Friday, April 17, 2015

Viewing and Funeral Information For Marie Petersen

Viewing Saturday 04/18/15 from 1-5

Herberger Family Funeral Home
9101 Elk Grove Blvd
Elk Grove CA 95624


Marie's service will be held this Sunday, April 19th @ 3:00 at Emmaunel Baptist Church, 9350 Kiefer Boulevard, Sacramento.

A potluck reception will follow at the church.

Monday, April 13, 2015

RIP, Marie Petersen

Tonight, sad news arrives that Marie Petersen has lost her battle for life. We will miss her terribly!

Even though Davis Musical Theater Company was founded in 1984, and Marie started volunteering with the group in 2006, the Master Cast List shows she made so many contributions that she is the fifth-most important person in the entire history of the company. In her time with DMTC she revolutionized the Props Shop and created some marvelous props. She loved taking unlikely-looking pieces of junk and converting them into lifelike facsimiles of other objects. Her manufactured food items, in particular, were mouth-watering to behold!

Here is a summary of her contributions to DMTC, from the Master Cast List:

Sunday, April 12, 2015

"Proof" - Chautauqua Playhouse

Sisters who share conjectures can skip long lectures! Catharine (Lauren Ettensohn) and Claire (Stephanie Hodson) in "Proof" at Chautauqua Playhouse!

Great show! Not as dense as I had expected (and avoided math Easter Eggs in order to avoid the danger of ever becoming dated), but with the dialogue coming in short bursts it's certainly hard for the cast of four to memorize. Made me nostalgic for the good old days of Advanced Calculus, which was taught by the quietest introvert, and whose subject was elegant theorems and the various ways to prove them.

Walking Bella

This morning on her walk, she pooed on a neighbor's bed of redwood chips, but before I could stop her she kicked up a cloud of chips in an effort to cover it. I had to take off my sweatshirt and sweep the chips back into their bed.

She plunged into a yard to check out the smells and became entangled in a rose bush.

I decided to walk her past the homeless place, with that weird little black-and-white dog. Little dog showed her fangs and attacked. Lots of barking ensued.

Still, Bella charmed little kids all over the neighborhood!

DMTC Poker Tournament 2015

Dumped At The Highway Exit

As I was coming out of the Davis Target I got caught in a game of 'telephone'. A woman leaned out of a car window and reported there was a sobbing girl in the parking lot who complained of being 'bitten'. I went back inside and reported an assault to the clerks. I went out again, unloaded my items in my car, and went searching for the victim.

She was at the edge of the parking lot. Apparently she had been 'beaten', not 'bitten'. She was from Oakland and was passing through; she knew no one in Davis. Her boyfriend had hit her (her hand hurt) and dumped her at or near the Mace Ave./I-80 exit. She was sobbing, but I think it was more from the shock and humiliation - wearing the wrong clothes for this turn of events, among other things - than the pain. Target security took it from there....

A friend wondered whether it might have all been the setup for a scam, but generally with a scam there is a request of some sort. I didn't hear one, apart from maybe a concern about ratty clothes. There is a train from Sacramento to the Bay Area, and I hope Target security put her on that.

No Iggy

I was SO looking forward to seeing Iggy Azalea in concert next week, but strangely, today I couldn't find my ticket confirmation. Turns out they cancelled the concert tour over a month ago. I like keeping my finger on the pulse of pop culture, but I confused the 808 rhythm with a pulse.

Foot Traffic

Looking for a snack in a busy area that relies on pedestrian traffic, I decided to walk into a place I had never tried before. I opened the door and entered, and the two clerks duly noted the unexpected event. I was the first customer to enter the store in an hour and a half.

Life Rules

Not Much Posting Lately

Been updating my book "Guidebook to Breaking Bad Filming Locations" for a second edition.