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Not Forgotten (2009)

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Thriller. A couple strives to regain their kidnapped daughter along the Mexican border. Starring Paz Vega, Simon Baker, Ken Davitian, Gedde Watanabe, Chloe Moretz, Ricardo Chavira, Mark Rolston, Michael DeLorenzo. Filming locations: Albuquerque, Cerrillos, Las Vegas, Santa Fe.

Notes on Individual Scenes



Border Bridge

Plaza Park, Las Vegas

Alleyway & Creepy House


Walk to School

Our Lady of Sorrows Church, 403 Valencia St., Las Vegas, NM

Shops - Cafe - About 150 Bridge Street

Love Music, about 164 Bridge St.


Parish Hall, 1772 N. Gonzales St.

School - Across from Las Vegas City Schools Administrative Offices, about 901 Douglas Ave., near NM Highlands University


Ball Field again

901 Douglas - Police Dept.


Ray's apartment - number 2 - Apartment House


Plaza Drugs, 178 Bridge St.

Casa Dona Flores


Tepito, Mexico City - Bar

Other bar, Trading Post Saloon, 1106 Grand Ave.

Convenience Store - clerk

Acuna, Mexico

La Paloma Blanca

Diner - Hambones, 9200 Las Vegas, NM, USA?



Second Church

Ciudad de Acuna Morgue


Hotel La Pantera

Is it possible the Red Light District is in Santa Fe?

Winding Road

Santa Fe Indian School, 1501 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, NM, USA - thanked in credits. May be ball field. View looking south from larger baseball diamond. Certain buildings have been removed since the film was made.

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