Saturday, January 18, 2003

Countdown to War - Or Not?

The political maneuvering continues, even to the point of tedium. It's unusual for wars to commence in this way, with steadily-increasing pressure being mounted on all the interested parties, with plenty of time for changes of position, and for reflection. Usually, events are in the saddle. In many ways, this run up to war is the most ideal way to begin, with copious debate (nevertheless, maybe not adequate debate, given the large number of important issues, and large numbers of unknowns to consider).

Today Slate features an article indicating that Saddam may be turning his wrath on the Kurds just as the Kurds lose importance in Washington's considerations. The Kurds have more to lose than just about anyone in Iraq, and they may feel the pain first. It is urgent, not the least for U.S. credibility, that the U.S. go to great lengths to protect the Kurds and Kurdish areas of northern Iraq, despite Turkish reservations.