Thursday, November 13, 2014

Charismatic Travis Bell Is A Big Blowfish Swimming In A Small Breaking-Bad Barrel

Retro DJ Travis Bell from Indianapolis, Indiana made a big splash at the First Annual Breaking Bad Fest in Albuquerque, NM.

I first saw him while taking Frank and Jackie Sandoval's Breaking Bad RV Tour. The RV was lingering just outside Jesse Pinkman's house when Bell drove past in his orange car with the "LWYRUP' plate. About half an hour later, he caught up to us again when the RV was parked at Combo's Corner. He came out of the car and approached the RV carrying a chrome axe. I was too rattled to take a proper photograph!

Travis Bell posed a question about Breaking Bad cars at the Saturday afternoon panel of the First Annual Breaking Bad Fest.

Bell believes in symbolic moments. He had located the manufacturer of the chrome axes used by the Cousins in Breaking Bad and purchased the remaining few axes. He then presented an axe to Luis and Daniel Moncada (who played the Cousins). They signed it and posed for pictures with it with many fans.

Travis Bell poses with Daniel and Luis Moncada for a photo by his fiancée Haley Andrews.

In a private moment, Travis Bell proposes marriage to Haley Andrews in front of the Walter White house. This is the actual moment. (I don't know who took this photo: it was on Facebook.)

A few days later (November 9, 2014), Bell and Andrews recreate the private moment for a Netflix documentary crew.

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