Thursday, October 30, 2014

Interesting Yuba City Signs VI

Nice Inn Motel.
Shooters Paradise.
Alice doesn't live here any more. "Feed Me" label crushed into the parking lot pavement at Hometown Buffet.
Strange to see this notice on a Burger King.  How could you even enforce such a ban?  Went inside, and saw a family happily videotaping themselves eating burgers.  So, basically, you can't enforce a ban.  I asked about the ban and got a vague response about people selling things in the parking lot outside. Explains the 'no solicitation', but....
Koala Bear Kare Baby Hanging Station.
Oh, here's that Rent-a-Ape that was flogging insurance down the street just a few weeks ago.
"Le plane! Le plane!"
A variety of agricultural supplies for sale here.
Lov-In Chiropractic.
Good Seed Bible School.
Sutter Buttes Tea Party. I wanted to slow down and take a better picture, but there was a warning sign I couldn't quite read and didn't quite like. Plus, I'm a liberal, so time to push on....

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