awesome!

Elton John counseled the audience to be patient, because he was about to play a series of still unreleased new songs from his new album “Good-bye Yellow Brick Road”. "It can be hard to hear songs for the first time," he said. Thus, I heard a series of fantastic songs for the very first time, live, like “Grey Seal”, and the encore song, “Saturday Night’s All Right For Fightin’”!

And who can forget how he captured the world's mourning hearts in 1997?:

Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Zumba Class 30 Squat Challenge

Jasper Just Can't Get The Squirrel

One-Stop Gerrymandering Shop

It looks like the good guys got lucky here (although whether it's enough for court purposes is still unclear). For all their gerrymandering needs, the GOP relied on one person, and his files are now exposed:
And on Thursday, they dropped the first bombshell from Hofeller’s hard drives: A key portion of a 2015 memo written by Hofeller appeared in a draft Justice Department letter used to justify the Trump administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the census. Hofeller’s memo, which explains why the citizenship question would boost the voting power of “Republicans and non-Hispanic Whites,” indicates that administration officials lied about the reason for adding the question.

There are sure to be more revelations from the Hofeller files to come, driving home the downside of using a single consultant to mastermind redistricting across multiple states and decades.

I'll Ignore You

Too Many Choices