Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kuaua (Evergreen) Pueblo - Coronado National Monument

Time to revisit Kuaua Pueblo at Coronado National Monument. I've lately become more interested in it, and the now-eradicated neighboring Pueblo of Santiago, and all of the history of northern Tiguex Province. Toured the Painted Kiva there. Nice and informative tour, too!

I've been keeping an eye on this phenomenon. The Rio Grande is digging into its bed again, as you can see in this photo, just as it is doing in Corrales too, likely because the river doesn't hold as much sediment as it used to, back before Cochiti Dam started retaining sediment in 1974, or so. A lot of cottonwoods have died off too, due to lack of flooding to spark cottonwood regeneration, the damage caused by bosque fires, and drought death (most-recently, in 2012-13).

Rain is just starting in the Sandias.

Apparently the Rio Grande ran a quarter mile farther east of here back when Coronado arrived. Still, lush and fertile lands in the Rio Grande Valley.

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