Saturday, November 15, 2014

Friday Night Breaking Bad Party At The Library Bar And Grill

Fundraiser for Harrison Vanik. Jackie and Frank Sandoval flank Max Arciniega (Krazy-8)

Rodney Rush (Combo) and Jeremiah Bitsui (Victor)

Rodney Rush (Combo) and Chandra (Heisenhoney from Moon Goddess Clothing in Los Angeles). (Instagram page)

Rodney Rush (Combo) and Chandra.

Jeremiah Bitsui (Victor) and Rodney Rush (Combo).

Joe Ransom - White Whale

Joe Ransom is a musician from Melbourne, AU, who is now based in Mexico City. He wanted to do a Breaking-Bad inspired video, and headed to the borderlands of northern Mexico (Chihuahua and El Paso) to do it. (After all, it's the same desert - the Chihuahuan Desert - as the desert through which the Rio Grande flows through in central New Mexico.)

Here is his video. Lyrics:
Give or take what was once yours
Screaming “Man over board!”
It’s a story that I ain’t told

There’s a white whale in all of us
Would you put faith in what you can’t trust?
It’s a story that must be told…

But you sold me out to walk the plank
And the waves turned me upside down

People fake what was once real
Is there a moment that we could steal?
In a shipyard they’re drowning souls

There’s a black sky over us
Would you put faith in what you can’t trust?
It’s a story that must be told

But you sold me out to walk the plank
And the waves turned me upside down

There she blows - with a harpoon in her heart
Now she knows, I’ve been waiting all this time

Mirrored hate, what is their sake?
And they offer up your fate
By way of violence
Long John Silver!

But there’s a life boat in all of us
I will put faith in the one I trust
It’s a story that must be told....

But you sold me out to walk the plank
The waves turned me upside down...........

Breaking Bad RV Tour

Trundling along the streets of Albuquerque on November 7, 2014 with Frank and Jackie Sandoval.

Inside the RV.

Dan C. from the UK at Jesse and Jane's house.

Crossroads Motel.

Wendy's Alley, behind the Crossroads Motel.

The A-1 Car Wash.

Among the guests was this adorable little Pomeranian from Los Angeles named Sophia Loren (and who will soon meet her namesake), who entered the Costume Contest and has her own blog: Little Dog in the Big City.

The A-1 Car Wash.

Cooking at the A-1 Car Wash.

Quite to my surprise, Bonny Holder was visiting the Padillas at the Walter White house when we pulled up in the RV.

Michael van V. from the Netherlands at the Walter White House.

With Jackie Sandoval at the Padilla's Walter White house (photo by Bonny Holder).

Delta Uniform and Laundry.

Inside the Laundry.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Lisa Masters' Breaking Bad Filming Locations Costume

Lisa Masters dressed up as Albuquerque in the First Annual Breaking Bad Fest Costume Contest, since Albuquerque was a crucial character in Breaking Bad. She obtained my book and carefully mapped out every filming location! And a valuable benefit is that she now knows where all the filming locations are!

Her third-place in the Costume Contest was well-and-deservedly won!

Breaking Bad Fest - Costume Contest

Congratulations Kelly Tow from San Diego for her amazing yellow hazmat suit!

I was too far back, so some not-that-good photos:

Electro Cumbia (BIP) Zumba

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Charismatic Travis Bell Is A Big Blowfish Swimming In A Small Breaking-Bad Barrel

Retro DJ Travis Bell from Indianapolis, Indiana made a big splash at the First Annual Breaking Bad Fest in Albuquerque, NM.

I first saw him while taking Frank and Jackie Sandoval's Breaking Bad RV Tour. The RV was lingering just outside Jesse Pinkman's house when Bell drove past in his orange car with the "LWYRUP' plate. About half an hour later, he caught up to us again when the RV was parked at Combo's Corner. He came out of the car and approached the RV carrying a chrome axe. I was too rattled to take a proper photograph!

Travis Bell posed a question about Breaking Bad cars at the Saturday afternoon panel of the First Annual Breaking Bad Fest.

Bell believes in symbolic moments. He had located the manufacturer of the chrome axes used by the Cousins in Breaking Bad and purchased the remaining few axes. He then presented an axe to Luis and Daniel Moncada (who played the Cousins). They signed it and posed for pictures with it with many fans.

Travis Bell poses with Daniel and Luis Moncada for a photo by his fiancée Haley Andrews.

In a private moment, Travis Bell proposes marriage to Haley Andrews in front of the Walter White house. This is the actual moment. (I don't know who took this photo: it was on Facebook.)

A few days later (November 9, 2014), Bell and Andrews recreate the private moment for a Netflix documentary crew.


At my Astronomy class's urging, saw "Interstellar" Friday night.

Liked it! The science is stretched a bit (the Accretion Disk of a Black Hole is not a happy place, and neither is the Event Horizon) but the story is all, of course! Not nearly as obnoxious as "The Day After Tomorrow".

Hanging Out With The Heisenhoneys

At the Breaking Bad Fest, my table was located across from the table from Moon Goddess Clothing, who are based in Los Angeles, and feature a great line of Breaking Bad wear. Maeve and Chandra were delightful in their Bad Bitch clothing!

Instagram page.

They are also closely associated with this Los Angeles nonprofit organization.

My favorite detail!