Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dumped At The Highway Exit

As I was coming out of the Davis Target I got caught in a game of 'telephone'. A woman leaned out of a car window and reported there was a sobbing girl in the parking lot who complained of being 'bitten'. I went back inside and reported an assault to the clerks. I went out again, unloaded my items in my car, and went searching for the victim.

She was at the edge of the parking lot. Apparently she had been 'beaten', not 'bitten'. She was from Oakland and was passing through; she knew no one in Davis. Her boyfriend had hit her (her hand hurt) and dumped her at or near the Mace Ave./I-80 exit. She was sobbing, but I think it was more from the shock and humiliation - wearing the wrong clothes for this turn of events, among other things - than the pain. Target security took it from there....

A friend wondered whether it might have all been the setup for a scam, but generally with a scam there is a request of some sort. I didn't hear one, apart from maybe a concern about ratty clothes. There is a train from Sacramento to the Bay Area, and I hope Target security put her on that.

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