Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Do You Really Think?

EMTs were blocking 19th Street with their ambulance as they talked to someone in a parked car by the Plum Blossom restaurant at 19th and J Sts. A firetruck with lights and siren on was awkwardly trying to cut through the Old Spaghetti Factory parking lot. A small knot of bystanders tried to figure out what was going on. Conversing with a woman who likely shopped at, or worked in, the Italian deli near the corner, conversation turned to the Old Spaghetti Factory's menu.
"I could see people getting sick there. I mean, it's doggy food. Chef Boy-Ar-Dee crap!"
Hmmm. Well, I kind of like doggy food myself. But some people have more sensitive palates....

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