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Captain Fantastic (2015)

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Drama. Six children raised in isolation from society are forced to encounter the larger world. Starring Viggo Mortensen, Missi Pyle, Kathryn Hahn, George MacKay, Steve Zahn, Erin Moriarty and Frank Langella. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Mesilla, Las Cruces.

Notes on Individual Scenes

Pacific Northwest Scenes

Highway 550 panorama (35.365404°, -106.630118°)

Camp, Playground

Looks like Palm Springs windmills

Albuquerque Big-I

Golf course - Osuna Road Northeast (between San Pedro & Northland) - (35.141920°, -106.575301°)

View of the Organ Mountains - Barcelona Ridge Rd. (32.306792°, -106.880080°)

Church - Interior appears to be St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church, 5712 Paradise Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Exterior of church is unclear - it may be a heavily-edited image of the exterior of St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church.

Funeral procession


Basketball Court

Grandfather's home - not ABQ, since they have a palm tree - 6500 Vista De Oro, Las Cruces, NM, USA


View of the Organ Mountains again - Barcelona Ridge Rd.

Shorty's Food Mart, 2920 Avenida de Mesilla, Las Cruces, NM 88005, USA (32.270631°, -106.790769°)

Bend in Road - Paseo del Norte Blvd. NW (35.188665°, -106.783253°)

Campfire - looks like above Albuquerque

Masonic Cemetery, 600-898 S Compress Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88005, USA

Nighttime Roads

Pacific Northwest scenes

The Hitcher (2007)

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Last updated: June 30, 2019

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Horror Thriller, remake of the 1986 film. Two college students give a ride to a serial killer. Starring Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton, Neal McDonough, Damon Carney, Lauren Cohn,. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Chimayo, Cundiyo, Galisteo, Moriarty, Nambe, San Felipe Pueblo, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Stanley, Zia Pueblo.

Notes on Individual Scenes
Highway opening


Texas roads

Welcome to NM

Road panorama

Buford's convenience market

Landscape (looks like near Santa Fe)

Longhorn Ranch

Jail - Interview Rooms

Torrance Co. Sheriff's Office


Albuquerque trailer - Christ Answers - West Mesa between Central Ave. & I-40.

Police pursuit - Highway 41

End of police pursuit (35.286357°, -105.936773°)

Luxury Motel - Room 12


"New Mexico State Police Law Enforcement Center"

RR Underpass (35.500103°, -106.232772°)

Prison transport flips (35.494323°, -106.235760°)

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I Have To Agree With Many Cast Members, RENT's "Another Day" Is A Great Song

DMTC RENT Cast Interviews

On behalf of the DMTC Marketing and Fundraising Committee, Rachel Rycerz and I assembled these interviews:


A standing ovation!

This will be one of the best DMTC shows ever. Such a high-quality cast, and mostly-new to the DMTC stage. The cast fills 16 or so roles, but only five actors have been on the DMTC stage before - only two actors in the last year. So, fresh faces! The cast was chosen from 71 auditioners, so the artistic team was able to choose some of the very best people available in the entire Sacramento area.

The orchestra plays on stage.

The Christmas tree.

Stage Manager James Cubbage pensively regards the fortified tables used for "La Vie Boheme."

Sunday, June 16, 2019

DMTC - "RENT" - Wednesday Night Rehearsal - June 12, 2019

Production photos are available here. Here are some of my photos, below:

A World of Heat Waves

Getting hotter all the time (with good graphics too):
Simultaneous heat waves scorched land areas all over the Northern Hemisphere last summer, killing hundreds and hospitalizing thousands while intensifying destructive and deadly wildfires.

...The alarming part? There are signs record-setting heat waves are beginning anew this summer — signaling, perhaps, that these exceptional and widespread heat spells are now the norm.

In the past few days, blistering, abnormal heat has afflicted several parts of the Northern Hemisphere, including major population centers.

New Delhi, India’s capital, soared to 118.4 degrees (48 Celsius) Monday, its highest temperature ever recorded in June. Some parts of India have seen the mercury eclipse 122 degrees (50 Celsius) in recent days, not far off the country’s all-time high.

On the other side of the hemisphere, the temperature in San Francisco shot up to 100 degrees (37.8 Celsius) Monday, its highest temperatures ever recorded in the months of June, July or August, or this early in the calendar year.

Heat spread unusually far north, even up into the northern reaches of Scandinavia. Mika Rantanen, a meteorologist at the University of Helsinki, tweeted last Friday that there “are no known cases in Finland’s climate history when it has been hotter than now so early in the summer.” Temperatures above 86 degrees (30 Celsius) penetrated inside the Arctic Circle, he noted.

Laurie Anderson's Influence in "RENT"

I was curious about the origins of the musical "Rent." It seems to me that Laurie Anderson, such a big sensation in 1982, was the inspiration for the character Maureen:

Then I came across this:
Thomson: There were things that weren’t finished. The whole performance-art piece [that the character of Maureen does] was unwritten when rehearsals started because Jonathan wanted to improvise it with Idina. Which he did, and I was at that rehearsal. Idina was very inexperienced, and she should get more credit for her improvising.

Menzel: Michael told me that Maureen “is a woman who has studied performance artists like Laurie Anderson and Diamanda Galas but has yet to find her own voice, so she mimics them.” That was enlightening for [her approach to the character].

Better Schools Won’t Fix America

It's time this fiction dies:
Long ago, I was captivated by a seductively intuitive idea, one many of my wealthy friends still subscribe to: that both poverty and rising inequality are largely consequences of America’s failing education system. Fix that, I believed, and we could cure much of what ails America.

This belief system, which I have come to think of as “educationism,” is grounded in a familiar story about cause and effect: Once upon a time, America created a public-education system that was the envy of the modern world. No nation produced more or better-educated high-school and college graduates, and thus the great American middle class was built. But then, sometime around the 1970s, America lost its way.

...But after decades of organizing and giving, I have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that I was wrong. And I hate being wrong.

What I’ve realized, decades late, is that educationism is tragically misguided. American workers are struggling in large part because they are underpaid—and they are underpaid because 40 years of trickle-down policies have rigged the economy in favor of wealthy people like me. Americans are more highly educated than ever before, but despite that, and despite nearly record-low unemployment, most American workers—at all levels of educational attainment—have seen little if any wage growth since 2000.

Time Has Returned...I Am Life

Here is my favorite part of De Nederlandse's 2007 production of Peter Sellars' and John Adams' opera, "Dr. Atomic."

As a New Mexico native, I am particularly pleased at the attention to local detail despite the formal minimalism. For example, the horizon skyline as seen on the backdrop represents the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico as seen from Los Alamos.

Gerald Finley as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Jessica Rivera as Kitty Oppenheimer, and Ellen Rabiner as Pasqualita.

Aimee Rose Santone Delivers in Rent

I contributed the photo to this article: written by Rachel Rycerz:
Aimee Rose Santone will be playing Mimi in Davis Musical Theatre Company’s production of Jonathan Larson’s rock musical RENT, running June 14 through July 7. This will be her third featured role at DMTC; she debuted with the role of Esmeralda in Hunchback of Notre Dame in January, and just finished playing Gladys in Pajama Game. Ms. Santone took a few moments before rehearsal to duck into the hall outside the theater (located at 607 Pena Drive in Davis) and talk about her latest role.

Mimi is the youngest principal role in RENT. Though the character is only 19, Mimi has already had it pretty rough in her life, has a drug addiction, and is living with AIDS. Aimee shared “Despite having a hard life, she brings a positive attitude. She lives each day in the moment, like it is her last.”

Mimi’s main love interest, Roger, is a musician who is trying to write one more big song, and is also living with AIDS, like a lot of characters in the show. He is recovering from the suicide of his girlfriend, and is six months clean from addiction. According to Ms. Santone, “They find something in each other that they can’t keep apart, and when they find that they have the same disease, the whole dynamic changes. They have more in common than they initially thought.”

Aimee continued, connecting this role the previous roles she has played. “There are so many layers to Mimi. I am approaching her in a similar way to the role of Esmeralda. She has to have a backstory to portray her with so many sides -- an aggressive side, a soft side -- she is a well-rounded character. With [Gladys in ] Pajama Game, it was more on the surface -- it didn’t go as deep.

“All three characters -- Esmeralda, Gladys, and Mimi, are the ‘pretty girl.’ At this point, I feel more comfortable with being ‘sexier,’ down and dirty. While Hunchback of Notre Dame was a Disney production, and Pajama Game was family friendly, this is much more adult.”

This is the second time that Aimee has played the role of Mimi. “The first time I played the role, three years ago, I was only one year older than she is. With all that she has experienced, I think that I was a little naive at the time. The people in that cast were mostly in their 30s, and they really helped me understand what was going on, and why people relate so much to this show.

People who have friends that have suffered from AIDS, people in the LGBTQ community who have been mistreated or shut out. They could relate. That is true with this cast as well; they have gone through some of the same things.”

Aimee’s enthusiasm for the role comes through in her smile. “I’m excited to revisit the character with new eyes. I feel wiser now, and know how much the story means to people, and the impact that it has.”

Rent will be playing at the Davis Musical Theater Company June 14 through July 7, 2019 at the Jean Henderson Performing Arts Center, 607 Pena Drive, Davis.

Fridays at 8:00pm (Jun 14, Jun 21, Jun 28, Jul 5)
Saturdays at 8:00pm (Jun 15, Jun 22, Jun 29, Jul 6)
Sundays at 2:00pm (Jun 16, Jun 23, Jun 30, Jul 7)

Tickets are available at

Rachel (Hoover) Rycerz grew up on stage in Davis, performing in 30 shows before heading to Berkeley to major in English. She returned to the stage in Davis this past November as Miss Hannigan in "Annie." This July, she will be playing Hannah Pitt in Angels in America at Roseville Theater Arts Academy.

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword

Curious how this investigation will play out. According to Ballotopedia, she spent much of her legislative career on gun rights advocacy. Collins-Smith and O'Donnell are apparently deeply-intertwined in business matters. Live by the sword, die by the sword....
An Arkansas woman has been arrested in connection with the murder of former state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith, who was found dead in her home earlier this month.

State Police and Randolph County Sheriff’s deputies on Friday announced they detained 48-year-old Rebecca Lynn O’Donnell in the ex-lawmaker’s death. Criminal charges against the suspect are pending, according to a press release from the state police.

...“This evening our family received news that an arrest was made in connection to the ongoing investigation. We are sickened and upset that someone so close to Linda would be involved in such a terrible, heartless crime,” it read.

...Collins-Smith was first elected to the state senate in 2014 for District 19, which includes eastern Fulton County and all of Izard, Sharp, Independence and Randolph counties. She lost her re-election bid to James Sturch in 2018.

During her time in office, Collins-Smith proposed a controversial bill that would have required people to use the bathroom that corresponds with the gender specified on their birth certificate – similar to a North Carolina bill passed and then repealed in 2017 after widespread protests.

Prior to her time in the Senate, Collins-Smith served a term in the House of Representatives from 2011 to 2013. While she was elected as a Democrat, she switched over the Republican Party just months after taking office.

“She was a passionate voice for her people and a close member of our Republican family,” Arkansas GOP tweeted earlier this month. “We are praying for her loved ones during this difficult time.”

Jasper Barks Again at Squirrels


I like Kevin Drum's interpretation here:
If the intelligence community is willing to talk to the Times, they obviously aren’t concerned about Trump’s blabbing. Nor are they concerned about the fact that he might cancel the operation. ...

[T]his is really a way of making sure the American public knows about the cyberwar program. Trump could still stop it, but he now knows that his cancellation would be leaked and he’d look like a Putin stooge—not something he can afford more of right now. This is not a subtle form of bureaucratic battle, it’s hardball of the most explicit kind. The intelligence community—including Trump’s own NSC—pretty obviously wants to make sure there’s no chance of Trump not getting the message.