Friday, October 18, 2013

Lorde - Royals

I had heard somewhere that Lorde was Maori, but that is apparently not true. According to Wikipedia she grew up in Devonport, just outside Auckland, a community strongly resembling Sausalito. Her mom is a prize-winning poet. So, a comfortable, gorgeous place where words are taken seriously. Agreed, the controversy is ridiculous.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Blurts - "Baby Blue"

They sing in front of the Acme Yard Murals!

Interview With Bindi Irwin

She's growing up!

Hard to forget those traumatic days in 2006, when she momentarily focused the entire world's attention to the Crocosseum in Beerwah.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The GOP Folds

And so, after having seized the creditworthiness of the USA (a hostage it couldn't shoot, by the way), thrown markets into chaos for weeks, presented an ever-changing and ever-growing list of non-negotiable demands, thrown a grand mal tantrum that was supposed to demonstrate its supposed fiscal maturity and rectitude (and also con the rubes out of fundraising money), the GOP folds. Like it was obvious weeks ago that they had to do.

And it will happen all over again in February, in just the same way, and maybe even worse, unless we get wise to this infantile behavior. It's important not just to celebrate the continued functioning of the US Government, but to actively humiliate Republicans for supporting this nonsensical approach to governing. Make them feel the burn of your contempt.

And now, Obama looks better:

Holly's First Steps

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Breaking Bad" Upgrade Done

I have upgraded my "Breaking Bad" locations posts to include site visits from my most-recent trip to Albuquerque (Sept. 26 - Oct. 6). I've added a new post for my locations 'Wish List', plus additional material of Breaking Bad Fan Culture as I encounter it in the future. Cross-references have been improved and more photos have been added.

It was a very interesting week. The biggest surprise (since it was so unexpected) was meeting Patty, one of Breaking Bad's three Tarantulas. The biggest disappointment was traveling to the "Confessions" Sand Dune, and realizing only once I got back to Sacramento that I had visited the wrong Sand Dune. No problem. The goal of all of this is to understand Albuquerque better anyway, and it just means I'll need to make another visit in the future.

These locations posts can be accessed from the new post.

The Oblivion Of Pajarito Mesa

It is illegal to purchase property out here. Pajarito Mesa is not a squatter community, technically - an illegal community, maybe - and has no mail delivery and limited water and electricity. There was a great article about it in the New York Times back in 2010.
But they do have a Neighborhood Association.
Pajarito Revival.

The oblivion of Pajarito Mesa.

Remote Sand Dune. Way, way, way, way out, at the end of a very rough, bumpy and sandy Los Padillas SW.

At first, I thought this was where Walt, Jesse and Saul rendezvous. Upon returning to Sacramento and reviewing the geography, I realized I missed the actual location.

The correct sand dune is probably at:

(34.995928°, -106.863600°)

The one I took considerable risks to travel to was this one.
(34.981448°, -106.865869°)

I could have wrecked the Ford Fiesta econo-car on these terrible roads! Dagnabit!

I'm so ronery; Oh, so ronery!
Sand Dune.
Sand Dune, and the Ford Fiesta.

Curses, Christian Diaz de Bedoya!

Sand Dune, and the Ford Fiesta.
Slope failure.
Lots of illegal dumping out here.
ATV and motorbike riders leave me in their dust.
Power lines to the horizon.
Mysterious vehicle.
A horse takes it all in.

Acme Yard Murals

Off Second Street in Albuquerque's North Valley, a magnificent gallery of the finest street murals anywhere can be found. Acme Iron and Metal is host to this art gallery, on the outside of its north fence.