Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting Excited By Tropical Storm Odile

Rain in Southern California next week? Quite possibly!

"Shrek - The Musical" - DMTC - Final Dress Rehearsal

Princess Fiona (Jessica McKillican).

Shrek (Kevin Caravalho)

"Freak Flag"

Finale - "I'm A Believer"

Donesha the Dragon (Ashley Chase) and Donkey (David Ewey).

Gisele Bundchen Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Plank Competition

Via US Weekly.

Do You Know Who I Am?

Police in Lake Mary, Fla. said they received a 911 call Tuesday from a man who alleged George Zimmerman threatened to kill him during a road rage incident.

..."Why are you pointing your finger at me? I (expletive) kill you. Do you know who I am?" the driver allegedly said, as quoted by WESH.
Then there was the big fist fight in Anchorage:

A man who said he witnessed an epic fistfight last weekend at an Anchorage, Alaska party that allegedly included Sarah Palin's family was reportedly fired from his job after telling ABC's "Good Morning America" what he saw.

Eric Thompson, who said he was one of some 70 guests at the rowdy party, told ABC that he saw Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol land several punches on a man who once dated her sister Willow.

"Bristol just reached back and started clocking him, she hit him -- reached way back here and caught him right on the chin, I counted at least six times."

Anchorage police confirmed to TPM that members of the Palin family were indeed present at the party. A spokeswoman did not say whether they got involved in the fight, as the case was still open.

"I heard Sarah Palin scream out, 'You know who we are, don't you?'" Thompson told ABC. "It was just like we were on a Jerry Springer episode."

"The police seemed to show up right after they left, asking people questions and wanting to know what's going on," he added.

Thompson was fired from his job after sharing that account with ABC, according to a producer for Entertainment Tonight:
I just spoke to the eyewitness in the #PalinBrawl and he tells me that he's been fired from his job because of his ABC interview.

— Elizabeth Applegate (@ApplegateTV) September 12, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Shrek - The Musical" - DMTC - Rehearsal Photos From Early Tech Week

Shrek (Kevin Caravalho) and Donkey (David Ewey).
Princess Fiona (Jessica McKillican).
Gingy (Wendy Young Carey) crashes a wedding in disguise.