Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fragments of Concert - Die Antwoord, Oakland, CA, Sept. 25, 2014

This is what I recorded at last week's concert. Very hard to focus on the task, so just impressions here.

Die Antwoord Live Atlanta 10.20.12 "Fatty Boom Boom"

This is “Fatty Boom Boom”, Die Antwoord’s anti-Lady-Gaga song, performed live. Great band from Capetown, South Africa (rapping in slang Afrikaans, Xhosa, and English), with the most disturbing videos on the Internet. Lead singers are Yolandi Vi$$er and Ninja.

I don't see any videos from last Thursday's Oakland show on the Web yet, but this is close. The vantage point here is very similar to the one I had in Oakland:


Science! Driving from Sacramento to Yuba City this morning, away from the sun and towards the anti-solar point, I passed through several dust clouds kicked up harvesters bouncing through drought-stricken fields on a windy day. In the dust, I could see an optical display known as heiligenschein. I don't think I've seen heiligenschein since 2010! I excitedly relayed this news to my class. I was pleased. They were mute. I can be such an insufferable ass when I try. Next time, I should say I saw something else. Ghosts, maybe, or Jeezuz on a tortilla, or whatever else might undermine their confidence.

More Songs from Monday Evening Zumba

Monday, September 29, 2014

David Ewey Birthday Party

"The Velveteen Rabbit" - DMTC YPT

A sweet and touching show. Reminded me of the "Playland Surprise" game I got for Christmas (but rejected too soon) when I was a kid.

The Tree TP Incident

It was 1:30 a.m. Sunday morning, which meant it was time to go outside, scout for skunks and do some watering. I was lurking in the darkness when down the street a vehicle parked and a gaggle of giggling teenage girls emerged. It took me a while to realize they were TP'ing a tree. I watched grimly as they tossed the TP roll repeatedly in the air. I was baffled about why they chose that tree, since it's in front of no one's house, but rather, in front of a small auto repair shop. They were remarkably inefficient at their chosen task, often missing the tree altogether with their tosses, because they were giggling too much. "Well, guess I should call the cops," I thought, "since inefficient distribution of toilet paper in the trees just promotes disorder in the neighborhood." Just then, they piled back into the vehicle and gaily drove off, laughing and frolicking, and leaving the task essentially undone. I'll probably have to get out there myself and demonstrate to the neighbors how it's really supposed to be done.