Saturday, April 13, 2019

Rx (2003 production, 2005 release)

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AKA: Simple Lies. Crime Thriller. A weekend party across the border turns treacherous. Starring Eric Balfour, Colin Hanks, Lauren German, Alan Tudyk, Lady Victoria Hervey, Ori Pfeffer, Daniel Pino. Filmed around Albuquerque and Sunland Park.

Notes on Individual Scenes

Opening - Within view of Cabezon - Unresolved - maybe off Highway 550

16th St. & Park Ave. SW - 1524 Park Ave. SW

Route 66 Diner, 1405 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM.

Hotel -

Apartment -

Various California scenes - presumably Juarez

Fancy House

Power line road




Fancy House again

Drive to Hospital

Carniceria - La Fuente - 2603 Mcnutt Road, Sunland Park, NM

Motel Encanto

Border Crossing

Soundman (1998)

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Last updated: May 30, 2019

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Wayne Pere, Eliane Chappuis, Liane Curtis, William Forsythe, Wes Studi, Danny Trejo, Tamlyn Tomita, Matt Sorum, Nick Stahl, Liane Curtis, Audie England. Albuquerque and Santa Fe locations stand in for Los Angeles.

Notes on Individual Scenes



Outside Studio - Horse, on set

Gun store

John Koyama's Apartment


Hurricane's Restaurant, 4330 Lomas Blvd NE.

Drive SW on Cerrillos Blvd. in Santa Fe, near Camino Carlos Rey.

Alley chase

Astro Burger - probably LA

Hadley Car Wash, 1260 Siler Rd, Santa Fe, NM

J & R Pawn Shop (At first, I thought this might be Classic Jewelry and Loan, 7715 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, but probably not.)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Urban Justice (2007)

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Last updated: March 2, 2020

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AKA: Once Upon a Time in the Hood. Action. A man seeks vengeance for the murder of his son. Starring Steven Seagal, Kirk B.R. Woller, Cory Hart, Josh Berry, and Mikki Padilla. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Algodones, Santa Fe Airport.

Notes on Individual Scenes

Home - 9805 ... Unresolved


Garfield Ave. & Cross-Street - maybe John St. SE.


East Mesa Auto Electric, 145 Wisconsin St. NE (35.075931°, -106.551507°)

MG's Grand Liquors, NW corner of Wisconsin and Central Ave. NE.

Police Dept., 400 Roma Ave. NW, as seen from Marquette Avenue.

Police Dept.





Driving South on 2nd SW?

Across street from basketball court - Guadalupe Park, 207 Cromwell Ave. SE.

Across street from basketball court - Guadalupe Park, 207 Cromwell Ave. SE.

Basketball court - Guadalupe Park, 207 Cromwell Ave. SE.

4th & Central - Anodyne Bar

Chase - Chico & Wisconsin.

One way street - Unresolved

Second St. near Rail Yards, northbound

Chase - Unresolved

Rail Yards

Fancy apartment - probably LA

Alley chase - somewhat unclear - east of tracks - Maybe between Commercial & Williams St., just south of Cromwell Ave.

Commercial St. & Cromwell Ave.

Drop off point & Phone Call & Freeway - Unresolved

Meeting place and compound - Algodones Power Plant, Public Service Co. of NM, 1500 Pan American Central Highway, Algodones, NM 87001

Power plant.

Power plant.

Drive - Unresolved

House - Unresolved

Checkered Floor - Power Plant?

A Fall

Gloomy sunny afternoon at Kaiser Morse hospital emergency room. Erlynda tumbled down my back porch steps and I was certain had broken her left arm in two places, plus hit her head, hit her ribs, and twisted her ankle. Nevertheless, X-Rays revealed no breaks, and the CAT scan revealed no concussion.

Dodged a bullet here.

My Little Thief

Jasper’s project this evening: lifting my wallet from my gym bag, removing the currency, and chewing on the bills.


The most amusing part of Jasper’s nighttime walk is watching him freak out as he plows through other people’s landscaping and comes face to face with lawn gnomes.

They Call Me a Bird Whisperer

50th Birthday Party for Dannette and Noel

A DMTC get-together last Saturday night.

Gunther's Ice Cream Parlor

Joe the Plumber likes this place, and is fond of bragging about the hot water system he installed here.

More Dogsitting at Gabe and Eleanor's Place

Nature Bowl at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery

I watched groups of third and fourth graders (from Presentation, Theodore Judah, and Deterding Elementary Schools) make short presentations regarding the environment.

Deterding did pretty well in the competition.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hell or High Water (2015)

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AKA: Comancheria. Crime drama about a family desperate to save their Texas farm. Starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Katy Mixon and Kevin Rankin. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Clovis, Estancia, Los Lunas, Moriarty, Portales.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

I notice that Albuquerque-acquaintance Jackamoe Buzzell is an Archer City, TX, deputy in the movie (we are likely distantly-related, since both our Buzzell families hail from Maine).

I really like the opening establishing shot of the movie, featuring Dale Dickey (Skank, from "Breaking Bad") and the (Streamline Moderne style) Three Crosses of St. James Episcopal Church, 1117 Main Street in Clovis, NM.


Vehicle roars off - El Pueblito Cafe - 140 NM-237, E. Main St. and S. 2nd St., Tucumcari, NM

W. Center St. and S. 2nd St., Tucumcari, NM

W. Center St. and S. 5th St., Tucumcari, NM

Various street scenes - Unresolved

Second Bank robbery - Unresolved

Alleyways - Possibly Portales - (34.186610°, -103.331940°)

Pump Jacks - Unresolved

Dirt Road and Ranch - Unresolved - may be Moriarty somewhere

Downtown Albuquerque - possibly NM Bank & Trust Building

Bill's Jumbo Burger, 2113 N Main St, Clovis, NM

Third Bank Robbery, 2108 N Main St, Clovis, NM

Gidding St., from E. 1st to Curry Ave., then proceed on Curry Ave. to about Ross St., Clovis, NM

Roads - Unresolved

Road beside railroad - Unresolved

Convenience Market& Gas Station, Gas & Liquor Quick Stop Food Store, 90 El Cerro Mission Blvd., Los Lunas (34.771926°, -106.664670°)

Route 66 Casino Hotel, 14,500 Central Ave. SW, Rio Puerco, NM

Sunset Motel, 501 Route 66, Moriarty, NM

Rio Puerco Rd. overpass over Interstate 40, Rio Puerco, NM

The Famous T-Bone Cafe, Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill, 315 5th St., Estancia, NM - Williams Ave. & 5th St., and Texas Midlands Bank across the street

Used Car Dealership - BK's Red River used car sales - Unresolved

Pump jacks and Broken Shell Oil gas station and oil processing firm and houses - Unresolved

House - Unresolved

Attempted robbery - Unresolved

Caprock Escarpment, NM-156 (34.909701°, -104.071084°)

Clovis street scene - Unresolved

City Printing Inc., 117 W Grand Ave, Clovis, NM - Grand Ave. & Mitchell St.

Big Bank - 901 - Unresolved

Chase - Unresolved

Standoff - Unresolved

Longhorn Motel?

Fancy round bank - Unresolved

Rocking chair - Unresolved

Wild Hogs (2007)

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Last updated: November 26, 2019

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Aging friends take a motorcycle tour. Starring Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Marisa Tomei, Jill Hennessy, Ray Liotta. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Pojoaque, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Ski Basin, Santa Fe National Forest. Extensive shooting in Madrid, where a restaurant set was purpose-built and a parade staged for the production.

Notes on Individual Scenes

Movie Opening is on Laguna Blvd. SW between San Carlos Rd. SW and Los Alamos Ave. SW.

Here is Laguna Blvd. SW, heading southwest, from about Chacoma to about San Carlos Dr. SW.

Movie Opening is on Laguna Blvd. SW between San Carlos Rd. SW and Los Alamos Ave. SW.

Here is Laguna Blvd. SW, as seen from Chacoma Pl. SW.

Doug's Home - Unresolved

Convenience store, w. Bobby - Unresolved

Cafe w. Dudley - Unresolved

Tall building - Unresolved





Across from Sunshine Building

Central Avenue downtown between Sixth and Third Streets. Here is Fourth St. and Central Ave., looking east.

Bar interior - Probably the Library Bar and Grill

Urgent care center - Unresolved

Highway 50 on-ramp - Tijeras Ave. NW (35.085417°, -106.647059°)

Road scenes - Unresolved

Camping - Ski area near Santa Fe, according to DVD commentary

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Bird Strikes - Shooting Range Access Road

Somewhere in Jemez River Valley?

Pool - ???

Valle Grande - likely at about here (35.832669°, -106.486924°)

And here (35.847598°, -106.466676°)

Roadhouse - may be north of Golden on Highway 14 - Unresolved

Ponce's Diesel - Unresolved

Various road scenes - Unresolved

Vulture scene - NM Highway 503 between Nambe and Cundiyo (35.952689°, -105.943532°)

Shops in Madrid (35.406750°, -106.152096°)

Maggie's Diner (35.407153°, -106.152210°)

Selma (Stephanie Skewes, once with DMTC in Davis, CA) - "They were just here three weeks ago and they're already getting violent."

Carnival - Unresolved

Bull slapping - Unresolved

Elevated house near Crystal Dragon sign - Unresolved, but may be next to Old Boarding House Mercantile

All Gassed Up -Old Boarding House Mercantile (35.408808°, -106.151530°)

Del Fuego's House - Unresolved

Also, note this helpful blogpost:

Monday, April 08, 2019

Transcendence (2014)

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Science Fiction. A top researcher in artificial intelligence gets an up-close look when his consciousness gets uploaded. Starring Kate Mara, Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hill, Cillian Murphy. NM filming locations around Albuquerque and Belen.

Notes on Individual Scenes

View of Astro Zombies, 3100 Central Ave. SE, Central Ave. and Richmond St., Albuquerque

Desert Drive - Unresolved

Blightwood Tank - W. Aragon Lane, Belen (34.670344°, -106.797608°)

Octagonal sign - Unresolved

Belen's Becker Avenue & 2nd St. is a primary movie location.

Brightwood - Transformed Belen, NM

Roadview Diner - E. Garcia Grocery & Meat Market/Eva's Chile Products.

Solar Field - Unresolved

Dry River Bed - reminiscent of the Rio Puerco, but seems too deep. Unresolved.

Motel - Downtown Inn, 1213 Central Ave. NW, Albuquerque, NM.