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Born Innocent (1974)

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Made For TV Drama about a runaway girl who ends up in a juvenile detention center in New Mexico. The film was controversial at the time as dealing with psychological abuse and portraying a rape on television. Starring Linda Blair, Joanna Miles, Kim Hunter, Richard Jaeckel, Sandra Griego, Janit Baldwin, Mary Murphy, Mitch Vogel. Filmed around Albuquerque and Algodones.

Notes on Individual Scenes


Juvenile Detention Home

Bernalillo County Courthouse Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.

Bernalillo County Court House Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.

Bernalillo County Court House Annex.

Bernalillo County Courthouse Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.


Second floor doors.

Arthur Silva Lath & Plaster, Inc. - Unresolved

Imposing Building

First View of Many-Windowed White Building (Approximately 35.119137°, -106.628094°)

Another white building


J Mountain in the distance

Running from School - Second View of Many-Windowed White Building - near first location

View of now-defunct sign above I-25

Trip Home - Unresolved

Old Bus station - Near Bernalillo County Annex and what eventually became Civic Plaza?

Third View of Many-Windowed White Building - (Approximately 35.119139°, -106.629010°)

Algodones Cemetery (35.371078°, -106.482897°)

Final View of Many-Windowed White Building - (Approximately 35.118703°, -106.626117°)

White, Many-Windowed Building, Approximately 3421 Pan American Frontage Rd. South NE.

What an interesting looking place! What was its purpose?

This is where my dad might have helped. When he was a kid, in the 30's, he used to live in Hahn, NM, which was swallowed by ABQ as it grew (Google Earth points to Griegos Rd. & the railroad as the neighborhood of Hahn). This hall could have served that area. But alas, my dad passed away in 2009, so no questions.

A friend named "WallDruggie" talked to someone who worked nearby who said it used to be a girl's school. That is plausible, but there may have been other purposes as well.

I sat on the matter for seven years, then posed a question in the "Albuquerque Memories" Facebook Group about the matter. I figured, these antiquarians might already know.

Initially, the antiquarians were stumped. Since the building lies off the beaten path, many of them hadn't seen it. Group member Meredith Edwards worked particularly hard at tracking down leads.

One member did a tax assessment map search. The entire area is labelled 3411 Pan American Fwy NE, and the tax records show the owner as the NM Girls School.

The current bureaucratic entity appears to be New Mexico Youth Diagnostic Development Center (YDDC-NM Girls School).

Interesting. Still leaves many questions open, though. If NM Girls School is current owner, what is their connection to YDDC? What is the history here?

Another "Albuquerque Memories" Facebook Group member noted "Born Innocent" was filmed nearby.

Born Innocent

"Born Innocent," starring Linda Blair, and Number 1 TV movie of the year, was filmed at the youth detention center nearby. According to imdb:
A constant runaway is given over to the care of the state and finds herself in a remand centre for girls. She is soon caught between the uncaring bureaucracy, the sometimes brutal treatment from her peers and her own abusive family, and only one care worker sees her potential to rise above her tragic circumstances.

Here is Linda Blair's escape-attempt sequence. The white, many-windowed building can be seen in the background as she tries to flee.

The full movie "Born Innocent" has Albuquerque scenes. The runaway scene featuring the white building is at 34:40, there is a nice drive on what might be Broadway at 45:40, with suburban scenes too, and the cemetery scenes at 1:22:00 are at Algodones Cemetery.

Finally Meredith Edwards found an authority:

UPDATE: Francelle Alexander, author of the new NORTH VALLEY books, answered my question about the building today at her book-signing/slideshow. She said the building WAS the NM Girls Welfare Home, said it was in the 1930 census, so probably built in the 20s. Joe Sabatini said it was used into the 60s

And so, for the moment, that's how things stand.

North side.

Well-assembled concrete and rock retaining walls (e.g., supporting tree base) show loving construction.

North side.

Front side.

South side.

The Man With Icy Eyes (1971)

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"The Man With Icy Eyes," a 1971 Italian Film Noir movie, is a big favorite among Albuquerque antiquarians, because many of the motels and restaurants that defined Route 66 commercial architecture in the 50s and 60s were still in operation and very visible in the background.

In addition, one of the characters has my last name! Valdez is framed for murder.

Lots of views of Downtown, Central Avenue, Old Town, St. Augustine Catholic Church at Isleta Pueblo, and the Albuquerque News. Victor Buono (Batman's King Tut) is in a supporting role. A real trip down Memory Lane.

Delightful blog post here about the film.

Here's the film:

Notes on Individual Scenes

Limousine turns - Escalante Ave. and Alcalde Pl. SW

This house is at 314 16th St. SW. This is the house behind Jesse Pinkman's house ("Breaking Bad"). This house is where the murder occurs in the 1971 movie, "The Man With Icy Eyes."

At the start of the film, the first victim is shot here. The framed shooter then flees in a panic (looks like eastbound on San Cristobal Rd. SW) and tries to run behind Chuck McGill's House (from "Better Call Saul"), before getting caught by the police.

An unusual piece of Italian film noir, "The Man With Icy Eyes," was filmed in Albuquerque in 1971. The movie stars Victor Buono and the beautiful Barbara Bouchet. The film shows many "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul" filming sites back in the days when neon signs still dominated Central Ave. The Courthouse is familiar too.

It's amusing how the needs of Hollywood film crews don't change much. They all look for a settled, wealthy, professional or upper-class neighborhood. In Albuquerque, that means they gravitate to the same suite of 20 or 30 homes, decade in and decade out.

I'm amused by the Italian-accented Spanish accents. I was intrigued when a witness suddenly gets a stroke and sits mute in a wheelchair (1:03:30). I wonder if this film influenced the development of Hector Salamanca's character?

There are many personal touchstones: sitting in a sidewalk cafe on a frigid day (a stone's throw from where my mom started working in 1972), a glimpse of Lerners Shops (where I worked in 1974), and a wrestling poster featuring my childhood idol, Ricky Romero. Plus, the bad guys share my name.

The offices of a long-defunct newspaper, the Albuquerque News, were used for the Albuquerque Sentinel. When I was in high school, the father of a friend was a reporter there. We sometimes got advance info about the movements of politicians from him. No one seems to remember that newspaper anymore, even though it wasn't that long ago. Google was useless. The building is now gone. I had to query a website of Albuquerque antiquarians ("Albuquerque Memories") to find even one soul who remembered where that place formerly was.

From "Better Call Saul," Chuck McGill's Home, 1607 San Cristobal Road SW.

Chuck McGill's house.

Opening Credits

Central Avenue, just west of Girard.

Central Avenue, just east of Rio Grande Blvd.

Appears to be Central Avenue in Nob Hill area, about Wellesley

Sign pointing to U.S. Highway 45 (Old Coors Rood SW), southbound to Socorro, Los Lunas, and Belen - Central Avenue, roughly at 58th St.

In car lot just south of Lomas Blvd., west of University Blvd. NE, and east of I-25 (35.091461°, -106.628920°).

Railroad underpass on Central Ave.

Probably Central Avenue at 7th St.

East, north, and south sides of Old Town Plaza, San Felipe de Neri Church, and S. Plaza St. NW.

A little unclear, but thinking this is just west of Winrock, and heading north up to Winrock Loop NE (35.098681°, -106.567681°)

Central Avenue downtown between Sixth and Third Streets. Here is Fourth St. and Central Ave., looking east.


The offices of the Albuquerque Sentinel were actually the offices of the old Albuquerque News, which I recall were located in the southwestern quadrant of Seventh and Gold SW, where parking lots are now located.

The Jewish Temple was also once located near here.

Pining for the old Albuquerque News.

View of Old Town Plaza from the southeast corner, where the lunchtime meeting occurred.

Distant view of San Felipe de Neri Church.

Just north of Lomas Blvd., west of University Blvd. NE, and east of I-25 (roughly 35.092338°, -106.630821°)

Photo studio

2nd St. and Central Ave.

Hotel Andaluz (the old Hilton Hotel) - exterior and likely interior

Bernalillo County Courthouse Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.

Bernalillo County Court House Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.

Bernalillo County Court House Annex.

Bernalillo County Courthouse Annex, located at the corner of 5th St. and Tijeras Ave. NW.


Second floor doors.

SW corner of 2nd St. and Central Ave.

West side of 2nd St. SW, halfway between Central and Gold Avenues

2nd St. and Gold Avenue SW, NW corner

First Baptist Church, Central Avenue and Broadway Blvd. NE, NE corner

Bar interior - Unresolved

Bernalillo County Annex

Probably State Penitentiary, near Santa Fe


Albuquerque Sunport

Sunport parking lot (unclear the exact location)

Drive - unclear

Isleta Pueblo

Feedlot - Possibly Schwartzman Slaughterhouse, but unclear

Firestone - probably at 7th & Central Ave. NW.

Firestone Complete Auto Care, 701 Central Ave. NW.

Southbound on-ramp onto I-25 from Big-I

Eastbound on-ramp onto I-40 at 2nd St. NW

Fire station - Probably Fire Station 4, 301 McKnight Ave. NW - Coronado Park, with its old train engine

Albuquerque News - Albuquerque Publishing Co. - 701 Gold Ave. SW

Park Plaza Condominiums, 1331 Park Ave SW.

Park Plaza Condominiums, 1331 Park Ave SW.

Park Plaza entrance.

Interesting textured floor in the entryway to Park Plaza.

A photo of myself in the lobby.

Parking area out back.

Hotel Andaluz (the old Hilton Hotel)

SW corner of 2nd St. and Central Ave.

Central Avenue, north side, between 2nd and 3rd St.

Uncertain. May be Central Avenue, westbound, just west of San Mateo Blvd.

Uncertain. May be Central Ave., eastbound, at about Madison St. NE, and Zia Motor Lodge sign

Central Avenue, westbound, just west of San Mateo Blvd.

Building with wheelchair - Unresolved

Central Ave., eastbound, at about Adams St. NE.

Dropoff - Central Avenue at 8th St.

Park Plaza

Central Avenue at 7th St.

Isleta Pueblo again.

Lobby of motel - Unclear - Possibly south side of Hotel Blue

Car lot mugging - Unclear - On Lomas Blvd. between University and I-25, south side?

Zia Motor Lodge sign, 4611 Central Ave. NE; Central Ave. & Madison St.

Seen again - 21

Karate chop

View of Lerners Shops (4710 Central Ave. SE, one of my first employers!) and Central Avenue, apparently westbound.

Antiques and Things. In the summer of 1973, when this place was a Lerners women's clothing store, I worked here part-time as a janitor.

More views of Central Avenue - an Arby's (unclear if it's the one at 3326 Central Ave. SE, or not) and an Enco - unclear

View of Galles Chevrolet, University Blvd. and Lomas Blvd. NE, southbound, and turning westbound

More views of Central, including Arby's and Enco. Arby's and Der Wienerschnitzel.

Near collision with truck, Lomas Blvd., west of University Blvd. NE, and east of I-25

Getting on northbound I-25? - Very unclear - where is that on ramp? is it gone now?

State Pen

Rasputin's room - Hilton Hotel

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Ten Years (2011)

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Comedy Drama. On the eve of their 10-year high school reunion, old friends catch up and examine their lives. Channing Tatum, Kate Mara, Justin Long, Rosario Dawson, Chris Pratt, Lynn Collins, Ron Livingston, Anthony Mackie, Scott Porter, Nick Zano, Oscar Isaac, Brian Geraghty. Filmed around Albuquerque.

Notes on Individual Scenes

Menaul School


Building with Arrows - Just Storage - Lomas Blvd. & 1st St.

Second crossing of RR - Unclear

House - 2884


6th St. NW at Lomas Blvd. NW

ABQ Convention Center Parking Garage, top level.

Hotel Andaluz & Ibiza Urban Lounge, 125 Second St. NW, in the Hotel Andaluz (old Hilton Hotel).

(I have no pictures of Ibiza Urban Lounge, though.)

Dinner place....

Nighttime walk - Civic Plaza, south side

Bar - Pretzels - Yard next to Zachary's House, on 1st Street between Coal and Lead.

House - 1612

Supermarket - which one?

Street side

TP tree

Hurricane's Restaurant, 4330 Lomas Blvd NE.