Saturday, December 28, 2019

Arizona (2018)

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Last updated: March 12, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Real estate model home

Title - Vista - unclear

Aerial view of development near Hwy 550 - Black Hawk Dr. - as seen from north (35.367766°, -106.640839°)

Similarly (35.344193°, -106.603079°)

Various houses

Stepping stones & earthen dam neighborhood

Pool/House - 539 Sunset Lane - Loma Colorado neighborhood - Thinking (35.266438°, -106.661659°), but hard to tell because homes are new and Google Earth doesn't necessarily present the latest image.

Aerial view of neighborhood surrounding Ocate Meadows Ct. NE (35.312377°, -106.720409°)

View of Unser Blvd. (35.318475°, -106.696920°)

James Monroe Middle School - Middle school
6100 Paradise Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87114

Railroad - where is this?

Store Closed sign - Verizon sign at East Lake & Hwy 528 in Rio Rancho (SW quadrant)

Bartka Realty - J B Henderson Construction, 1549 Stephanie Rd SE # A, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Aerial view


Winding sidewalk (35.266914°, -106.658013°)

Los Campos de Oro Golf Club - Probably troubled Rio Rancho Country Club

Views along fairways

Tennis Courts

Approx. T-Off Place - (35.250689°, -106.670567°)

Aerial shot - Broadmoor and Montezuma Blvds., Looking north

Aerial shot - Unusual eyelike road feature



Gated entry

Run across golf course



View of Phoenix

Nice house


Highway 550 curve - (35.364396°, -106.628373°)

House - 851


Night approaches - Out on golf course


Traffic Circle sign (35.302644°, -106.625949°)

Chevron, but where? Bernalillo?

Mesa Ridge de Oro

Pink Savory



House 5801

Burning house

In credits, Thanks given to Loma Colorado Homeowners Association and Ramsey Solutions.

Sgt. Will Gardner (2019)

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Last updated: March 15, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

CA coast

Motel (University Lodge?)

Rail Yards

Near coast, etc.

Underpass - Edith underpass under I-40, NE side


Rail yards


Big Office


Wind Turbines

Desert - AZ

Superstitions? Saguaro Lake?

Upper Sonoran desert - probably Jemez Dam Road

Convenience market

Grandview Motel, Historic Route 66, 9700 Central Avenue Southwest, Albuquerque, NM 87121-7631, built 1954, sign style: Googie

Another motel

Mesas - Jemez country? - Discussion re Bryan Cranston

Big Office

Big Chief!

Jemez Dam Road (35.388530°, -106.546255°)

Vista of the Sandias - exact location not quite clear - somewhat off road

Wat Da Hook Gon Be? (35.383456°, -106.539019°)

Sky Hi Liquors

View from top of ABQ Crowne Plaza, looking east up Menaul

Junky looking place

El Madrid Lounge

Walk up First St. (Hmmm... no parking meters in real life)

View of Crowne Plaza, looking west above sign at SE corner of property

View of street

Kids target shooting - South Valley house?

View of Crowne Plaza, looking NE.

South Valley house?

Walking in woods

Looks like Jemez Pueblo area....

Ball field

El Madrid parking lot fight, by Zacharys

View of Crowne Plaza, looking NE.

El Madrid Lounge

Outside El Madrid

House again

Texas - Cross

Washington D.C./Baltimore

El Madrid parking lot fight, by Zacharys.

North side of El Madrid Lounge.

El Madrid Lounge.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Jordan (2010)

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Aspen forest, guardrails

Wolf Rock

Dirt road


Sheriff's Office - Madrid Volunteer Fire District - Fire station
5 Firehouse Ln
Madrid, NM 87010

Med clinic

Dirt road



The Academy for Technology and the Classics (atc) - Charter school - This seems like the place, but not 100% sure....
74 A Van Nu Po
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Galaxi - Amusement Park - Uncle Cliff's

Cottonwood Court Motel - Motel
1742 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Dirt road

Winding mountain road




Thanks to Airport, Auto Acres, Alfanoose Cafe in Santa Fe, Santa Fe Community College. Beautiful Skin, Cafe Pasqual, Curbside Cafe, El Parasol, Good Thyme, India House, Park Inn and Suites, Santa Fe Baking Co., Santa Fe lodge, Cottonwood Court, and Burrito Spot, in Santa Fe. Car Connection in Las Cruces, Cliff's Amusement Park in ABQ. Mine Shaft Tavern and Old Boarding House Mercantile in Madrid. Santa Fe Police Dept., Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe Ski Basin, and St. Vincent's Hospital. 10,000 Waves, True Value and The Water man in Santa Fe.

Dogsitting At Christmas

Gabe and Eleanor were a day late in returning (Dec. 27th), after getting trapped by the storm in Los Angeles and incidentally getting into an auto accident. The dogs and the cat waited happily at home in my care.

(The more you drive, the more likely you are to get into a wreck.)

2019 Winners of the Bulwer-Lytton Contest

Space Fleet Commander Brad Brad sat in silence, surrounded by a slowly dissipating cloud of smoke, maintaining the same forlorn frown that had been fixed upon his face since he’d accidentally destroyed the phenomenon known as time, thirteen inches ago.

Jingle Belele - El General

Every Christmas pop song is bad, and this is no exception, but at least it's new....

Christmas Eve PJ Party at the Sacramento Zoo

Every child in the city was there!

Crossed Lines (2018)

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Last updated: March 12, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes


Airstrip beside RR - Mid Valley Airpark

Interview Room



Parkway - CA - Palm trees

House - 2284

Big Apartment Building


Civic Plaza adjacent to ABQ/Bernalillo Co. Municipal Government Building.

Raided House

SW corner of Civic Plaza - TV Reporter


Outside Broadway Place - Building at 609 Broadway Blvd. NE - DA's Offices - WESST Enterprise Center

Irma’s Bridal and Alterations - Bridal shop
2829 San Mateo Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

SoCal jogging


House - 8424


Civic Plaza adjacent to ABQ/Bernalillo Co. Municipal Government Building

Holding cell


Dining area



Marquette overpass, WB, just W of RR/ Right on 2nd

Scalo Northern Italian Grill - Northern Italian restaurant
3500 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Argument - N. I-25 corridor?

Cafe - Java Joe's

Across street, in front of house to the SE - Observed From Nearby Parking.


General area of NB I-25 frontage road (35.138135°, -106.600264°)

Dodge down side street - about 150 Roma Ave. NW

Dive down alley - Traffic encounter (35.087847°, -106.647938°)


More driving/ Java Joe's

Stairwell to Civic Plaza parking?



Gym - Jackson's!

Storage Unit/Java Joe's

Warehouse (35.140819°, -106.592483°)

"He talked" - (35.141031°, -106.593231°)


House with flowers

Truck Yard

Big Fight (35.140797°, -106.591572°)

Mid Valley Airpark

Civic Plaza

Off Ramp (35.140451°, -106.595821°)

ABQ Convention Center parking garage (35.086558°, -106.646789°)

Thanks extended to (among others), JacksonWink Gym, Hot Yoga Infusion, Sadie's of New Mexico, Java Joe's, Firenze Pizzeria, Irma's Bridal and Alterations, Rock Bottom Rentals, WESST Enterprise Center, Cress Insurance

Thursday, December 26, 2019

500 MPH Storm (2013)

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Last updated: March 2, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

ABQ Balloon Fiesta

Apollo Control Center - Algodones?

Tornadoes and the like at the Fiesta

Picture of Galveston

Climbing hill into Sandia foothills

Stacks - Algodones power plant

Modern house - Pino Ridge Ct. NE - (35.157846°, -106.483060°)

Down along RR

View of windy Rail Yards at the Round House

Wet windshield and street

Another view

View of one of the overpasses - perhaps Cesar Chavez

View of PNM Bldg from parking area at north end of Rail Yards

Rail Yards

Damaged Hyatt Regency - from First and Copper


Heading home?

"Nature Preserve" -

Algodones again

View of big building

View of walled or fenced-in area

Bobby Foster curves

Retreat to mountains

Power plant again

Bobby Foster Road again

Winding dirt road

Retreat in the woods

Ranger office

Bobby Foster Road again

Rail Yards

Double Eagle

Somewhere off Bobby Foster Rd., maybe at road

Rail Yards

Tunnel/Building - Probably Algodones


Under Rio Grande bridge of some sort? Which one? Alameda Bridge, East side

Radio antenna

Guy heads to water facility at bridge

Fire at retreat

Road exit

Banks of the Rio Grande

Helicopter/Forest Fire

Coordinates: Told (34.885931, -104.02500). Reads back -104.062500 (Fields off Highway 156)

Apollo Tower

View of highway with wind turbines


Antenna destroyed

Genesis office

Rail Yards

Algodones Power Plant

Tops of buildings

Caboose in rail yards, north side

Flames in ABQ - Vista is unclear

Double Eagle - Smoking Ruin

In credits, Locations listed as: ABQ Studios, Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Bernalillo Co., Bodeo Aero Services, PNM, Tannenbaum Landscape and Trees, David & Tanya Tuggle.

Special thanks include National Guard of NM, Balloon Fiesta, Enchantment Helicopters

Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Good Kill (2014)

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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Drama. A combat drone pilot stationed in Las Vegas Nevada questions the morality of his profession. Starring Ethan Hawke, January Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Jake Abel, Bruce Greenwood, Stafford Douglas, Kristen Rakes, Jessica Stotz Harrell, Jaime Powers. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Laguna Pueblo, and Zia Pueblo.

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Looks like Double Eagle

Turn on Atrisco Vista

Las Vegas NV view

Convenience market

Neighborhood - Aerial view of Mete Sol Dr. & Mock Heather Rd. NW

House - 7001 Mete Sol Dr. NW

Garbage Cans - Mete Sol Dr. & Chilte Pine Rd. NW

Aerial view of Mete Sol Dr. & Groundsel Rd. NW

Compound at Laguna Pueblo may be the place, but can't confirm

Backyard Barbeque

Indian Springs Dr. & H-95: Road to Double Eagle


Las Vegas scenes


Driving (35.181502°, -106.783546°)


Ski-Hi Liquors!

Occidental Building

View outside home

Final drive-away (35.115706°, -106.795023°)

Power lines

The Black Connection (1974)

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Last updated: March 2, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Las Vegas, etc.

ABQ Sunport

Hotel entrance

ABQ Airport Sheraton (Hotel Marina)

Old Town Bandshell

La Placita dining room (supposedly in El Paso? Confusing.)

I-25 NB - Tramway exit

Base of Tramway/Tram/Top of Tramway

Return back



Supposed penthouse pool - Las Vegas theme


Country lane/tack room

Trailer reads: Tobruk Stables Inc., 6730 Rio Grande Blvd. NW

Making It (1971)

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Last updated: March 13, 2020

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Notes on Individual Scenes

Apartment - Ambassador East

Riding Down Street - Can't quite make it out

Washington @ Central

Lomas @ Woodward

Behind Hokona Hall? - Can't quite figure it out

Central, looking east to I-25? Can't figure out exact location

RR Underpass, WB

Lead overpass over RR - WB

High School - West Mesa - yes!

Gas station on Central

Driving on Central about Yale Park, WB

Turn off Central, EB?

Nice house - Ridgecrest neighborhood?

Run in park - Where is this dastardly park?


Driving - Shell, etc. Rotating sign. Bank of the West, EB on Central. Village Inn.

UNM Bookstore

Frank's Drive-In. Probably what became Hurricane's


Home Ec

Mac's Mobile Homes 10104 - probably Central Ave. SW


Record store - bookstore? - No, looks like Winrock

Girl's house

North Valley home, with tower


Basement Gym



Special Olympics (1978 TV Movie)

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Last updated: December 22, 2019

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Notes on Individual Scenes

(Regarding filming locations, I had the assistance of Kevin Condit, a Facebook friend, who was also one of the kids in the film)

According to Kevin, Wilson Stadium

Open dormitory - Washaw NY State Institute - State of New Mexico Campus, 1000 Main St. NW, Los Lunas, NM



Highland High School Gym


Home - 11th & Roma!

State of New Mexico Campus, 1000 Main St. NW, Los Lunas, NM

Department Store - Macy's - likely Coronado Center


Classroom scenes - According to Kevin, classroom scenes were filmed at the School For the Deaf in Santa Fe

Track - where is this? - According to Kevin, some track scenes were filmed at the School For the Deaf in Santa Fe


Bar - can't quite read sign

Lomas WB, between University & I-25

Jerry Apodaca

Thanks in credits to Madison Middle School