Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Common Purslane

I was impressed to learn mucilaginous but edible common purslane (Portulaca oleracea), nearly as rich in omega-3 fatty acids as fish, can be found in sidewalk cracks all over the western U.S., and especially in Albuquerque.

The plant has many uses, but I've used it to short-circuit orations by tedious people by reaching down, grabbing a bit, and unexpectedly start chewing.

It's greatest enemy is morons with Roundup.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ooh! Unfriended on Facebook!

Yes, JCGH did not fully appreciate the elegant symmetry and cosmic justice of the argument. Perhaps next time.

I do not understand his inability to simply acknowledge the gravity of his colleague's crimes against a number of people, including me, even after all the judges on the California Supreme Court (they met en banc and the disbarment was signed by the Chief Justice) had done so, and thus is the poorest advocate ever to recommend anyone's disbarment, even of someone who wants to see him murdered (California attorney McLaughlin). See? Perfect symmetry! But we all have our sensitivities.

I mean, even a formulaic "I'm sorry for your loss" would be a positive development. Being Unfriended is to be welcomed.

Konshens - Do Sum'n

Intrigued after LaToya's class Thursday night at Sierra II to crash around YouTube and try to find some of the videos for the Dancehall tunes she played. (I know next to nothing about the field, so almost anything I stumble across is new). Found some of the tunes, but preferred this tune instead. Not only does it feel more danceable than just about any tune, it comes with a message too. In this video, Konshens mixes dancer interviews with his song, making for a music video of greater depth than one is likely to find anywhere else.

For The Moment, Caring For Bella, The Labrador Retriever

On Wednesday, she was over at my place. I didn't get much sleep (3 hrs), not because she was causing any problem, but because it was weird to have a dog there. Many walks, bleary-eyed playtime at 7 a.m. - I don't know if I have the stamina. She's a very strong dog.

[UPDATE: Since it looks like Joe the Plumber and I had a mutual misunderstanding about the fate of Bella the Labrador Retriever, I'll keep her, this time, at most, for two weeks. Joe seemed to think he could kennel her at no cost indefinitely with me. This I will not do. Meanwhile, I've got leads about other, deserving dogs up for adoption.

Joe came over Sunday evening, to visit Bella, since he said he thought she was upset (She wasn't, but no need to reveal that). Talked a lot about handing out food at the church and beating up Wal-Mart security guards.]