Thursday, October 30, 2014

So, Maybe They Did Find Amelia Earhart's Airplane!

A sheet of aluminum:
Even a piece of metal can get a second chance. In 1991, a group of researchers investigating the disappearance of Amelia Earhart found a sheet of aluminum on the island of Nikumaroro in the Western Pacific. Earhart’s plane, a Model 10 Electra, mysteriously vanished near the island on July 2, 1937. This piece of metal, a sheet 19 inches by 23 inches and made of the same material as Earhart’s plane, looked like it could be the first piece of the aircraft ever found.

The problem was its odd shape and size, which didn’t seem to fit any part of the Electra. “We finally reached the point that we decided that it couldn’t be from Earhart’s plane,” said Richard Gillespie of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, which has spent 26 years and made 10 expeditions to investigate the mystery surrounding Earhart’s disappearance.

The team then looked at every other kind of plane that could’ve flown over the Pacific at that time. But, again, nothing fit.

“Earlier this year, around June, I threw up my hands,” Gillespie said. “I didn’t know what the heck this thing is.”

Then the team noticed that in pictures taken of the Electra as it took off from Miami on June 1, 1937, the plane had a shiny patch near its tail, covering what had been a specially made window. This patch, Gillespie explained, was an improvised repair, and so was completely unique to Earhart’s plane. Could the sheet be this patch? “My first reaction was: This is a Hail Mary pass,” he said.

The team further analyzed the old photo and turned to a restored Electra to see how such a piece of metal would have been attached. After closer examination, they realized that the sheet perfectly matched in size, shape, and patterns of rivet holes. Even tears along the edges of the sheet aligned with where rivets would’ve been. “It’s like a fingerprint,” Gillespie said.

Interesting Yuba City Signs VI

Nice Inn Motel.
Shooters Paradise.
Alice doesn't live here any more. "Feed Me" label crushed into the parking lot pavement at Hometown Buffet.
Strange to see this notice on a Burger King.  How could you even enforce such a ban?  Went inside, and saw a family happily videotaping themselves eating burgers.  So, basically, you can't enforce a ban.  I asked about the ban and got a vague response about people selling things in the parking lot outside. Explains the 'no solicitation', but....
Koala Bear Kare Baby Hanging Station.
Oh, here's that Rent-a-Ape that was flogging insurance down the street just a few weeks ago.
"Le plane! Le plane!"
A variety of agricultural supplies for sale here.
Lov-In Chiropractic.
Good Seed Bible School.
Sutter Buttes Tea Party. I wanted to slow down and take a better picture, but there was a warning sign I couldn't quite read and didn't quite like. Plus, I'm a liberal, so time to push on....

Interesting Rancho Cordova Signs I

Sadly, it looks like Gold Town - Jewelry and Gold Teeth is no longer operating.
Tiger Self-Storage
Sun Barber.  Lots of Korean influence in Rancho Cordova.  One side effect is interesting names.
The Rink
Smile Food Market.
Titanic Insurance.
Higher education.
Blow Lounge.
Still have problems with the sign at Jame's Beauty Supply.
Moose Family Center.
Almost every Sunday, I eat at Golden Bowls Mongolian bar B-Q, and get even more addicted to the cuisine.
I like the paper lanterns.

DMTC 2014 Halloween Karaoke And Dance

Kylie Minogue - White Diamond [Showgirl Homecoming Tour]

Because she's awesome!

Various Helpful Astronomy Videos

Used these in my class....

That Damned Streak Is Still There

Not happy about that.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sacramento Choral Society - Stained Glass Concert

Before the concert.
Reception room after the concert.
Last year's Christmas concert, "Home For The Holidays II" (featuring Guest Artist Tevye Ditter) is now for sale and available in their online store.