Friday, August 13, 2004

Poll Results

To me, post-Dem convention poll results show (if possible) an increasing polarization in the U.S., with the West and South swooning for Bush, and the Northeast and Midwest swooning for Kerry. Kerry gains overall, because the U.S. population density is heavier in the NE and Midwest. Long-established biases thus reveal themselves. Still, Kerry is doing well. The voters seem to be blowing off all the Swift Boat crap.
Morbid Obesity

Too late: in Florida. On the mend: in Nebraska.
Summer Workshop Time

Summer Theater workshops are under way. I went to see Ron Cisneros' workshop last night ('Grease', which is double-cast: I saw the cast starring Robbie Teel), together with a few DMTC folks. Microphone problems marred the evening, and to me it was incongruous to include songs from the movie, but regardless, performances were uneven. Learning how to perform is a rough road. Nevertheless, it was fun to see Robbie, Rachel, and a few other friends and acquaintances as well. Good luck to the other cast! Next week, DMTC's Summer Workshop....

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Legacy of Andrew

I recall that when 1992's devastating Hurricane Andrew threw the Miami area back into the 19th Century, inadequate response by the Federal Government helped doom George H. W. Bush's candidacy for re-election. I wonder if Charley might do the same this year? If I were Kerry, I'd hustle myself down there right now while planes are still flying. People like first-responders, after all.

In retrospect, this year's stakes might even be higher. With Jeb Bush in the Statehouse and George W. Bush in the White House, there would be no excuse for an inadequate Federal response. Which means they'll likely bend Heaven and Earth to get it right. You would think.....