Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Which Reminds Me, I Need to Renew My Driver's License

Poop Everywhere

Up shit creek:
In the days and hours before Hurricane Irma slammed into Florida, its residents were treated to copious media speculation about nightmare scenarios. This monster storm, journalists said, could bring a 15-foot storm surge, blow roofs off of buildings, and cause tens of billions of dollars in damage. But perhaps no scenario seemed more dire than the one Quartz warned about the day before Irma made landfall: “Hurricane Irma will likely cover South Florida with a film of poop.”

Quartz’ apparent hyperbole turned out to be an understatement. Pollution reports submitted to Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection show that, due to power outages and flooding caused by Irma, human waste has been spilling into streets, residences, and waterways across the entire state.

Porn Again Christian

The Dubstep Contact

I recall going to a sparsely-attended rave in Phoenix. Of the dozen or so people in attendance, there was a courtly-looking fellow, age about 70, looking a bit out of place. I pointed towards the stage and asked: "What do you think of the music?" (There was some dubstep on the turntables.) He thought for a second, and diplomatically replied: "It's like Sinatra."

FOX News Panel Discussions on Race

Gymnastic Humor

Why its Hard to Get Chores Done at the Theater

Monday, September 18, 2017

The Hurricane News is Mostly Good Right Now

Hurricane Jose will approach New England and linger offshore for a considerable period, which is awkward for Cape Cod but which will likely draw Hurricane Maria on a similar path. Neither storm will make much of a landfall on the United States. So, Hurricane Maria's impact will mostly be on Caribbean islands, some of which were also seriously damaged by Hurricane Irma.

There is no strong signal yet for a possible storm at the end of the month in the southern Caribbean, and what signal there is moves west, not north.