Monday, November 10, 2014

Flight From San Diego To Albuquerque - November 6, 2014

Flew on Southwest Airlines. Checked out the serenity pods for people ($10,000) and cats (with the cat's love of being enclosed in small cardboard boxes tastefully rendered with modern design and pastel lighting for only $1,000); the outdoor heated cat shelters; the Hovertrax personal transporters; and the adult jumping balls - all in this month's issue of Sky Mall.

Pretty day flying out of San Diego. It was fun looking out the airliner window and watching as our airliner slowly backed away from the terminal at Lindbergh Field, the most cramped major airport space in the country. Tight tolerances. The pilot tried to turn while backing up and very nearly crossed wing tips with an adjacent airliner parked at the terminal. There was a fuel truck below the wing tips too. Baggage workers were running around trying to get the attention of our pilot and making cross symbols with their arms. Could have been on the evening news!

Payson, AZ

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