Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Telephone Museum of New Mexico

Telephone Museum of New Mexico.

An early pay phone for a hotel lobby.

A Wheatstone Bridge. I remember using one of these things in Physics Lab at NM Tech, in Socorro, in 1974.

A teletype.

Underwater cable.

Historic photos.



Pole Climber.


Various telephone company giveaways.

Harvey Girl.

Insulators. I bought one that had been placed on a pedestal for $10.

The Telephone Museum featured a category of people I hadn't considered before: New Mexican Telephone Operators who stayed at duty despite threats to life and limb.

This display honors the Telephone Operator who stayed at duty when Pancho Villa and his men crossed the border at Columbus, NM, and shot up the town on March 9, 1916.

Sally Rooke was a telephone operator who stayed at her duty warning people of a flash flood in Folsom, NM, until washed away to her death, on August 27, 1908.

I bought an insulator. These are more common than cactus in the west, but you can put them on a pedestal and sell them for $10. I am a silly goose.

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