Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sacramento Late Night

Left: Sparky is a friend of all large, stationary objects. Here, he becomes acquainted with a tree just outside Crepeville, at 24th Street and Second Avenue.

Sometimes, when Sparky and I walk about in the wee hours, pedestrians catch up to us, pass uncomfortably close, but nevertheless make small talk. What is on their minds? Invariably, they ask three questions:
  • What kind of dog is that? (Pomeranian);
  • Do you know what the rent is on this pretty (fill in the blank - apartment, house) right here? (no idea);
  • You wouldn't happen to have a cigarette on you, would you? (sorry!).

Some people think that Sacramento streets late at night are the haven of gangs, thieves, and the homeless. In fact, they harbor an itinerant population of restless, home-shopping smokers.

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