Friday, November 01, 2013

Kelsey B Makes Huffington Post's Article On WeHo Carnaval Halloween Costumes

Breaking Bad Birthday Ritual

Angie Steward reminded me of the most important Breaking Bad birthday ritual of all!

Zedd - Clarity (ft. Foxes)

Take A Handful!

Because I was going to DMTC rehearsal I wasn't going to be around to hand out candy on Halloween, so I prepared a bowl with salt water taffy, little Hershey bars, and tossed in some peanuts in their shells for good measure, and placed it adjacent to the steps to my front door. Then I took a shower.

Climbing out of the shower, I heard someone banging on the door. Wrapped in a towel, I cracked open the door, looked out, and saw Colonial Girl. I directed her to the bowl. She hadn't seen it, focused as she was on climbing the steps. She went back down the steps and took some small handfuls of candy. Later, I added a sign on the door directing future Colonial Girls to the bowl.

When I returned from DMTC about 11 p.m., the bowl was empty - except for the peanuts, of course, which remained behind. Was it just one visitor, or many? The mystery lingers....

Meanwhile In Albuquerque, Jordan Jonas Considers What To Do On An Old Town Halloween

If You Shoot Someone From Your Car In Self-Defense In Arizona, You Get Away With Murder

Nationwide, overly-generous self-defense laws take judgment out of the loop, and threaten mayhem:
Appleton tells New Times much the same thing, saying he simply didn't think to drive away when the unarmed man attacked him.

Yet, even if Appleton's version of the events is accurate, it appears that he should've done just that — driven off. Appleton had the keys in the ignition, the engine running. He could've put the Toyota, weighing more than two tons, in gear. In front of him, the parking lot was clear.

He was, in a sense, safe.

Under Arizona law, though, there's no "duty to retreat" if you're threatened. And your car, like your home, is your castle — a place in which you're presumed automatically to be justified in killing an intruder unless prosecutors can prove otherwise.

...Rathner's take on the situation echoes that of many experts: If you have to shoot someone, this is the state to do it in. Statutes governing when deadly force can be used tilt strongly in favor of the person making a self-defense claim.

Not all cases of self-defense involve guns, of course, but the state's robust gun culture and the right to defend yourself go hand in hand. The same political forces that shaped Arizona into one of the most gun-friendly states in the country ("'Til Death Do Us Part," February 14) have tried to give every benefit of the doubt to law-abiding people who display or use their firearms against others.

Lil Mama - Lip Gloss

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Kelsey B on LA Talk Radio

Kelsey B on LA Talk Radio (play the October 29th show)!

Her new song "Bombay" is with DJ Matt Fox in Phoenix. Sounds like a techno Bollywood anthem.

She discusses her plans for Las Vegas 2014, and her new "Come With Me" video, to be released November 5th.

I didn't know Kelsey had taken a terrible fall! I've always figured that would be my fate (I don't have as much fear of heights as I probably should). She fell three floors from a fire escape. She survived in a very improbable way. Take a listen!

"Surrender Before You Get Bit!"

Last night, I arrived home with the entire neighborhood apparently on lock-down. There was a disquieting announcement from the helicopter circling the area: "Anthony, come out with your hands up. The dogs have your scent. Surrender before you get bit!"

There were cops everywhere outside. I wondered if I should take a stroll?

After a time, things calmed down a bit. I proceeded to rake some leaves for the next day's pickup, despite any desperate felons and watchful public guardians in the neighborhood.

I have no idea if they found Anthony, but it did strike me as a kind of futile bluff. It's very expensive to keep a helicopter circling in the air and are K-9 units trained to track? Urban areas at night have plenty of places for a non-panicky felon to lay low for awhile.

No news in the press today. It figures. Life in an urban setting means any number of unexplained events like this.

Brown Is A Murky Color

(Watching the folks on C-SPAN introducing that bright, shiny, new politician, California Governor Jerry Brown, to a Washington D.C. audience)

E.: Is he the Governor of California?

M.: Yes, his name is Jerry Brown.

E.: I thought Jerry Brown is black.

M.: (!) No, you are probably thinking of Willie Brown. He used to be Mayor of San Francisco.

E.: Oh, OK.....

It's Come Around Again....

Thank you, Marius Laurentiu!

Thank you, Tim Oberle!

Thank you, Kirika!

Thanks, Milissa!

Thank you, Jennie!

Thank you, Alicia!

Thank you, Laura!

Katy Perry Performs 'ROAR' (Live) - Lakewood High School - GMA 10-25-13

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Party Shooting In North Sacramento

The ONLY thing that prevents the Del Paso neighborhood from becoming a cultural mecca is the uncertain security situation there:
One person was killed and six injured in a drive-by shooting at a Halloween party in North Sacramento early Sunday, police said.

A man in his late 20s was pronounced dead at the scene.

Five others – a mix of men and women in their 20s and 30s – were shot in their lower extremities but had non-life-threatening injuries. They either drove themselves or were transported by ambulance to local hospitals.

...James Hall, 53, of Sacramento tried to get to his Decades costume store, 1814 Del Paso Blvd., for a promotion event at 5:30 a.m. Sunday but found his way blocked by police.

...Hall said the space at 1811 Del Paso Blvd. had been vacant for some time but had opened up as a dance studio about a month ago.

...“I feel so sorry for the dance studio people,” he said Sunday. “They were so excited about their business. They were nice people.”

Texas Woman Drives To NM - Police Shoot And Kill Her

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment.

Kirika Ready For Halloween

Yarrrrrrrr! It be Halloween season, mateys!

Momix - Botanica

Went to go see "Momix", with their 'Botonica' show, Sunday afternoon at the Mondavi Center.

There were suggestions to me of 'Blue Man Group' or 'Cirque du Soleil' in the show. Gabe, who saw the show on Saturday evening, likened it to 'Mummenschanz'.

A very nice show! The video below gives a quick summary of the show. The part I liked best, helped immensely by the lighting, 'Branches - Gathering for Autumnal Ball' was accompanied by Celtic Woman's beautiful "The Voice", from the album 'A New Journey'.

Halloween Dance - DMTC - October 26, 2013

Tessa and her crew prepare to do the 'Time Warp'.

DJ Arthur made for a mesmerizing view, with his face lit by the ghostly light screen of his DJ system.

Costume contest.

Here is my video of the "Time Warp".