Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Scrub Jay Horseplay

There's been a family of four Scrub Jays hanging around the house the last few days. It's wonderful! The young ones were playing pretty aggressively. One knocked it's brother over on his back and made as if to attack him. Never seen that before!

Another Day Down At The Courts

Step One Dance And Fitness - 2014 Spring Recital - 06/21/14

Great time watching the students dance!


Annual Sierra Picnic, East Portal Park, 06/21/14

Social Distortion - California (Hustle and Flow) - Live 2011

Like Mark Bolan and Tina Turner had a love child:

"Well, I was born, babe, with nothing to lose
But the black man taught me how to sing the blues
Made a little life outta rock 'n' roll
And that crazy California hustle and flow"