Friday, February 19, 2016

"Let All The Poisons That Lurk In The Mud Hatch Out"

So far, I'm loving this Presidential election contest. "Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out." And hatching they are!

Today, in Salon, there is a discussion about the Clinton/Sanders battle:

"The thing about Clinton’s newfound identity politics crusade that has planted so many palms across left-wing faces is that Clinton is brazenly channeling the latest racial and gender justice discourse to block a racially diverse working-class assault on the oligarchy she has long defended—it’s just too much."

Claudius would have appreciated all this (3:00-9:50).


Poor Kanye

Don't throw your money away on any of those boring old charities or another Taylor Swift album. Get with it! Quoting Mr. West:
I am Warhol. I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney. Nike. Google. Now who's gonna be the Medici family and stand up and let me create more!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Niche Shark

Saw this walking Bella. Don't understand it.

"Buffy The Vampire Slayer 'Once More With Feeling'" - A Fundraiser For Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen

Interesting, this episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". I never watched the series, so I was unfamiliar with the show. Performances were uneven, but Andy Hyun was great as Sweet, a Demon.

"Big Fish" - Runaway Stage Productions

Almost forgot to post about "Big Fish"! I liked the musical quite a bit. Cast was led by Darryl Strohl as Edward Bloom, with Carolyn Watling playing his wife, Sandra. Enjoyable to see Pam Kay Lourentzos, Michele Burnett, Jenny Plasse, Ana Hansen, and Kara Koyasako perform, among others. A very charming musical!

Kashkari Gets Wary About The Big Banks

This is a big surprise! All the outsider candidates are running against TARP and the Big Bailouts. Kashkari RAN TARP, and he's turned on his baby!:
Mr. Kashkari, who joined the Minneapolis Fed in January after a postcrisis stint at the investment management firm Pimco and an unsuccessful run for governor of California, responded that he was calling things as he saw them. He said his views on financial regulation were shaped by the crisis, convincing him that strong, simple safeguards are the most sensible.

“If I’m not willing to stand up and share my concerns, then I wouldn’t be doing my job,” he said.

Emergency Equipment Rapture

A few years ago, I arrived home late at night and found my house surrounded by fire engines. Scared me to death! There had been a fire next door, but my house was unscathed.

Last night, I arrived home late and found a fire engine and an ambulance in front of my house. Scared me to death!

The emergency vehicles were idling in the street, but strangely, there was no one there. No paramedics, no firemen, no bystanders: just many tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment idling in the street. It was as if The Rapture had occurred, and all the people had vaporized. Except me, of course. Of course!

I fantasized about driving away with a fire engine, or an ambulance, but decided against it since where would I go? (Although I suppose I could drive to Davis and show off to my friends there.) As it turned out, the paramedics and firemen were all next door, attending to someone's health, about which they couldn't divulge any details. I'm always mystified why the city sends out a fire engine when they already know they don't need one, but rules are rules, I suppose.

Punked by Trump AGAIN!

Auburn Road Performed 'Tuff Girl' On "Good Day, Sacramento" This Morning!

Auburn Road performed 'Tuff Girl' on "Good Day, Sacramento" this morning! Great harmonies!

"Better Call Saul" - Season 2, Episode 1, "Switch"

OldeSaultie takes the first shot:

Subject: 201 - spoiler locations

pool/bar - Tamaya

Pryce's home - 7729 Robin Ave NE

Davis & Main - ?????

My response:
Pool is very likely Tamaya Resort.

Bar is very likely Vintage 423, 8000 Paseo Del Norte Blvd NE (Breadsticks from Season 1), although I am puzzled by the apparent outside wall (it may be fake). I’d be surprised if it’s actually Tamaya, unless they make these bars to nearly identical designs.

My friend Bruce just moved away from the neighborhood of 7729 Robin Ave. NE, just before it appeared in “Better Call Saul”. Just like he had moved away from the neighborhood of The Grove Restaurant, just before it appeared in “Breaking Bad”.

Davis and Main: Special Collections Library, New Mexico History and Archives, 423 Central Ave. NE, at the intersection of Edith and Central, just one block from Mike Ehrmantraut’s House. I visit the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center (HGRC) there sometimes. Until the mid-70’s it was the main branch of the Albuquerque Public Library. I spent many hours here, back in the day. Damn, it looks good here!

Lots of views of familiar sites. The Parking Garage (Level 3). What strikes me is how often the pillars change colors. In "Pimento", the columns were blue. When I visited last August, they were red. Last night, in "Switch", they were white. These must be the most-frequently painted columns in the Southwest.

Cinnabon, and the nearby Horn Toad Emporium, in Cottonwood Mall. Tracking the graffiti in "Better Call Saul".

Bernalillo County Annex. Toll Booth. Nail Salon. Power Plant in Algodones.

And the Hyatt Tamaya Resort, of course. Nick adds:
Hello Marc! I loved the first episode last night, and saw your comments somewhere on FB about Tamaya being the shooting location. I just wanted to add a few things I have learned from a colleague who was there at Tamaya with his family during filming. The crew erected large walls to block off the "Lazy River" pool on the far north end so that fans could not see anything. Also, all the poolside ornamentations (tables, palms, etc.) were brought in for filming, as that pool area is normally rather spartan. My colleague knows someone in management there, and got the inside scoop as to *what* was being filmed there last July, because it was all rather hush-hush. He has pics from the outside (e.g., semis, etc.).

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ruinous February

The journey through February, typically Sacramento's second-wettest month, has turned from a lark into a dusty Saharan camel ride. It's so warm too! Feels just like spring.

Our winter, whose rainfall had been almost normal, is in danger of being ruined. At Sacramento Executive Airport, we had been at 90% of normal precipitation. Now we are at 77%, and dropping fast.

Nevertheless, a storm should roll through Northern California starting Wednesday night. Hoping for the best!

There are some indications March will start off wet. May the odds be ever in our favor.

Newbie At The CORE Contemporary Dance Rehearsal

London at CORE rehearsal

Some cuteness for your Monday! The littlest #understudy - London Leighton - rehearsing with CORE! Don't miss #Rise on March 26 Harris Center/Three Stages at Folsom Lake College.

Posted by CORE Contemporary Dance on Monday, February 15, 2016

Bella And I Head North

Recently, Bella and I have been heading north and passing under elevated Highway 50 (aka, the W-X Freeway) on our late-night rambles around town. On Saturday nights we get to see the merchants setting up for the Farmer's Market early on Sunday.

Bella is fond of the nice neighborhood over there on Poverty Ridge. There is some peculiarity around the Merryhill School I don't understand. It sounds like someone on school grounds periodically whistles a faint signal, but I'm puzzled, because the school is apparently deserted. Last time we passed there, I noticed someone standing in the darkness across the street. A coincidence? Dunno, so keeping my eyes open.

On our way back we pass through the Highway 50 underpass on 26th Street. There is often a homeless man sleeping across the street on the sidewalk there. Sometimes we see him sitting in his sleeping bag and checking his phone. He sees us too and has noted our routine. He's started waving hello. I wave back.

Thursday Night Afterclass Video

Dancehall PowerUp was a blast's a video of just how FIYAH HOT it was during the AFTER class video shoot. Hahahahaaaaa Thank you peeps for your enthusiasm and participation...lets keep this #dancehallpowerup thang going strong! #dancehalltodiworld #iloveit #ondwall #myclassrocks #thursdaynightsOne Love,Toya ❤️

Posted by Toya on Friday, February 12, 2016

South Carolina Republican Debate Recap (2/13/16)

I had read that the last Republican debate was a real disaster, so I watched this abbreviated video, and found I disagreed. Very interesting at every level:

6:39 - 12:03 Middle East discussion; Bush against Trump
16:05 - 21:35 Illegal immigration
24:45 - 27:22 Trump vs. Cruz

Justice Scalia and Factual Innocence

I believe it was Justice Stevens who wrote that courts are particularly good at one thing, at making decisions. Still, decisions can go awry. Justice Scalia advocated not allowing claims of factual innocence, by themselves, from impeding executions, as the Troy Davis case illustrated. Particularly in these days of improving forensic science, and with long-standing problems regarding false testimony, I have a problem with that:
If you are a wrongfully convicted man or woman in this country, it is extremely difficult—if not outright impossible—to win your case by advancing the simple argument that you are innocent. Sounds crazy, right? But it’s true. The Supreme Court has repeatedly declined to hold that the federal Constitution allows for so-called freestanding claims of innocence, that is, the right to be let out of prison simply because you didn’t do it, without any other “technical” violation to back up your argument. In the United States, the inmate who raises a compelling case of innocence after a constitutionally proper trial may well be doomed.

A New Earthquake in Christchurch

Here we go again with the earthquakes! Makes me nervous since Andrew lives in Diamond Harbour. In 2011, from the majestic view he has from his house, he saw rockfalls just like the ones at Godley Head, but at Lyttelton instead.

Lucky Break

For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Mountain Biking

Brandon Semenuk's Stunning One-Shot Ride

Video of the Year

Posted by Outside Television on Friday, January 1, 2016

Meeting The Son Of Fred Trump

“Trump Meets the Honeymooners”

“Trump Meets the Honeymooners”—funny, and perfect for Throw Back Thursdays!!!#DonaldTrump #tcot #p2 #GorillaPig1 @GorillaPig1 Video by Paul Sibbald posted by Gorilla Pig™.

Posted by Gorilla Pig on Thursday, February 11, 2016