Monday, March 02, 2015

Glow-In-The-Dark Miniature Golf

On February 21st, we headed over to eat at Spaghetti Factory and play at the Glow-In-The-Dark Miniature Golf place at the Nimbus Winery shopping center.


Driving around with my friend Joe the Plumber:

M: "Yeah, I think I'm spending more than $2,000 a year feeding the pigeons.

J: (starts chirping)

Madonna On A Japanese Variety TV Show At Christmastime 2005

Love this video of Madonna on a Japanese variety TV show at Christmastime 2005, promoting her "Confessions on a Dance Floor" album. In general, the Japanese are terrible at small talk, but Madonna is so brittle she makes them all look like masters of conversation. Apparently a number of cast members had just auditioned for her and she can't switch gears fast enough from critical reviewer into happy babble mode.

Nevertheless, "Confessions" is my favorite Madonna album. Saw the concert in San Jose in 2006. Take a look at the YouTube videos: the best dancers ever assembled! Saw one guy spin on his head for 30 seconds, then, when he began to wobble, sprung to an upright stance. Unreal!

Wiccan Sky Dragon to Fight Chemtrails

Because it can:
According to sources close to Mr. Wolford’s borderline pathological imagination, the Wiccan Sky Dragon will attack all Chemtrail-producing aircraft in one magical bite, severing the aircraft in two thus “saving the planet from the diabolical project to poison us with chemtrail gases and mystery goo like nitrogen, oxygen, CO2, coal ash and even argon,” according to Mr. Wolford.

"Under The Dome" With Chai Jing

Upon becoming a mother, journalist Chai Jing became even more alarmed by air quality in China, and using her own money, financed a documentary to try to spur changes in environmental policy. Levels of pollution in China are far higher than anywhere else in the world and the political system there is highly-resistant to change.

Davis Life Magazine Promotes "Sweeney Todd"

They used my photos (with permission)!

Mali Music - Harlow's - March 1, 2015

Mali Music (Kortney Jamaal Pollard) apparently started off as a Gospel artist, and much of his work has a strong Christian message. Indeed, most of the audience seemed to be folks who had become familiar with him through black churches. Lately, he's been moving in a more-secular direction. A Caribbean influence is very strong in his work, but there's jazz too, and soul: basically a mélange of styles that can't be isolated from each other.

"Ready, Aim"

Mali Music chose "Beautiful" for finale:

Revival The Experience

Mali Music plays Jesus Christ in this new project, coming soon to a motion picture screen.

Dolly's Party At Momo's Ended A Bit Early

Dolly's Fierce Funk and U-Jam Party at Momo's Lounge on J Street was supposed to end at 7:30 p.m., but it ended at 6:30 p.m. instead, just after I arrived from stage-managing "Sweeney Todd" at DMTC in Davis. So, Dolly's Posse ate snacks, changed clothes, and headed downstairs, and rendezvoused with others for drinks at Bar West. Since Dolly had VIP tickets for us all, we leap-frogged the long line at the door, and entered Harlow's for the Sunday evening Mali Music concert!

(Image from Dolly's Facebook)

First Weekend Of "Sweeney Todd" at DMTC

A long and worrisome tech week is over!

The worrisome parts for me as Stage Manager were the sheer number of details to cover. We were fortunate that the cast finished the set early enough that there weren't too many last-minute details to handle, but still, the number of niggling little things that can go wrong and mar the production kept me in a sober frame of mind.

The most-worrisome thing is hastily hustling The Cube onstage at the end of "City on Fire". The Cube has to start moving before everyone is quite in position. On the night of Dress Rehearsal there was some sort of hand-off difficulty up front where I couldn't see (I was pushing in the back), and Karina, who was a curtain holder, got squashed between the rolling Cube and the proscenium. She sat dazed on the floor until we all-but-carried her to the dressing room. She suffered a cut too. It took about half an hour until we were sure she was more-or-less OK. It wasn't so much getting hit on the hip that hurt - the impact wasn't that hard, apparently - it was just that she had been hit on the same hip earlier in the day, so the impact compounded an existing injury.

So, sobriety above all!

Act I works so smoothly now! The pace of Act II is faster, so it's rougher, but hope to reduce it to clockwork too!

Kyra is a wonderful Assistant Stage Manager and Bloodmaster. She's crucial to success in this venture!